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Gender Studies: Same Sex Marriages

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Same-sex marriages are not the same as traditional marriage institutions. Simultaneous marriages cannot be compared with polygamy or polyandry.

Gender Equality in Britain, 20th Century

The British media used television to host discussions and seminars about gender issues in society.

Literature: Stereotypes of Gender and Race

To promote stereotypes of gender and race, literary texts are used. This paper examines three literary texts, The Hound of the Baskervilles, Araby and The False Gems.

Gender Discrimination in the Workplace and Performance

Both sexes can be considered when discussing gender discrimination. However, the female is mainly at the receiving end of discrimination.

Gender and the Impact of Globalization

Despite the many strides made in globalization, inequality is still a major global issue.

Gender Dynamics in Development

This essay begins with a discussion of the seriousness of gender dynamics in life. If we are to achieve our development goals, it is important to understand gender issues.

Global Inequality: Racial, Ethnic and Gender Inequality

This article discusses the issue of gender inequalities in employment that result from the creation of sex-segregated jobs.

Debate on Gender- and Sex Inequalities

This paper was designed to examine the differences between gender and sexuality. These two factors have a significant impact on social structures.

Gender Identity: Promotion of Equality for Sexual Orientation

This paper will focus on the issues of marginalization and representation with respect to equality of sexual orientation and gender identity for minorities.

Gender Roles in the Social Construction

Gender is an essential characteristic of all societies. The social construction of gender roles and behaviors is an important aspect of modern society.

Gender Studies: Feminism Varieties

The author points out that women are becoming more aware of their rights and have formed political groups to form strong alliances.

Gender is culturally or biologically defined?

Many researchers have debated the idea of gender as a result of biology or culture. This debate has further divided the topic.

Is gender natural or acquired?

Gender can be classified as either natural or acquired, since one can transform from one gender into another.

Gender Studies: Modern Issues

Gender studies include the study of both men and women. This subject defines gender and explains how society has shaped it over time.

Theoretical Foundation of Gender as a Culturally-Prescribed Role

The issue of gender as a culturally-prescribed role is hard to investigate by means of biological methods. It is possible to assess biological sex as cultural.

Gender and sexuality

There have been many debates about gender and sexuality, leading to the conclusion there are two dimensions to this topic.

Gender and its role in society

Today, equality is a topic that has not been fully addressed and integrated into society. Therefore, gender roles are highly distinguishable

Gender is an Often Culturally-Prescribed Role

There have been many debates over the years about gender roles. Recent views suggest that gender roles may not be universally applicable to all individuals.

Articles about Gender, Its Development and Cultural Aspects

Social scientists often neglect to consider the differences between sex & gender when discussing topics such as sex-linked characteristics, sex, gender, or gender-linked trait.

Gender is not a biological Sex but a role and is cultural

Gender identity is not a person’s sexual orientation, biological sex or gender. It is a social role that an individual links to.

Euripides’ “Medea”, Gender Ideology

Euripides, Medea and Jason were the main characters in the play “Medea”. Euripides showed individuals as complex beings who can have both men’s and women’s characteristics.

Gender and Interactions on Social Media: The Role of Gender

Females are more focused on building relationships and creating community, while males use social media to find information and have fun.

Family Gender Roles: A Change in the Future

This essay examines two articles about family gender roles. It argues that single parent family controversy is driving the rapid change in gender roles in modern society.

Gender in 21st Century: Combating Dangerous Stereotypes

While gender stereotyping is a problem for women, it also affects men. Essays by authors discuss the myths surrounding masculinity.

Cartoons and commercials: The role of gender

Cartoon characters don’t depict gender roles in a way that suggests that there are instances where men and women play different roles.

Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Ranger: Gender Roles

The cartoon Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers depicts the dominance of the female gender with the expression that the males are willing to submit to this domination.

Cartoons Show Gender Roles

Many people believe that children can use cartoons to depict gender to determine their gender roles and understand their cultural roles.

Female Gender Bias at College

Gender bias in college by women is a problem in society. It refers to gender inequality in higher education settings.

Gender bias in the workplace environment

The null hypothesis is that there are no effects of gender on promotion of firefighters in the given scenario. These factors will help to determine if a hypothesis can be considered true or false.

Gender Studies: Same-Sex Marriage

The moral question of same sex marriage has caused controversy in many parts around the globe. It is also known as homosexuality.

Gender and the Social Construction

Gender is the social construction of differences between men or women. To avoid misleading conclusions, this paper examines the stereotype.

Are Child Toys Restrictive of Gender Criteria?

This paper compares the perspectives of psychoanalysts to evaluate the effects of child toys on gender criteria.

Gender-neutral Education: Reasonable and Possible

Popularity grows for gender-neutral education. This paper examines whether it is possible to achieve gender neutrality as a goal and how realistic it might be.

Gender Inequality in India Politics

This paper examines the roles of women in politics in India, Iran and other countries with different political gender inequalities.

Gender Dysphoria: Causes, Treatment and Classification

If left untreated, gender dysphoria can cause serious psychological problems.

Gender Differences in “Far from Heaven”, a film by Todd Haynes

Todd Haynes’ movie “Far from Heaven”, by Todd Haynes, examines the changing gender roles in America since 1950. This story is about the Whitakers family, as it existed in 1957.

The Color of Sex: Postwar Histories of Race, Gender

The article “The Color of Sex” revealed how images of people of colour are created by popular culture.

Gender, Sex and Inequalities

This paper examines gender binarism and sexism. This is crucial in examining the differences between genders and sexes.

Income Inequality Based On Gender

Income inequality based upon gender refers to the income gap between male and female earnings, usually expressed as part of male earnings.

Gender Stereotyping Experiment – The Level of Gender Stereotyping In Society

This study examines the impact of stereotyping women. This study examines the first impression that subjects form based on information about a fictional man or woman.

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