What’s an Essay Hook?

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Are you looking for essay hook examples to improve your writing skills? Well, you are at the right place? But lets begin by defining what is an essay hook. This is why writers use a term called “hook” to combat the problem. A hook sentence is your opening sentence in an essay. It is intended to grab the attention of the reader. A hook is a powerful tool to grab the attention of the reader and keep them engaged throughout the essay. It is better to begin your essay with an introduction. This gives you an overview of your topic and answers to the questions.

Picture this: You are looking for books to purchase and you find them in a bookstore. How do you choose which one? If the introduction grabs your attention, you read it and decide to purchase it. You won’t be able to put down a book that is well-written if it has a dull introduction. The introduction is what your professor will use to judge your essay. They will not continue reading if the introduction isn’t compelling. Even if they did decide to read it, they would not find it very interesting.

It is crucial to make a compelling opening statement. It is also important that the rest of your text is engaging. This guide will help you to explain how to begin an essay so that your audience is engaged. This article will cover the basics of writing hooks and the various types.

How to Create an Essay Hook?

A hook is the first sentence a reader sees in your writing. It must be compelling. It is not easy to choose the perfect topic for an essay. But it is much easier to create a hook. It should be relevant to the topic and also intriguing. Remember that the hook is only part of an introduction. It should not be used in place of the essay introduction. These are the things you need to know in order to write an effective hook sentence for your academic writings:

  • Learn the nature of the job.
  • Know your target audience.
  • What the purpose of writing this piece of writing.

There are many types of essay hook examples that can be used to cover different topics and works. The great hook that best suits your topic is the one you choose.

Five common essay hook examples

1 Statistic essay hook examples

Your audience will be able to grasp the statistic hook because it is a hard fact. Your argument will be strengthened if you gain the trust of your reader early on by demonstrating your expertise. A striking statistic can also make your audience interested in the topic, which will motivate them to continue reading and learning more. You can start your research paper about stress and sleep by using this powerful statistic from American Psychological Association:

  • According to an American Psychological Association survey, 43% of adults say that stress has made them sleepless at night over the past month.

2 Quotation Essay Hook Examples

You can grab attention with memorable quotes that are directly related to the topic you are writing about. Make sure the quote is properly attributed and explained after it’s been included so the reader doesn’t get confused. The most important thing is that the quotation you choose must add credibility to your argument and not just be a one-off or random statement. This might be a good way to start a literary essay on resilience in Maya Angelou’s poetry.

  • “Maya Angelou once stated, ‘Stand straight and realize who your are, that it is you who towers over all of your circumstances.’

3 Anecdotal Essay Hook Examples

Anecdotal hooks may be used depending on the content of your article or essay. They can provide a personal opening that tells the reader more about you. Although it is not common to write essays in the first person, you may be able to do so in some cases, such as in a narrative essay. This hook can be longer than others, but it should not take up too much of the essay’s content.

You might mention a trip you took to London as part of your essay on the differences in American and British baking.

  • “When I arrived in London for the first time, I was hungry. To try some local flavors, I went to a nearby cafe and ordered tea, a scone and pudding. Surprised to discover a rich, sweet custard when I received the pudding, I was not disappointed. This pudding was actually made with mutton fat em>, something I had never seen before.

4 Question Essay Hook Examples

A question at the beginning of a piece will grab the attention of the reader and make them want more. The question should be open-ended. It is important to give the reader more than a yes/no question. Give people something to chew on. A question like this could be the beginning of an essay on dog psychology.

  • What is the difference between an anxious dog and a well-adjusted one? First, owners who encourage anxiety in their dogs can make it seem like an acceptable behavior.

5 Statement essay hook examples

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Another smart way to grab the attention of your reader is to start your essay with a strong declaration of your argument. Even if they disagree with you, they will still be interested to learn how you support it. Statement hooks can often be used to make readers want to either argue against you or follow your claims. This hook is strong and declarative. It could be used to explore the historical importance of French cinema.

A hook that grabs your attention will not only draw your reader’s interest, but will also build towards your thesis to give them an idea of what they are about to read. If done right, any of these options can make your essay stand out.

How to Create a Hook?

Hook – Your Magic Tool for Grabbing Reader`s Attention

Your hook is the opening line of your essay. It acts as an attention grabber. The hook statement should be included in your essay introduction. The hook statement is not meant to replace the introduction. An introduction is composed of a hook and a thesis statement. Hooks are used to grab the attention of readers. A thesis statement should explain the main points of an essay. This blog explains how to write a thesis declaration.

These are the essential elements of a hook.

