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Gun Control Essay Introduction. 1

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Gun Control Research Paper Types. 2

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Gun Control Essay Introduction. 3

Gun Control Essay Body. 3

Gun Control Essay Conclusion. 4

Should Guns be Banned Pros and Cons?. 4

Reasons for mass shooting. 4

Increase in the Rate of Crime. 4

Risk for Children. 5

Advantages Gun Control 5

Personal Responsibility. 5

Physical Discipline. 6

Confidence. 6

Stress Relief 6

Gun Control Research Paper Topics. 6

Gun Ownership – Pride Taking. 6

Gun Control in America. 6

Statistics For Gun Violence. 7

How many guns worldwide are produced each year?. 8

How Can States Stop Gun Silence?. 8


Gun Control Research Paper

Gun Control Essay Introduction

The assignment was to write an essay regarding gun control. What should you do? First, you must comprehend the concept of gun control before you can formulate your opinion or make any statements.

In a nutshell: Gun control is a set of laws that regulate gun manufacturing and transfer, possession, use, and other related matters.

Global gun control regulations are restrictive. Most laws prohibit firearm possession or use. Gun possession is considered a privilege, and therefore only certain groups of civilians can purchase firearms.

There are, however, countries that still allow guns to be controlled. The USA is one example of such a country. The country’s colonial history combined with a well-developed gun culture allows Americans to possess firearms in many areas. The Gun control debate is a serious issue in the USA.

The Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution provides protection for civilian firearm ownership rights. This is often the central argument against gun laws in this country. People pro-gun control argue that the right to possess firearms and to use them is not unlimited. Therefore, they believe that some restrictions and proper procedures must be applied to make it more difficult for certain people or places to have them.

Debate Side Choice for Gun Control Research Paper

You can start by learning more about firearm regulations and then find the common arguments on each side. This dispute’s heart is a philosophical one: whether gun possession should be considered a right or a privilege. The issue raises many other questions, including gun possession, manufacturing, trade, transfer, and responsibility for misuse.

These are some general arguments made by gun control supporters.

  • Firearms regulation laws reduce the number of gun-related deaths
  • Most firearms used in crime were bought from the government and not through gun dealers (upto 90% of guns in the USA).
  • Gun possession and use increase firearm accidents and domestic violence.

The following are some general ideas that opponents could use:

  • Possession of firearms is the best method to protect yourself.
  • Gun control won’t change anything. It will only increase gun availability through the black marketplace.
  • Gun safety education and education about guns will be more effective than increased firearms regulation.

Although it is common to believe that there are more arguments than one side, what matters is how strong those arguments are. The more convincing an argument is, the more difficult it will be to counter it. What is a solid argument? First, it should be clear and understandable. A strong argument is supported with facts and evidence rather than emotions. It should be backed up with reliable sources and provide links to resources if you are arguing for an essay.

Gun Control Research Paper Types

There are many kinds of gun control essays that students could be asked to write. Each paper has its unique characteristics and peculiarities. Understanding these differences is essential to being able to tackle the task.

Let’s take an in-depth look at the different types of essays and their differences.

  • Gun Control Argumentative paper. This type is for supporting your position with a strong argument. This type of essay is written by analyzing and conducting extensive research.
  • Gun Control Cause & Effect essay explains the causes and results of something. Students can choose a topic or law that directly impacts gun control. They will then be asked to highlight the cause/effect relationship.
  • Gun Control Definition essay — This type of paper defines a problem/term to make it clear for the reader.
  • Gun Control Expository essays – This type of paper requires more research and more facts. It is important to identify a deeper issue related to the topic and expose it to a reader. If you are interested in gun control, you could examine the profits of gun control debates.
  • Gun Control Persuasive essay: This paper needs to convince people by appealing to facts and logic.
  • Gun Control Reflection Essay– This type of paper asks its author to reflect on their personal opinions or thoughts about a topic.
  • Gun Control Annotated Bibliography essay. This paper attempts to summarize, analyze and research all available sources (e.g., books, journals, or news reports). Specific topic.

How to Pick a Good Gun Control Research Paper Topic

Before you begin writing your paper, it’s important to select a topic. It can be very difficult to choose the right topic.

A lot of students make this mistake: they choose topics without researching and thinking about them. The students also choose topics too broad to be easily explained in short essays, such as “Why gun controls are good facts” or “Why gun control is good 2020”.

