Essay on immigrants arriving in America

 Essay on immigrants arriving in America- Assignment Help

Each year thousands of people apply for visas to the US. While many applications are accepted, many are rejected. The people who were rejected will be able to apply again next year. Why is it that people choose to live in the USA? You can find many reasons to this question, but here are the top ones.

Greater opportunities to find work

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The United States is still the top destination for those who want to realize their dreams. Despite years of economic decline, the US still boasts the largest economy in the world. The country is on the verge of recovering and there are many job opportunities. Still, the USA is the best place to pursue the American dream.

Living conditions that are better

America remains the country that many dream of living, especially in big cities like New York or Los Angeles. The USA offers some of the most exciting entertainment, technology and nightlife options in the world. People from the tropics often say they would love to visit America to see snow. The US government also offers assistance to the poor via food stamps and health care.

To be with American spouses/families

It’s no secret that many American men have fallen in love online with their wives. Many of these wives have to stay in their home countries while their husbands work with immigration lawyers to prepare for their immigration to the USA.

Sometimes, parents from different countries work together in the US and leave their children behind in their home country. With the assistance of an immigration attorney, these parents will soon be able to petition their children to come with them to the United States once they have gained permanent residency status.

To flee their troubled country

There is chaos in many places around the globe right now. This includes countries in Africa, the Middle East and other continents. People living in these countries will want to escape the dangers and harsh conditions. America is the most popular destination, as it is the land of freedom.

Each year, the US is the promised land for people fleeing war-torn countries. They live and prosper in the USA. They may be eligible for permanent residency and citizenship if they have an immigration lawyer by their side.

To receive the best education

Some of the most highly regarded educational institutions in the United States are located here. Every student applies for a student visa each year to be able to study at one of America’s most prestigious colleges and universities. This is the ultimate goal of every ambitious person. Either they return to their home countries with their diplomas, or they stay to start a family in the USA.

No matter the reason for someone wanting to move to the USA, there is one thing certain: it won’t be easy without the assistance of immigration lawyers. The immigration attorney is your best friend, whether you need to apply for citizenship or get a visa.

The government’s fiscal position is generally improved by immigration. Many immigrants pay more taxes than they use in government services over their lifetimes. Native-born residents in states with high concentrations of immigrants may be subject to higher tax burdens. These immigrants are less likely to pay taxes and to send their children to public school.

Competition on the Labor Market

Many believe that immigrants are taking jobs away from American citizens. Despite the fact that immigrants increase labor supply, they also spend their wages to buy homes, food and TVs, and expand domestic economic demand. This increases demand leads to more jobs for those who want to build homes, transport TVs, or make and sell food.

While most empirical studies show long-term benefits to natives’ wages and employment, some studies have shown that short-term losses due to lower wages or higher unemployment may be caused by immigration. The standard economic theory suggests that although higher labor supply may initially lower wages, firms eventually increase investment to restore capital per worker. The steady growth of the capital-labor ratio keeps workers’ productivity high and prevents their wages from falling over time. Figure 2 shows how the trend in capital-labor ratio was before 1980. This is the time when U.S. immigration increased. The theory holds that the actual capital-labor rate did not change significantly or permanently from the 1980 trend.

Although average wages are not falling due to an increase in capital stock, the relative wages of different workers may be affected by changes in their relative supply. Table 1 shows that immigration has had a bimodal effect across educational groups. The biggest impact was on the supply workers without a high-school degree and those who have a college or graduate degree. Recent immigrants are less likely than their native-born counterparts to have finished high school. However, immigrants who arrived recently are less likely to have finished high school and have advanced degrees than their native peers. This is why immigration has increased the supply of skilled workers.

These increases in labor supply are not a sign of a decline in American-born workers. In many cases, immigrants seem to be able to complement them rather than replace them. They tend to choose manual labor-intensive jobs such as construction and agriculture because they lack the necessary linguistic skills. These industries have low-skilled workers, so the effects of more competition from immigrants can be confusing. Many take advantage of their communication skills and move into higher-paying occupations such as sales and personal services. Similarly, highly educated immigrants face a disadvantage in communication-intensive jobs, and therefore tend to work in scientific and technical occupations. High-skilled immigrants are not likely to compete with highly-skilled natives who have a background in media and management. Therefore, the inflow of foreign labor tends to be concentrated in certain occupations that already employ many immigrants. Therefore, the most competitive pressure is felt by those who are older immigrants.

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