  • The nature of the literary work
  • Understanding the audience
  • The reason for writing an essay

The hook must relate to the main idea or topic of the piece. You can use various hooks to write essays, research papers or other academic papers. These hook hook examples can grab attention. Paper Due? Why should you suffer? It’s our job! To learn more, visit boompapers.

Essay Hook Examples

We will discuss essay hook examples to help you understand the various types of essay hooks that can grab the attention of readers.

Question Hook

A good way to get the reader engaged is to start your essay with a question. Ask your reader to imagine a question. Be specific and relevant in your questions to the reader’s interests. Avoid asking general questions.

Good hooks are made from rhetorical questions.

Essay hook Examples:

  • “How can successful college students differ from unsuccessful college students?”
  • “What’s the point of our existence?”
  • “Have You ever wondered if Hazel Grace or Augustus Waters would still be together if he hadn’t died from cancer?”

Quotation Hook

To grab the attention of the reader, a quote from a famous person can be used as an opening to an essay. The quote must be relevant to your topic, and it must be credible. It is best to clarify the meaning of the quote later, in order to remove any confusion.

Essay hook Examples:

Nelson Mandela’s quote can be used to write about Education

  • “Education can be the most powerful weapon that you have to change the world.”
  • You can quote Michael Jordan if your topic is about hard work and creating your own destiny.
  • “Some people wish it would happen; some wish that it would happen; and others make it happen.”

Further, he explains how he speaks about people who have dreams of achieving a goal. They don’t make the effort to achieve their goals. It is not enough to wish, dream and pray. Only those who dream are able to put in the work to become professional basketball players.

Statistic Hook

You can use statistics data like percentages and numbers. To grab the attention of the reader. This is most commonly used in informative writing to give the reader new and exciting facts. It is important that you mention the source.

Essay Hook Examples:

This is an example of an argumentative essay hook if you are writing about gun laws. These statistics can be used:

  • “Reports show that nearly two-thirds of Americans have lived in places with at least one firearm at one time in their lives.”
  • Below is another persuasive essay hook example on people’s lying and psychology.
  • Allison Komet, Psychology Today Magazine, noted that people lie in every conversation that lasts at least 10 minutes.

Anecdotal Hook

An anecdote describes a brief story that is relevant to the topic of the essay and is illustrated to grab the attention of the reader. An anecdote can be drawn from personal experiences or imagination. Anecdotes are usually humorous and make the reader smile. It is most commonly used to write descriptive or narrative essays.

Essay Hook Examples:

  •  “An elderly man came to purchase a TV and asked the shopkeeper if there were any colored TVs. He asked for a purple one em> after being told they were available. Paper Due? Why should you suffer? It’s our job! To learn more, visit boompapers.

Personal Story essay hook examples

When writing an admissions essay or personal story for College, it is a good idea to start with a personal story. There is no rule that says the story must be yours. You can share the story of your friends or someone you know. These hooks shouldn’t be used when you are writing more formal or argumentative pieces of writing.

Essay Hook Examples:

  • “My father was in Navy. I grew up on a cruise. I was a young boy and saw things that were beyond my imagination. April 15, 2001 …” We will discuss hook examples for various types of essays in the next section.

Argumentative Essay Hook Examples

An argumentative essay’s opening paragraph should be the same as a trial’s opening statement. Your essay should be presented in the same way a lawyer does: with a logical system. You might write about the negative effects of smoking and argue that public places should be made no-smoking zones. Good essay hook examples for such essays will include statistical data such as:

  • According to the World Health Organization, tobacco consumption kills approximately five million people each year. This is more than the HIV/AIDS death rate.

Persuasive Essay Hook Examples

A persuasive essay’s main purpose is to persuade and convince the reader to do something. You can also use it to convince them to accept your viewpoint and change their mind. These essays have hook sentences that are shocking and make the reader want to know more.

  • On average, each year, the human body releases 38.2 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide. This has led to an increase in carbon dioxide levels that is greater than ever before. You are mistaken .” if you think climate change is not something to be concerned about.

Narrative Essay Hook Examples

A narrative essay is, in essence, a story. You can choose a side and argue your case, as well as provide evidence to support your position. You have the freedom to tell your story in any way you like. You can make it a story from something you have lived, or a story that is inspired by your own life. You can transform it if you don’t find it exciting enough. A hook sentence example  in a narrative essay hook example could look something like this:

  • “I was on the bus to school, and the other children were laughing at me because I didn’t understand their language. “Why are his eyes so big?” “His face is hilarious.” An American Chinese child is likely to be like a zoo animal.

