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Definition: Gun Control Essay. 1

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These are the main arguments for gun control supporters: 1

Opponents could use the following ideas: 1

Gun Control Essay Types 2

These are the key characteristics to consider when writing an essay. 3

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Gun Control 4

Mass shooting: Reasons. 4

Steep Rise in Crime. 4

Risk for Children. 4

Advantages Gun Control 5

It can be extremely rewarding to own a gun and learn how to use it. 5






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Gun Control Essay

Definition: Gun Control Essay

You were given the task of writing an essay on gun control. Maybe you can you the topic “Against Gun Control Essay.” You may also be asked to explore the argumentative essays on gun control. In such a case, before you can make any statements or form an opinion about gun control, it is important to understand the basics of the topic.

In its simplest form, the term gun control refers to the set of laws and regulations that regulate gun manufacturing, possession, transfer, use, and other related matters within particular legislation.

Most countries have strict gun control laws. The majority of laws restrict firearm possession and use. Gun possession is a privilege that allows only a few people to purchase and use firearms.

There are still countries that allow gun control. The USA is one of these countries. People in most U.S. regions are permitted to own firearms due to their colonial history and well-developed gun culture. The debate over gun control essay in the USA is particularly serious and deep. Therefore, most professors often request students to explore argumentative essays on gun control, and most students always look at the topic, Against gun control essay. As a result, for the gun control essay, it’s important for students to always first come up with compare and contrast essays on gun control.

The Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which protects civilian firearm ownership rights, is often used as the main argument against gun control laws. People who support gun control claim that the right to firearm possession and use is not unlimited. However, certain restrictions and procedures should be in place to limit access to firearms to specific people and places.

Debate Side Choice Against Gun Control Essay

Before we look against gun control essay, it is important to look at the side for those who support the ownership of guns. Therefore, we shall learn more about firearm regulations and the most common arguments for each side. The core of the debate on gun ownership is a philosophical question. This question raises many other issues that need to be addressed. These include gun ownership, manufacture, use, transfer, and responsibility for misuse.

These are the main arguments for gun control supporters:

  • Gun regulation laws decrease gun deaths.
  • Most guns used in crimes were purchased legally and not from dealers (up to 90% in the USA).
  • Gun possession increases the likelihood of domestic violence and firearm accidents.

Opponents could use the following ideas:

  • The best way to ensure self-defense is to have guns.
  • Gun control will not make anything better, but it will increase the supply of guns via the black market.
  • Education on guns and gun safety is more effective than increased regulation.

While some people believe that having more arguments in their favor makes them stronger, the real issue is the quality and depth of the arguments. It will be harder to challenge an argument that is stronger than it is. What is a strong, good argument? It must be clear and simple to understand. A strong argument supports facts and evidence, not emotions. If your argument is used in an essay, it should be supported by reliable sources and include resource links.

Gun Control Essay Types

Students can choose from a variety of gun control essays. However, if you choose Boom Papers, every paper is unique and has its peculiarities. Thus, before we look at our main focus,” against gun control essays,” it is important to understand the differences to complete this assignment successfully.

Let’s look at some of the most popular essay types and their differences.

  • Argumentative essay This type of paper requires you to support your position with strong arguments. This type of essay is best written after thorough research.
  • The cause-and-effect essay describes the causes and consequences of something. A student might choose law or an event related to gun control and then highlight the cause-and-effect relationship.
  • Definition essay– This type of paper, as its name implies, aims to describe a problem or term to make it easier to understand for the reader.
  • Expository essay This type of paper requires deeper research and exposes facts. The topic must be explored in-depth, and the issues should be made clear to the reader. You might examine, for example, gun control and how the government profits from gun control debates.
  • Persuasive essay This type of paper must convince readers by using facts, logic, or emotions.
  • Reflection essay This type of paper asks the writer to reflect upon their opinion or thoughts on a particular topic.
  • Annotated Bibliography essay: This type of paper aims to analyze, research, and summarize the available resources (books, journals, reports, etc.). on a particular topic.

How to choose a good Gun Control Essay topic

Before you rush to write your paper, you must choose a topic. It can be difficult to decide on the right topic and make the right decision.

