Globalization essay topics 1

Globalization essay topicsGlobalization essay topics

Globalizations the term used to describe the increasing interdependence between the world’s cultures, economies, and peoples. It is a result of cross-border trade in goods, services, technology and flows of people and information. Over the centuries, countries have formed economic partnerships to facilitate these movements. The term was popularized after the Cold War, in the early 1990s. These cooperative arrangements have influenced modern day life.

Globalization has many complex and political implications. Globalization, like other major technological advancements, has both positive and negative effects on society. Knowing the costs and benefits of globalization can help you to solve problems and keep the larger payoffs.

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History of Globalization

Humans have been seeking out remote places to settle, grow, and trade goods that technology and transport has made possible since ancient times. Global integration did not take root until the 19th Century. After centuries of European colonization, trade activity, the first wave of globalization was driven by steamships and railroads, the telephone and other breakthroughs as well as increased economic cooperation between countries.

After World War I, which saw the collapse of globalization, postwar protectionionism and the Great Depression followed by World War II, the globalization trend started to wane and then crashed again. The United States was the first to try to revive international trade and investment in accordance with negotiated ground rules after World War II, which began a second wave globalization. However, it is still subjected to periodic downturns as well as increasing political scrutiny.

Top Essay Topics about Globalization

Globalization: Cause and Effect

  1. How does globalization impact my/our identity in any way?
  2. Globalization’s impact on Caribbean hospitality industry marketing strategies
  3. What has the impact of globalization on sports in the Netherlands?
  4. What did globalization mean for General Electric?
  5. What did globalization do to Starbucks’ strategy?
  6. What did globalization do to Italy?
  7. What has the impact of international interdependence on the rise in globalization? How did it affect rich and poor countries, and how can it be beneficial overall?
  8. The socio-political effects of globalization in the IT industry
  1. What has globalization done to Thailand?
  2. What has the Internet done for Globalization?
  3. Are the effects of globalization more beneficial or less on the environment?
  4. What does globalization mean for Islam?
  5. What is the impact of globalization on the state? How does globalization affect the nation? Do these institutions/concepts remain relevant? Why or why not?
  6. What impact does the Internet and its associated World Wide Web have on international business activity, and the globalization process?
  7. What has globalization done to Taiwan’s relationship with China?

Globalization essay topicsGlobalization essay topics: Controversial 

Here are some globalization essay topics one can use:

  1. In the age of globalization and reforms, self-colonization of images of foreigners in Chinese war films.
  2. What is the relationship between trade and globalization?
  3. What is the impact of globalization on national security?
  4. What is the secret to economic growth due to globalization?
  5. In the next 50 years, where is globalization most likely to lead us? Exclude 5 topics from the course. family, crime, deviance, health).
  6. Globalization and corruption in Europe, Russia
  7. Zara Jeans and the effects of globalization
  8. The influence of globalization on democratization in Middle East
  9. What would the benefit to your company or other companies from participating in a shared economy? Consider aspects like globalization, human resources management, and law.
  10. What effect does globalization have on a country’s national sporting programs and national identity?
  11. Is globalization having a significant effect on India’s economy, society, and geopolitical standing?
  12. Globalization and Human Life

Do you need a sample of a paper? You can order an essay Globalization Topics to present.

  1. Globalization of the Cold War.
  2. Globalization and the interests of workers
  3. The Korean impact of globalization
  4. Globalization and Russia’s Internet Censorship
  5. The relationship between water pollution in China, and globalization
  6. Globalization’s impact on humankind.
  7. Globalization and Disney
  8. Globalization’s impact on the US labor market
  9. New York City’s Globalization and Gentrification
  10. Globalization has had a profound impact on consumer behavior.
  11. The development of globalization is dependent on cotton as a key commodity.
  12. It is good for humanity or not?

Globalization essay topics: Research Topics

Below are some globalization essay topics:

  1. Pakistan is a country that has seen globalization and developed.
  2. The rise of globalization in America
  3. Globalization strategies for Toyota, Volkswagen, Ford.
  1. The critical pollution problem in Mexico City: Globalization
  2. Cultural globalization has had a negative impact on the Chinese film industry.
  3. The 21st century’s impact of globalization on China
  4. The globalization of Ukraine’s food supply
  5. Globalization can be classified into three types: technological, cultural, or economic.
  6. Globalization and its impact on the global market.
  7. Globalization and intermodal transport
  8. Peru: Globalization and Indigenous Communities

Globalization essay topicsGlobalization essay topics: Argumentative Essay

  1. How has globalization impacted your life? Is it overall positive or negative?
  2. What do you think sustainability and globalization mean to you personally, and how does it relate to your family history?
  3. As Buddhism spread throughout the world, it has had to adapt too many cultural and social changes. What has modernity and globalization done to Buddhism’s spread and message?
  4. Which one has had the greatest impact on war? The aftermath of the Cold War or globalization Why?
  5. Are the positive effects of globalization greater than the negative ones in East Asian countries, or do they outweigh them?
  6. What is the impact of globalization on Bahamian economic? What does globalization mean for Lesotho’s food supply?
  7. What is the impact of globalization on Africa’s future?
  8. Do you think outsourcing is a high-stakes issue in globalization?
  9. What are the effects of globalization on Curacao’s business?
  10. Is globalization helping or hindering wealth creation in developing nations?

Globalization essay topics: Descriptive  Essays

The descriptive name speaks for itself. In an essay of this kind, you will describe a person, object, or event. Be careful not to use description for description as your goal is to communicate a deeper meaning than a casual exposition. These topics will help you understand what a descriptive essay on globalization is.