These are just a few essay hook examples of catchy hooks to get you started. You can choose to use any of these depending on the requirements of your paper. A strong introduction is key to making your essay stand apart from others. Although this is the main part of writing an essay, there are many other aspects. Continue reading to learn the basics of essay writing. Professionals can help you if you still have trouble coming up with an engaging hook. Boompapers is just a click away. Contact them now to get a captivating opening for your essay.

Frequently Asked Question

What’s a visual hook?

A visual hook is a scene which captures attention by telling the story of the movie. This is usually found in movie reviews or marketing.

Question Essay Hook Examples

  • Imagine if I said that the world had an infinite energy resource.
  • What amount of screen time is acceptable for elementary school students?
  • Online education is the best way to learn during a pandemic.
  • Did you know that women are twice as likely than men to suffer from clinical depression?
  • Are you unable to get a good night’s rest because of your evening habits?
  • Are there higher earnings potential for jobs that require degrees?
  • YouTubers need to implement search engine optimization strategies.
  • In 2050, will meat consumption become a luxury?
  • Is reading more difficult because of our limited attention span?
  • Ever wonder why traffic builds up on roads that are not plowed?
  • We should be sorry for high achievers.
  • Why are you not required to be extraordinary?

Strong Statement Essay Hook Examples

  • Global warming is irreversible. So what can we do now to maximize our lives?
  • Are fireworks banned because of noise pollution?
  • Is streaming the future of television taking over TV?
  • Are our genetic heritage and our dislike of certain foods and flavours responsible for our hatred?
  • In the next 20 years, Android app development will cease to exist.
  • The wrong person will always get you married.
  • Why is it that ordinary life is not enough?
  • Why is love being destroyed by romantics?
  • Machiavelli “The wicked tends to win”
  • This is the hardest person to split with.
  • Children can be encouraged to have imaginary friends.

Statistic Essay Hook Examples

  • Did you know that the space smells just like a seared steak?
  • The human body is home to 10 times as many bacteria as cells.
  • Here’s the story of the longest war between the Netherlands, Italy and Sicily.
  • H. Kissinger
  • Your health can be improved by cat purring.
  • Boredom has a scientific explanation.
  • An average drunk driver is found to be under the influence of alcohol more than 80 times before being arrested.
  • A third of adults still use a comforter in their bed.
  • An average American produces nearly 4.5 pounds of trash per day.
  • Globally, the rate of hygiene after using the toilets is 20%.
  • Americans spend less than 10 minutes reading for pleasure each day.
  • An average American consumes approximately 13 pounds of ice cream every year.
  • Each night, more than half a million people are homeless.
  • Around 90% of cardiac arrests that occur outside of hospitals result in death.
  • Less than 2% of Americans are farmers and ranchers.
  • About half of Americans will suffer from a mental disorder in their lifetime.

Simile Essay Hook examples

  • Joanna, my cousin, went to a party wearing red lipstick all over her teeth. I couldn’t resist telling her.
  • Last Halloween, I was a werewolf. That was the beginning of everything.
  • My grandfather gifted my grandma, her favorite flower, a rose every holiday as a child. Is this still possible?
  • Six times last year, my parents took me to Paris. The worst time was when I couldn’t comprehend how such an historic city could be so filthy.
  • Example of cause and effect – When talking about safety, use a story that has a significant moral.
  • Imagine yourself sitting next to the fire with your love.
  • My publishing business was started in 2018 after I had a baby of four years.
  • The image of… brought back fond memories of…
  • It’s hard to talk about…because…
  • Would you be a celebrity if you could?

Anecdotal Essay Hook Examples

At 6 years old, I received a pet hamster as a Christmas gift. Although little Zach has passed away, I am still wondering how many years he would have lived if he had been with me at 12. It’s much cheaper than buying new clothes, which is why I switched to a healthier diet. Talking to myself is something I enjoy. Sometimes, I can have very long and clever conversations. I have no idea what I am talking about.


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The hook sentence is something that you may end up using in your daily life, especially if it’s a career in academia, publishing or journalism. We use hooks on social media to communicate. Hooks can be used to title a blog post or a video on YouTube. You’ll find it easier to practice them the sooner you get started.

Boompapers an assist you with any academic problem, such as coming up with essay topic or learning the outline for the various essay types. In no time, you’ll be a pro at essay writing. We have many interesting and good research paper topics that we are proud of. Also, demonstration speech topic. These hook sentence examples are only the beginning! We hope you have learned how to write essays. Please share any hook ideas you have!