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Looking for a love essay? You have come to the right place. Each of us has experienced different types and levels of love at different times. As we grow up, our parents show us how to express love through words and actions. Love is vital to our lives. Life would be meaningless without it.

There are many ways we see love in our lives. The beautiful feeling of affection that expresses friendship and love is commonly called love. In a world full of social problems, it is possible to solve many of them by loving more. People have forgotten how to love, which has led to so many senseless killings and violence.

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It doesn’t matter how you express love, but it does hurt when it isn’t. When we love, our lives are happier and more fulfilled. It is a universal theme that pervades all of our lives and makes our lives more enjoyable. Through the semester, we read many texts about love. Here’s a look at an essay on love, including the theme of Love in movies and texts.

Essay about love: Love is a central theme in many texts

In that love can be seen in many different ways, it is multidimensional. There are many ways to see love, from religion and morality to psychology. The following texts demonstrate how love can come in many forms; some are interrelated. There are many ways you can express your feelings of love, including in texts and movies. The power of love is standing up for people and things that we love. The Declaration of Independence by Thomas Jefferson was the first text.

The definition of love in this text is to take a strong stand to protect the rights and freedoms of your people. Colonialism was an evil act that showed hatred and superiority to other people (Barnet 20,1). Jefferson believed that all people were created equal, and that governments should respect their rights. These rights include the freedom to pursue happiness and life liberty.

To improve the lives of all citizens, it is necessary to remove government from power when it abuses its authority. We have to stand up for what we believe and value in our lives. It is easy to see that family members are loved unconditionally. If love isn’t directed at the right person, it could cause harm.

Daemon Lover, “Christine” and the book “Natural” are examples of how romantic love can cause harm. We don’t have the right to choose whom we love. But we have the option to choose wisely. It is important to choose to love someone/something who serves our best interests. Roy Hobbs in The Natural was destined for greatness. But he didn’t see the lust for Memo as a positive influence on his life. Roy Hobbs recognized Lemon Iris to be his true love, and offered him a chance at happiness. Sometimes people get addicted to things that cause them to fall apart.

People who are addicted to drugs, such as drug addicts, don’t realize the extent of how it is ruining your life. Natural’s Roy Hobbs demonstrates that many people fall for beautiful people, but not because they are the best for them. We are confused about love and life. Love should be in everyone’s best interests. It should bring out the best. Roy Hobbs (Malamud123). True love doesn’t conform to popular culture beliefs.

Christine (film/book). – Arnold’s obsessive, blinding and self-destructive affection for Christine is the main focus of his movie/book. This is the type love we should avoid. Arnold falls for the 1958 Plymouth Fury. Strangely, he doesn’t see the car the same as his friend. Arnie says to his friend “Whoa! It seems that the obsession is mutual. “You need to be careful with what you have to say about me car. “She is really sensitive” (King 56).

Christine is an amazing car, so Arnold bought it in an impulsive. Arnie spends his time fixing Christine. He leaves his family members and friends. Christine also falls in love Arnie and runs into Arnie’s enemies while Arnie is out of town. Christine and The Natural both share their tragic tales about love gone wrong. Roy cannot let go his love for Memo. He can’t find happiness. It is difficult to see Roy so attached Memo. Roy’s attachment to Memo keeps him from moving forward. His personal development is hindered by this obsession in Memo. Roy’s obsessive tendencies lead to ruin in his personal life.

Christine was murdered by her possessive car. Christine is the victim of Arnie’s affection. Arnie was conscious that Christine had self repaired. He was also aware of the history of Christine’s childhood, but he loved it too much to ignore it. Christine destroyed his relationships to his girlfriend, family, and friend. It is possible to lose relationships with people and things we love if you don’t take care of them.

Modern society is obsessed about material possessions and has abandoned real relationships. People are attracted by success, money and power. The Natural and Christine both say that falling in love with someone materially or with power does not make you feel empty. Life is meaningless if there is no love. This is made worse when we fall for inanimate objects.

Arnold was a geek who struggled with meaningful relationships. His love for Christine caused him to lose his few relationships, and gave him a false self-image (King, 112). This definition of love is that should not be able to destroy any relationships. Because inanimate objects are unable to love us back, our love for loved ones, family and friends is not sufficient.

The common concept of “love” is described in the text as being the feeling that we feel more secure when we love someone. We can’t bear to disappoint someone that we love. World War z’s main character would do almost anything for his family. Everyone wants to be there for their loved ones but the post-apocalyptic zombies seem to have everything under control.

He is capable and the Main character assumes that he will be in charge. Because he loves his family, this is a risky position that he accepts. Hobbit (book), also features Bilbo. Bilbo is shy and timid. However, he rises to the top when overcoming his fear to help hobbits. Bilbo confesses that he’s never had a sword in his entire life (Tolkien 8). Bilbo is faced with Gollum and evilwolves but manages to escape.