  1. Discuss water scarcity and its impact on Globalization
  2. Discuss the pros and cons associated with globalization in Poland, especially over the past two decades. Also, show critical thinking about how globalization has impacted Poland.
  3. Define the benefits of globalization for the poor.
  4. Discuss how globalization affects child labor.
  5. Describe America’s role in globalization.
  6. Define the economic globalization in Egypt.
  7. Discuss the effects of globalization and new technologies on domestic arrangements in the United States.
  8. Discuss globalization in sport.
  9. Discuss the effects of globalization on Nigeria’s economy.
  10. Define how globalization has benefited companies around the globe.
  11. L’Oréal and American beauty globalization:

Globalization essay topics: Persuasive Essays

This is your task: convince your readers to agree with a particular view or recommendation.

  1. What are the effects of globalization on US business?
  2. What are the effects of globalization on trade, employment, and other aspects?
  3. What does the economic globalization of the economy mean for local ethical culture?
  4. What has globalization done to Venice (Italy), and how can it be improved?
  5. What has changed in the globalization of Islamophobia since 9/11?
  6. Are globalizations new phenomena or a long-standing feature capitalist development?
  7. Globalization is threatening local cultures?
  8. Are Aboriginal people being disadvantaged by globalization?
  1. Globalization: Why is Aboriginal people so disadvantageous?
  2. What is the story behind China’s globalization in Ali Baba?
  3. What is the future for globalization: convergence or divergence?
  4. What does globalization look like in the business world?

Globalization Research Paper Topics

  1. Globalization and the destruction local culture by economics
  2. Globalization’s effects on the US and other countries.
  3. The impact of globalization on a country’s unique culture
  4. Globalization and Feminism
  5. The 21st Century Globalization of America
  6. Globalization’s social impact in Africa (Nigeria, Ghana).
  7. Globalization’s impact on women.
  8. There are two opinions about McDonald’s globalization: Globalization or Not?
  9. Globalization’s influence on lifestyle and health.
  10. Globalization’s impact on business strategies
  11. Globalization’s role in peaceful societies

Globalization essay topics: Inspiring Globalization Essay

These globalization essay topics will be useful for those who are just starting to understand the concept. You may also be interested in other topics related to globalization that might interest you.

History of globalization: What is the story behind globalization?

How do they compare?

  1. What are some of the benefits and drawbacks of globalization at both the national (the government) and international levels?
  2. A history of anti-globalization sentiments in the United States.
  3. Anti-globalization. A global perspective of why some countries oppose globalization.
  4. An analysis of the relationship between globalization, free trade and globalization: A study of its benefits and impacts.
  5. How can developed and developing countries reap the benefits of globalization?
  6. In the context of globalization, there is a need for South-South Cooperation between countries (Global South).
  7. What are the effects of globalization on businesses? Consider the positive and negative impacts on businesses.
  8. China and Globalization: The impact of globalization on China’s government and economic development.
  9. Globalization and media communication: What role did they play in shaping our perceptions of globalization?
  10. How has globalization influenced or shaped the foreign policies of countries?
  11. What is Neoliberalism’s relationship to Globalization?
  12. Globalization and workers/laborers: What does it mean for them?
  13. Feminization in the globalized workforce: What impact did globalization have on gender equality?
  14. What did globalization do to increase extremism?
  15. The sovereignty of a state in an age of globalization. To what extent does a country’s sovereignty become compromised?
  16. What role does popular music play in globalization?
  17. How can globalization help language proficiency in a globalized world?
  18. Is globalization always inclusive of cultural and economic factors?

Globalization essay topicsEFFECTS OF GLOBALISATION


Globalization encourages countries to focus on what they produce best with the least resources. This is comparative edge. This concept improves production efficiency, encourages economic growth and lowers the prices of goods or services, making them more affordable, especially for households with lower incomes.


Companies can reach more customers in larger markets and receive a greater return on their fixed costs, such as building factories or conducting research. This is how technology firms have benefited from their innovations.


US companies are driven to improve their products by foreign competition. As a result, consumers have more options and better products.


Expansion of trade encourages innovation and technology diffusion. Market leaders’ best ideas spread faster.


Globalization creates new opportunities for job creation, but it also causes job displacement. Globalization does not affect the number of jobs in the economy. The main drivers of job growth are the Federal Reserve, business cycles, and fiscal policies. A Peterson Institute study found that 156,250 US manufacturing jobs were eliminated on net between 2001 and 2016. This is less than 1% of all the workers who were laid off due to increased trade in manufactured goods.

Many of these workers also have lower earnings or have been dropped from the workforce. Labor-saving technologies like artificial intelligence and automated machines are bigger factors that cause job displacements than trade. There are better-paying jobs in manufactured exports, especially in high-tech areas like computers, chemicals and transportation equipment.


Globalization has made it possible to reduce inequality between the richest and poorest peoples in the world. The number of people living in extreme poverty has been reduced by half since 1990. However, inequality is increasing in many countries, including the United States. According to scholarly research, globalization has only marginally contributed to the rise in US wage inequality.

This figure is between 10 and 20 percent. Technology is leading to rising inequality in the US. It is decreasing demand for low- and mid-wage workers, and increasing demand for higher-skilled and better-paid workers. Although wages have stagnated, economists continue to debate the causes. Different countries have experienced different levels of inequality through their tax and welfare systems. The United States is the most advanced country to have mobilized government policies to reduce inequality.