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General Science introduces students to four main areas of science: energy and matter, the living universe, planet earth, space, and time. This enables students to become familiar with the fundamental ideas that underpin many sciences, such as Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Students will be able to further their knowledge by reading selected science books and engaging in science activities. Students will use the knowledge and concepts gained during the course to understand new situations and interpret data on graphs and maps. They also learn how to use the metric system for measurement and summarize the contents of an article about a scientific advancement.

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There are three subjects like Physics, Chemistry, and Biology (life science) which comes in General Science. These subjects are essential and score well in competitive exams like SSC (RRB), JSSC (BSSC), PSU, IES NTPC, BHEL or IOCL.

Exams only ask for basic questions. To solve MCQs in these exams, you must have a solid understanding of Physics, Chemistry, Biology. [lwptoc]

These topics are the complete syllabus for General Science and can be used to prepare for any exam. This syllabus was also used to prepare me for the exam. I never received any questions outside of it.

We will give you basic to advanced MCQs (objective questions), with explanations and answers. Because MCQ are asked in all exams, These three subjects are essential for competitive exams. Let’s take a look at each general science MCQ.

General Science Syllabus/Topics For All Competitive Exams

General science syllabus



These are the topics that will be covered in the biology syllabus:

30+ Top Cell Biology Questions and Answers with Solutions for All Competitive Exams

1. Introduction

2. Classification of Organisms.

3. Cytology

4. Genetics

5. Structure of a Plant and Animal Cell.

6. Classification of the Plant Kingdom.

7. Plant Morphology

8. Tissue from plants

9. Photosynthesis

10. Plant hormones

11. Plant Diseases

12. Mode of nutrition in plants.

13. Plant Control and Coordination

14. The Sexual Reproduction of a Flowering Plant.

15. The sexual reproduction of plants.

16. Plant transport system

17. Plants’ respiration and excretion.

18. The Cell: The basis of all living things.

19. Cell Structure and Functions

20. Control and coordination in human.

21. The Human Reproductive System.

22. Human excretory system

23. Humans have a respiratory system.

24. The Human Circulatory System.

25. The Heart.

26. Composition of blood

27. Blood functions

28. Human Digestive system.

29. Cell division


30. Nutrition and food

Food & Nutrition MCQ-1: Carbohydrates

Food & Nutrition MCQ-2: Proteins.

31. Human Diseases

32. Nuclear fission, nuclear fusion

33. Classification of the Animal Kingdom.

34. The five kingdoms that make up life.

35. Mode of nutrition in animals.

36. Animal nutrition

37. Reproductive Sexual Behavior in Animals

38. Animals’ Respiration.

39. Miscellaneous.

RRB General Science Questions for ALP & Group d1

RRB General Science Questions For ALP

Physics Topics

These are the topics that will be covered in the physics syllabus:

1. Dimensions and Units

2. Motion

3. Energy, Work, and Power

4. Gravitation

5. Pressurization

6. Floatation

7. Surface Tension

8. Viscosity

9. Elasticity

10. Simple Harmonic Motion

11. Wave

12. Sound Wave

13. Heat and Thermodynamics

14. Light

15. Static Electricity

16. Current Electricity.

17. Magnetism

18. Atomic and Nuclear Physics

19. Scientific Instruments

20. Inventions

21. Radioactivity.

22. Nuclear fission, fusion

23. Electromagnetism

24. These are the four basic forces

25. The kinetic theory for matter

26. Electric current magnetic effect

27. The Human eye and its Defects

First among Indians MCQ with key

Chemistry Topics

These are the topics that will be covered in the Chemistry syllabus:

1. Matter and its state

2. Atomic Structure

3. Chemical bonding

4. Periodic Classification Of Element.

5. Reduction and Oxidation

6. Base, Acids, and Salts

7. Gases behavior

8. Electrolysis

9. Carbon and its Compound

10. Fuels

11. Metallurgy

12. Metals and non-metals

13. Chemical reactions

14. Radioactivity

15. Electrochemistry

16. Catalyst

17. Hydrocarbons

18. Liste of important Drugs and Chemicals

19. Fertilizers

20. Concepts of the pH scale

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