Final Speech (Informative)

speech can be on any topic. Informative Body Outline Example. I briefly reviewed a template for the body outline of your speech, which can be seen in my pre-recorded lectures for chapters 10 and 11. I encourage this template to improve your academic writing. Introduction I. First sentence (greeting or strategy) II. Strategy (e.g. asking a question, stating a statistic, telling a story, or more) A. Elaborate above B. Continue elaboration with another sentence II. Specific purpose (Today I want to inform about ….) III. Thesis (I will explain (two or three main points) Body I. There are many causes of problematic internet use for adolescents. A. According to the Journal of Child Development published in 2021 the main driver is loneliness. 1. The authors characterize loneliness as a lack of satisfying interpersonal relationships. 2. And lonely individuals perceive themselves as less socially competent. B. In Addictive Behaviors published in 2019, the critical role of parents’ relationship is emphasized. 1. Parent neglect is reflected in unresponsiveness to adolescent needs. 2. The parents are not there. 3. Adolescents need parental attention. (Repeat for second or more main points) Conclusion I. First sentence (e.g. In conclusion, today I have informed you about….) II. I have explained …. (two or three main point)

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