This is where many students make big mistakes. They pick topics without doing any research and thanklessly. They also pick broad topics that are difficult to explain in a short essay, such as “Why gun control is good facts” and “Why gun control will be good in 2020”.

Remember that gun control is a complex and global issue. It is impossible to address all aspects of it in one paper. We recommend that you choose a narrower and more specific topic to explore more in your essay.

These are the key characteristics to consider when writing an essay.

  • Importance It doesn’t matter what type of essay you write. It is important to concentrate on the relevant and important subject matter.
  • Engagement A great topic should be interesting for both you and your readers.
  • Size A good topic should be the right size for your paper. You must ensure you don’t have too many or too few words/pages on the topic.
  • Precision a good topic should be precise. The topic “Reasons gun control is beneficial” is too broad. However, the topic “Stricter gun laws in the USA can reduce social risks” is narrower.
  • Relevance to the thesis It is important to ensure that your topic matches your thesis. If you want to write a paper about gun control, your topic should be pro-gun control.
  • Debatable – a good topic should be controversial–meaning that there should be both arguments for and against it. It is important to examine both sides of the issue. You will need to learn both the good and the bad aspects of gun control laws.

How to write a Gun Control Essay


The introduction is, as usual, the first paragraph of an essay. You can make a positive or negative impression on your readers by using it. For instance, you can choose to write about against gun control essay, or you go broader and look at a gun control argumentative essay. Therefore, you need to ask yourself several questions. How do you create a great introduction for a gun control essay? You can use anecdotes, proverbs, quotes, statistics, definitions, and definitions depending on the type of essay you are writing. A definition or statistic is best for a gun control essay. Anecdotes and sayings might not be appropriate for an argumentative or gun control persuasive essay. Don’t forget your thesis statement. It is usually found at the end or beginning of an introduction.

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The main ideas you have gathered to write your gun control essay are usually found in the body paragraphs. You can write more or fewer points depending on how long your paper is. Transitional sentences should be used at the end of each paragraph and at the beginning of each one. It is important to begin each major point with a new paragraph. Also, be sure to present your strongest argument last.

Our How to Write an Essay guide can be consulted and applied to your gun control assignment.


The conclusion should summarize the main points of your essay on gun control. Keep it brief and to the point. The nature of your paper may require you to add some final thoughts or call for action. It should still be relevant to what you have already discussed.

This is especially important for argumentative or persuasive writing. To learn more, check out our tips on ending a paper.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Gun Control

Mass shooting: Reasons

To ensure public safety, gun use must be controlled. It has become increasingly difficult to prevent mass shootings due to the easy availability of firearms. This essay will explain how gun control works.

Handling guns need proper training. Everyone can’t handle a gun. If it isn’t handled correctly, it can cause serious injury. Guns don’t trigger by themselves; they require someone to pull the trigger. The gun should be taken care of.

13 students lost their lives on a bright day, and 23 were injured. A 23-year-old gunman shot and killed 32 people at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg on April 16, 2007. Another shooter, Adam Lanza, killed many innocent people on December 14, 2012. These are only a few examples of mass shootings. These shootings all share something in common. Gun shooters are the culprits behind all these shootings. They turned the gun on themselves and took their own lives. These mass shootings have increased in recent years. We need stronger gun laws to ensure that such mass shootings don’t happen again.

Steep Rise in Crime

Fear of guns is the basis for 85% of all crimes. Guns are an integral part of American culture. They are easily accessible to all. A lot of Americans have guns, from simple revolvers to hunting rifles. Guns are just making it easier for crime. This gun control essay explains that these crimes can be stopped if guns aren’t readily distributed to shops for sale, and only a few shops would allow them to have them. These shops can also sell guns with special permission, but only under certain conditions. This essay will help you gain a better understanding.

Risk for Children

Guns can be very delicate. Guns should be secured and kept out of reach from children. The most appealing toy for children is the gin. They love to shoot with guns, so they are very fond of it. Imagine what happens if a child gets a real gun.

A study published in Pediatrics found that children who live in states with strict gun laws are less likely than those who live in states that have fewer restrictions on their guns. The risk of death is lower for those who follow stricter rules.

Over the past five years, 21,241 children and young adults were killed. Sixty-two percent of deaths were caused by assaults, with the remainder from suicides.