It is important to remember that gun control can be a complicated and global issue. There are so many aspects that it is difficult to discuss everything in one piece. It is best to choose a more narrowed topic or more specific to allow you to dive deeper into it while you are writing your essay.

These are some key points to remember about a great essay topic:

  • Importance No matter the type or subject of your essay, it is essential to be focused on the important and relevant material.
  • Engagement: A great topic should be captivating for both you and your readers.
  • Size Good topics should be appropriate for the length of your paper. It is crucial to ensure you do not have too much/too little to say about the topic chosen for the number of pages/words.
  • Precision Good topics should be precise and specific. For example, the topic “Reasons Gun Control is Good” is too broad. The topic “Stricter Gun Control Laws in the USA Can Minimize Social Risks” is more specific.
  • Relevance for your thesis. It’s important to make sure your chosen topic aligns with your thesis. If your topic is about gun control and you plan to discuss them in your paper, it should be pro-gun controls.
  • Debatable – a good topic should be controversial–meaning that there should be both arguments for and against it. You’ll need to look at both sides. Particularly when it comes to firearm laws, you need to examine both the positive and negative aspects of gun control.

How to Write A Research Paper on Gun Control

Gun Control Essay Introduction

The introduction is the opening paragraph of your essay. The introduction can either make a good or poor impression on your reader. How do you write an effective introduction for a gun-control essay? Depending on the type of essay, you might use an anecdote or proverb, a quote, statistic, definition, or definition. For example, it might be best to use a statistic or definition for a gun control article. At the same time, anecdotes may not work well in a gun control argumentative essay or gun control persuasive essay. Your thesis statement is often included at the end. Examples of thesis statements include: ‘Why guns should be banned essay,’ Why guns should not be banned essay,’ or ‘Should guns be banned Pros and cons,’

The article’s next section contains nine examples of introductions. There are three for each type of essay. You can study them to gain a better understanding of ways you can begin an essay.

Gun Control Essay Body

The body paragraphs typically contain the main ideas you have collected for your gun control essays. Your paper’s length will dictate how many points you include. You should use transitional sentences either at the end of the beginning of each paragraph. It is vital that you start every major point by writing a new paragraph. Make sure you also present your strongest argument first.

Learn how to write an essay and use it for your gun control assignment.

Gun Control Essay Conclusion

The conclusion should summarize the key ideas from your essay about gun control. Keep it concise and succinct. Depending on its nature, you can add some final thoughts to the paper or a call for action. You should make sure it is related to the points already mentioned.

This is especially crucial for persuasive and argumentative writing. For more information, see our tips for ending a paper.

Should Guns be Banned Pros and Cons?

Reasons for mass shooting

To maintain public safety, guns must be controlled. This is because of the increasing number of mass shootings and easy access to firearms. It has become very difficult to prevent mass shootings. This is usually considered one of the major reasons why guns should be banned.

Handling guns need proper training. Handling a gun is difficult for some people. Guns can’t be fired by themselves. They need to be pulled by someone. It is important to take care of your gun.

One shining day 13 students died, and 23 more were injured. 23-year-old gunman, Adam Lanza, killed 32 people and injured many others at Virginia Tech Blacksburg in April 2007. Adam Lanza was another innocent victim of a gunman who attacked Virginia Tech in Blacksburg on April 16, 2007. These are just a handful of examples of mass shootings. All of these mass shootings have one thing in common. Gun-smokers are those who took their own lives after turning the gun on them. The rate of mass shootings has risen over the last few years. For public shootings to stop happening again, we need stronger gun laws.

Increase in the Rate of Crime

Fear of guns is responsible for almost 85% of all crimes. Guns are an important part of American culture. Guns are a part of American culture. Many Americans have guns. The availability of guns encourages criminality. In this gun control essay, you have seen how guns can be prevented from being sold to shops. Only a small number of shops are allowed to carry them. These shops also have the ability to sell guns, provided they are given special permission. A gun control essay can help you get a better grasp of it. In addition, for students working on ‘why guns should be banned essay,’ this is a point that should not be left behind. It is also applicable for those working on, ‘Gun Control Persuasive Essay.’

Risk for Children

Guns are delicate and should be kept out of reach of children. They must be kept safe from children. For children, guns are the most popular toy. They love guns and will shoot randomly with a gun toy. Now imagine what the consequences would be if a child had access to a real weapon. Such behavior has made gun control a social issue and therefore, they should be banned.

A Pediatrics study has shown that children in states with strict gun laws are more likely to be killed by gun violence than those living in states without such restrictions. The lower the chance of death, the more stringent the rules.