Bilbo beats the giant spiders with his own tools. . . It made a significant difference to Mr. Baggins. He was able to feel a new person. (Tolkien 54). People should be encouraged to stand up for what they believe, even when it’s difficult. World War z could’ve ended with the main character. He could have gone home to be with his family.

Because of his love, however, he chose the greater good and fought for it (Brooks 58). It is our duty to act with kindness, even if it does not always bring us joy. But it is a blessing to the whole population. Thomas Jefferson, a courageous man, was deeply committed to his country and fought to get independence. The characters mentioned above, such as Bilbo, Roy Hobbs, and Dennis, in Christine, are open to taking risks in order to protect their loved ones.

We learn how society’s expectations can impact our love. The chapter 5 of Writing Essays about Literature, “The Daemon Lover”, is available as Chapter 5. Griffith is the author of this story. Janie is the main character in The Daemon Lover. She wakes up to discover her husband has disappeared. She was meant to wed, but she’s unable to choose the right dress for her wedding. She is 34 years old, and she cannot wait to be married. Griffith 78: Society views women over 30 as unmarried (Griffith 38).

Sometimes the society has an impact on how we love. Sometimes our socioeconomic background can impact how we love. Popular culture and movies often feature attractive, thin, and likable people. Janie is determined to marry him, even though her love for him. She was losing her chance to marry. This holds true in every day life. At a certain age, parents expect that you have found love and are ready to settle down.

In movies and articles, we see many different definitions for love. Stories show how love motivates characters to do things they might not do otherwise. Love can be a motivator but it can also make us do the wrong things. Christine’s Arnie is almost ruined by his love for her car. Janie the Daemon Lover is almost insane as she is not expected to wed and is alone. boompapers is the best place to get an engaging essay on love.

Essay on love: Value and meaning of love in modern society

In today’s society, love seems to be expressed more in movies and less in real life. It seems people have forgotten how important love is in their daily relationships. It is evident in every aspect of our lives. It can be a source of distrust and not love in how we relate with our friends or what we read about in the news.

In our lives, love has lost it’s meaning. Our society is a result of violence. Violence is what entertains the majority of Americans. People love violent films and violent video games. According to statistics, living in Chicago is more secure than going to war with Afghanistan. We wonder if people have lost sight of the importance and value of family and love. The United States prohibits children under the age of 18 from having access to guns. Legislation is being introduced to legalize deadly weapons which can be used in the killing of. People have become so accustomed to violence and hatred, they are unable give up the chance of love.

There is a decrease in love in society. But romantic love is at risk. America has higher divorce rates than ever. It appears that society is encouraging divorcing, instead of taking steps to end it. Many children grow up in dysfunctional families or single-parent homes. A new set of values has been developed in society which has changed the way people love and see each other. If love isn’t treated with the respect that it deserves, there will less divorces, less crime and a more peaceful society.

The current state of materialism in the world is alarming. Christine shows us a different kind of materialism. People get so concerned about the best cars, money, and other things that they forget the important things. American society is a man-eats-man society. Popular culture values materialistic materialism, status, and the immediate satisfaction of human needs at the expense of moral values, love, or ethics.

Given the many problems we face, it is important that we reexamine how love can be maintained and what it means to us. We can perhaps take positive images of love from movies and put them into our lives.
The first benefit of love, according to Leo F. Buscaglia (1924-1998), is that it allows us to live a fulfilled and happy life. Leo F. Buscaglia (1924-1998) said that having lived is not enough. It is essential to be determined and do something. “Creating joy, sharing our resources to benefit others, and bringing hope, love, and hope to the hurting, are what I would suggest.

It is possible to show love to others by doing it. They will show their love back. Giving is better than receiving. The characters in the articles were open-minded to do what was necessary to show their love. Bilbo, the main character in World War Z is Bilbo. Bilbo in Hobbit seems to live meaningful as they are committed to caring for others.

Love brings peace. We are more compassionate and generous because of the love we share with one another. It is possible for people of different backgrounds to come together through love. This creates a sense peaceful. Modern society is diverse. Each group holds its own values. Love can help us connect with other members in society. Love is the solution to many of our most pressing problems. We would stop violence, bullying, immorality, and other forms of hateful behavior if we were more loving.


Love is what holds our society together. It should not be underestimated. Love and reason are the foundations for civil society. Our society is composed of many people with diverse agendas. It’s easy to become caught up in conflict or disagreement. People can easily become caught up in their own agendas, and neglect to care about the consequences of others’ actions without love or reason.

Love is much more than a movie theme or a literature theme. It is the most important theme of life/ societies. A solid understanding of the value of love will enable us to attract, maintain, and show love. A love that is inclusive of equality-consciousness fosters self-empowerment and doesn’t limit one’s immediate circle of friends and family.

The beauty and fragility that comes with love are like roses. Its stems are however full of thorns. These movies and articles show that love can lead to jealousy and hatred as well as conflicts. This shouldn’t stop us loving. Shaye says that love dies when it’s let go. It is easy to lose love when you are lied to, betrayed, or indifferent.

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