Researchers found that states with stricter gun laws are more likely to have fewer suicides and homicides than those without. The laws should include:

  • Universal background checks.
  • Waiting periods for firearms to be issued.
  • Restrictions on gun possession in public places.

This will reduce suicide rates.

Advantages Gun Control

It can be extremely rewarding to own a gun and learn how to use it.

After you have purchased your firearm and completed the safety classes, you are now ready to start a series of advanced training courses that will help you become a more proficient shooter. Even if you don’t learn the latest tactical moves or advanced shooting techniques, it can be fun and free to spend time at the range improving your marksmanship skills. Gun ownership can have many benefits, including boosting your mental and physical well-being.


Gun ownership is a test of your ability to be present and accountable. Join a proud band of gun owners who are taller than those who support national security and liberty.


Responsible gun owners will invest the time and effort to learn about the sport’s physical aspects. The shooting sport can help improve fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination.


It can seem daunting for someone who has never shot a gun before. This is why it is important to ensure that their first shooting experience is positive and enjoyable. You’ll be more confident once you have spent some time at the range.


It is an exciting experience to shoot a gun. However, it also blends adrenaline-boosting high-octane excitement with a calm and focused feeling that must be felt to appreciate fully. Shooting can release adrenaline, which triggers your liver’s ability to use glycogen and break down the adrenaline. This fuels your muscles. The mental and physical discipline required to shoot mindfully creates a calm atmosphere that can help you get through even the most stressful days.


Today’s gun owners, both men and women, take pride and responsibility for their firearms. Gun ownership is more than just protection. It can also be used for recreational shooting like hunting or competing. You don’t have to use your firearm for recreational purposes. To be a better gun owner, make sure you take safety classes and attend workshops. A firearm purchase can be a great investment that can pay huge dividends in the future. Don’t lose sight of the great responsibility of being a gun owner.

Learning how to shoot a gun effectively could save your life and the lives of others. Let’s pray that this never happens. In the meantime, let’s enjoy the benefits of gun ownership. See how gun ownership can have a lasting positive impact on our overall well-being.

Gun Control in the U.S.

Gun control is more controversial in the United States than anywhere else in the world. Although gun ownership is constitutionally protected, mass murders with firearms are very common in this country. The United States also has the highest rate of homicides by firearms among the developed countries. While gun control advocates in the United States claim that it will reduce crime and save lives, opponents argue that it would do the exact opposite. It would prevent law-abiding citizens from being able to defend themselves against armed criminals.

The U.S. gun control debate also involves the correct interpretation of the Second Amendment. This amendment, which states, “A well-regulated militia, being necessary for the security of a Free State, the right to bear Arms shall not be infringed,” was interpreted by most U.S. courts to mean that the state has the right to maintain militias. This interpretation was consistent with a variety of restrictions on gun ownership and usage. In United States v. Miller (1939), the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the Second Amendment didn’t prohibit the registration of sawed-off shotguns because they did not have a “reasonable relation to the preservation or efficient of a well-regulated military.” However, District of Columbia v. Heller (2008) saw the Supreme Court explicitly recognize an individual’s right to use firearms for traditionally lawful purposes. In McDonald’s v. Chicago) found that the amendment’s interpretation applied to federal and state gun-control laws.

Mass murders with guns in the United States are common enough that mainstream media outlets rarely mention them. The few that are particularly horrific or large enough to garner national attention, such as the murders of 49 people at a nightclub in Orlando, Florida, and 20 children and six adults at a Newtown, Connecticut elementary school in 2012, spark a brief and ineffective debate about stricter gun control. Fearful of being retaliated by the National Rifle Association, politicians from both major parties offer their “thoughts, prayers” but refuse to implement reasonable and constitutional measures favored by most Americans.


What number of people are killed by gun violence in the world?

Gun violence kills more than 500 people every day. Therefore, it is important to explore against gun control essay or look at the gun control argumentative essay in detail by looking at these statistics.

Globally, 44% of all homicides involve gun violence.

Between 2012 and 2016, there were around 1.4 million firearm-related fatalities worldwide.

Young men are the majority of victims and perpetrators. However, women are more at risk from firearms violence committed by their intimate partners. Guns can facilitate sexual violence.

