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Your hook is the most important part of your essay. You can’t grab the attention of your reader within the first few sentences. This will make it difficult to retain their attention throughout the essay. Do not bore your reader! Instead, grab their attention with a hook that is captivating.

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Save the Earth, Save the Plant

Hooks can be intriguing, funny, or shocking. Hooks are designed to make the reader feel something. There are many options for you as a writer. A series of questions, a difficult statement, a quote, interesting background information, or a series may be some options. Here are some hooks to help you create an essay that introduces climate change.

Get started with a quote

Look up a celebrity who has dealt with the issue. Ask your audience to ponder the words of this person and then offer their thoughts.

Let’s start with a quote: “Climate Change is Happening, Humans Are Causing It, and I believe this is perhaps the greatest environmental problem facing us.” -Bill Nye

Let’s start with this quote: “Humanity faces many dangers, but climate change is the greatest.” We are creating our own destruction by destroying our climate. We have the knowledge, tools, and money to solve the crisis Prince Charles U.K.

Let’s start with a quote: “Global Warming isn’t a prediction.” It’s happening. – James Hansen

Begin with a fact

Give some interesting details about the issue that you are addressing. This will get your listeners and readers interested in the issue. Be sure to keep the facts fresh and on-point.

Let’s start with a fact. “The average surface temperature of the planet has increased by two degrees Fahrenheit in the past century.” This is a remarkable change in recorded or estimated history.

Let’s start with a fact: 2016 was the warmest year ever recorded, with eight months of record temperatures all over the world.

Ask a question

Encourage your audience to discuss the topic. This will not only get them to talk about the issue but also allow you to present your own ideas that may be interesting.

Begin with the question “What are you doing to prevent global warming?”

Begin with this question: “Think about the weather since you were a kid. Is the weather getting warmer? Colder? You might notice more snowfall and hotter summer temperatures. All of these are directly related to climate change and global heating.

Begin with the question “How does climate change affect me personally?”

Shock Your Audience

Your audience will be shocked if you tell them something shocking. They will be interested. This must be shocking, and not something everyone has been talking about for three years.

Let’s start with a shock: “Global ocean levels have risen eight inches in the past century.” The rate of increase has almost doubled in the past two decades. This is directly due to melting ice caps, and higher global temperatures. This rise could lead to entire countries like Bangladesh becoming underwater.

Let’s start with a shock. “If all people lived like Americans, it would take five Earths for enough resources to be produced.” Only five countries, which includes the United States, account for more than half of the harmful CO2 emissions in the world.

What does each of these hooks share in common? These hooks give you enough information to keep you interested, but also provide enough information to make you want to find out more. Sometimes it is difficult to create a compelling hook until you have finished or nearly finished writing your essay. You often don’t know what direction your paper will take until it is finished. Strong writers often wait until the end to write their hooks. This helps them guide the introduction. You might try out a few hooks before you decide on the best. You will write the best essay if you keep revising and updating. Keep trying different hooks until the hook that interests you the most is found.

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