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Gun safety: A public health approach to gun violence includes preventing lethal situations by enacting sensible gun laws and creating a culture that is safe.

Sensible gun laws. Reduce the easy access to dangerous weapons. This includes banning high-capacity magazines (link is extern), bump stocks, universal background checks (link is extern) without loopholes, and establishing waiting periods (link is external). (link is extern)

We must create a culture that promotes gun safety. As the nation with the most guns on the planet, we must ensure that people are safe.

Youth and those at high risk of harm to themselves or others should be restricted from having firearms. This includes keeping guns away from those who are violent towards their families and partners, as well as those with past violent convictions.

Make sure that the gun industry is held accountable. Five percent of gun dealers sell 90% guns used in crime, and they must be held responsible for a code. Link is external States can also pass laws that require sellers to have state licenses, keep records of sales, submit inspections, and comply with other requirements. Gun companies enjoy special legal protections that protect them from liability, which makes them immune to lawsuits. It is necessary to repeal existing gun industry immunity laws (link is external), and resist their implementation in states without them. In the absence of legislative action organizations are increasingly divesting from firearms manufacturing companies, while consumers are putting pressure on companies directly. Companies are establishing new policies regarding what and to whom they sell products to the public.

In order to solve problems, engage responsible gun owners and dealers (link is external). Some gun dealers and range owners have already been trained in suicide prevention (link is external).

For owners, insist on mandatory training and licensing (link is external). The training should include continuing education for renewal permits with a graduated licensing process that is at least as strict as that for drivers’ licenses.

Secure gun storage is essential. Public health in King County, Washington has teamed up to firearm storage retailers. Safe storage is exempt from Washington’s tax. Residents can also learn more about safe storage and purchase safe storage devices at a discounted rate.


The root causes of gun violence are risk and resilience. Public health approaches to gun violence prevention go beyond gun access. They provide solutions that reduce other risk factors and increase resilience within individuals, families, communities, and the wider community.

Public health solutions: Gun violence is a serious and preventable public problem. Gun violence is the leading cause of death in the country. Link is external We haven’t found the political will to tackle it, unlike other preventable deaths. Gun violence is most noticeable when multiple people are killed at once. However, it has too many effects on daily life, whether that’s through suicide, domestic violence or community violence, and affects too many families. Data show that firearm violence risk is highly dependent on age, race, gender, geography and other factors. These patterns are very different from suicide and homicide. We have discovered that violence can be prevented in all its forms through a public health approach. Public health approaches study data on violence, who it is, and identify the most dangerous and protective factors. They also develop policy, practice and program solutions with community members and other sectors. Many communities and groups have adopted a common health approach to prevent violence, such as the UNITY City Network of Prevention Institute and Cities United, which is a network of more than 100 mayors.

Comprehensive solutions: Help communities plan and implement comprehensive safety plans for their community that include intervention and prevention. There is increasing evidence that it is possible prevent shootings and deaths using approaches like hospital-based intervention programs (link is extern), the Cure Violence model (link is external), or Advance Peace (link is external). There are increasing numbers of safety plans in the country that include upstream strategies like youth employment (link is extern), neighborhood economic development and safe parks (link is external), restoring vacant lands (link is external), as well as reducing alcohol outlet density (link is external). The City saw a decrease in youth shooting victims from gunshots, 34% less youth victims of crime, 76% fewer youth arrested with guns, and 62% more youth being killed by gunshots. Too many communities lack the necessary resources to make these changes. We must work together to help communities find and implement solutions.

Trauma, connection and services: Increase access to culturally competent, coordinated social, emotional and mental health support and address the effects of trauma. Gun violence is often blamed on mental illness when, in reality, most people who commit shootings don’t have any diagnosable mental illnesses. Members of a community often identify individuals who are isolated and/or in need for additional support and services. It is important to remove stigma from mental health issues and support family, friends, neighbors, and children in seeking out and obtaining the appropriate supports. Communities need the resources to help people at high risk of harm or connect them to appropriate social, emotional and mental health services and supports. This is especially important in times of crisis or high need. Trauma can also have a negative impact on learning, behavior, health, and risk of multiple forms violence. We must do more to recognize trauma and develop trauma-informed protocols for law enforcement. Additionally, we need to support healing and treatment of individuals who have suffered trauma from any form.


Prevention Infrastructure: A public health approach goes beyond addressing gun violence’s risk factors and underlying causes. It also includes building a prevention infrastructure that is sustainable, scaleable, and effective. UNITY RoadMap can be used to support prevention infrastructure.

Gun violence research should be supported. Make sure that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other agencies have the resources and the science-based guidance to address this issue. The CDC, our nation’s public-health agency, has been prevented from doing the type of research that will help reduce gun violence. The CDC can monitor, assess and develop strategies for preventing gun violence just like we do with influenza or tainted food spinach. California established the Firearm Violence Prevention Research Center at UC Davis in response to a lack of evidence and tracking at the federal level. Other states are also considering setting up research centers.

Health system: Create a comprehensive system of health (link is external). Violence prevention is an imperative and responsibility for the health system. The Movement towards Violence as a Health Issue (link is external) is a group of more than 400 people who represent over 100 organizations in the country that are dedicated to a community and health response to violence. It has developed a framework to address and prevent violence in all its forms. This unifying framework promotes and supports cross-sector collaboration, a departure from the fragmented, current approach to violence, which heavily relies on the justice system. This framework includes 18 elements, including public health departments and primary care, behavioral and law enforcement, the justice system, schools and faith-based institutions. Together, they can help move the nation towards safety, health and equity.

New Frontiers: Public health is a continuous learning approach that focuses on innovation and improvement to improve the impact of research and practice. These areas are worth further investigation and can be used to reduce gun violence in society.

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