What number of people are hurt by gunshots around the world?

Also, as we write argumentative essays on gun control or against gun control, it is crucial to highlight the number of people hurt by gunshots across the world.

Gunshots cause approximately 2,000 injuries every day

Around 2 million people around the world are suffering from firearm injuries.

Millions of people are affected by the long-term, severe psychological effects of gun violence or the threat of gun violence on their families, friends, and wider communities.

Nearly 134,000 Americans were injured or shot by guns in the USA in 2017.

Gunshot injuries can often have a life-altering effect on victims’ mental and physical health. Many people require permanent, long-term care. Others lose the ability to work, especially in physically demanding occupations. Programs that provide long-term, adequate care, rehabilitation, and job retraining opportunities are almost non-existent. The devastating effects of gun violence on victims, their families, and the medical system have created a public health crisis that has received a remarkable lack of government attention. Access to quality and affordable health care services should be available in the USA. This includes long-term care management, rehabilitation, and support services for mental health. Overall, this is an important point for any student writing about gun control essay, especially those focusing on the topic, “Against gun control essay.”

What is the global production of guns each year?

Each year, 8,000,000 new small arms are produced, and as many as 15 billion rounds of ammunition are made.

The annual value of the small arms trade is estimated at US$8.5 billion.


Also, when writing argumentative essays on gun control is crucial to highlight how states stop gun violence. Gun regulation and violence prevention programs can be effective in stopping the carnage.

States should first recognize that firearm violence is a threat to human rights, including the rights to life, physical integrity, security, and health.

Gun regulation and gun licenses

States can establish basic systems to regulate private firearm ownership and ammunition used to stop people from abusing human rights. The U.N. has created international guidelines which states can use to include in their firearms control laws.

These international standards recommend that firearm possession be prohibited without a license, that all states register firearms, and that any unlicensed possession is considered a crime.

Certain criteria must be met before a firearms license can be issued. A thorough background check should be done on the applicant to determine if there are any risk factors. This includes a criminal record, especially for violence in the home or community, a history of sexual, gender-based, or domestic violence, and history of drug/alcohol abuse, mental disorders, and other circumstances that could increase the danger of harm to oneself or others who use firearms. Gun licenses should not be granted for more than a year and must include instruction on how to use the weapon. In accordance with the principles and justification, the number and types of weapons an individual can own should be limited.

Private individuals must not use ammunition or firearms that pose a risk to their safety.

States must take proactive steps to ensure that firearms and ammunition are secure in all storage locations. This will prevent the illegal trade and possession of firearms.

This point can be included on Gun control essay’s conclusion


Amnesty International has been focusing its efforts on domestic gun reform and prevention of gun violence by advocating for firearm possession and use regulations.

We support the creation of evidence-based violence prevention programs in areas where firearms violence is persistently high.

We are also trying to stop firearms from being exported to conflict zones, where they could be used for serious human rights violations. We investigated international arms exports from the Saudi Arabia/UAE coalition and found that arms were being diverted to be used by militias for human rights violations in the Yemeni civil war. Supplying arms for the Yemen conflict is against the global Arms Trade Treaty. These transfers also violate E.U. law and, in many cases, the domestic laws of the countries that supplied the arms.

We, along with other organizations, successfully campaigned to create a global Arms Trade Treaty. This treaty became international law in 2014. Each state that ratifies the ATT must adhere to strict guidelines regarding international arms transfers.

We will continue to advocate for the effective implementation of the ATT, which will stop the flow of weapons that fuel violence in conflicts, atrocities, and state repression all over the globe. The ATT is able to save lives and protect human rights.

This point is also important to include it when students are exploring against gun control essay or looking at the argumentative essays on gun control.

The legal obligation of governments to protect life and the rights of citizens is to ensure that they do not allow violence to be committed by firearms. We must remind them of this duty by demanding gun reform.

It is possible to stand up and remind leaders that they have a responsibility to keep us safe. Your participation in protesting gun violence can be crucial. Participating in protests and campaigns against gun violence will help governments understand that bad regulation of gun possession and use leads to violence. They must immediately implement strict gun control and effective intervention in areas where there is a high level of gun violence.