21,241 children and young adult under 21 were all found dead in the five-year period. 62% of deaths were due to assaults and the rest by suicide. Such a point is crucial when writing a, ‘Gun Control Persuasive Essay.’

According to the research, states that have stricter gun laws experience fewer suicides or homicides than those that have less. It is important to have laws. There should be universal background checks, a waiting period for firearms, and restrictions on the public carrying of guns.

Advantages Gun Control

The range is a great place to learn about guns, how to use them effectively, take responsibility and have fun. As a result, some researchers have concluded and given sufficient evidence on the various reasons why guns should not be banned. Therefore, when one is writing a, ‘Pro Gun Control Essay,’ these are some of the points to put forth.

You have now purchased your firearm, taken safety classes and are now ready for advanced training that will help make you a better shooter. Even if the shooting range is not your preferred place to practice your marksmanship skills or learn new tactics, you can still have fun at it. Gun ownership offers many benefits. These include improving your mental and physical well being, as well as having fun. This section is also essential for students handling, ‘Gun Control Persuasive Essay.’

Personal Responsibility

Owning a firearm is about being present and responsible. You must think about where it is kept, how it is stored, who has access to the weapon, how you transport it, how it is transported, where it is stored, what kind of license or permit you need, and a few other important things. You’ll be joining a proud group gun owners who, in a small way, will stand taller as advocates for national security. This point should be highlighted when writing the ‘Gun Control Essay Conclusion.’

Physical Discipline

An experienced gun owner will be committed to learning the physical aspects of the sport. You can improve your fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination, and learning the physical discipline of shooting sports will increase your ability to learn new things.


Someone who has never fired a gun before may find shooting intimidating. That is why it is so important that they have a positive experience. Learning to shoot and taking progressively more advanced firearms courses will increase your confidence.

Stress Relief

Shooting a firearm is always thrilling. But, it somehow blends adrenaline, high-octane thrills with a feeling of calm and focus that must feel to be fully understood. Shooting can trigger adrenaline release in your system. The liver then breaks down and uses glycogen to fuel your muscles. You can also feel calmer even during stressful times by practicing mental and physical discipline when you shoot mindfully.

Gun Control Research Paper Topics

Gun Ownership – Pride Taking

Today’s gun owners are proud to own a firearm. This responsibility is not taken lightly by men and women. Today, gun ownership is not only about protecting your firearm but also allows you to enjoy shooting recreationally, such as hunting or competing. Safety is important, even though your firearm can be used recreationally. You should take safety courses and attend workshops to be better prepared for your life as a gun owner. The purchase of a firearm can be a wise investment and can bring you great benefits in the future. You have a great responsibility as a gun owner.

Your life and others could be saved by you learning to shoot your gun safely. Let’s just hope that doesn’t happen. However, while we wait, take advantage of the many positive aspects of gun ownership. It can make a significant and lasting difference in your overall sense and well-being. Such information can help students write an effective gun control introduction essay.

Gun Control in America

Nowhere is gun control more controversial than in the United States. Gun possession is constitutionally guaranteed, but mass murders (including those committed with guns) are quite common. The United States has the highest homicides-by-firearms rate of any developed country. Increased gun control in the United States is argued to save lives and decrease crime. But, critics argue that it would cause law-abiding citizens to be unable to defend themselves against armed criminals.

The U.S. gun control debate is also concerned with the interpretation of the Second Amendment. According to this clause, most U.S. courts understood it to protect the rights of states to maintain militias. Additionally, individuals were allowed to “keep” and “bear arms in connection to their service in a state-run militia. This interpretation was compatible with existing restrictions on gun ownership and use. United States v. Miller (1939), a U.S. Supreme Court ruled, “The Second Amendment does not prohibit laws requiring registration of sawed-off shotguns” because such weapons were not in a “reasonable link to preservation or efficiency of a properly regulated militia.” District of Columbia v. Heller (2008) was, however the Supreme Court’s first direct recognition of an individual right to own firearms, independent from service in a militia state for lawful purposes. In McDonald’s, the court decided two years later. Chicago) held that this interpretation of Amendment was applicable against both federal and state gun control laws. For students handling, ‘Gun Control Persuasive Essay,’ this is one of the major points they should focus on. It should also be included in the section, ‘Gun Control Introduction Essay.’

Mass murders with guns are so common in the United States that most of them are not mentioned in mainstream media. Mass murders with guns are often large and heinous enough that they attract national attention. This includes the murder of 49 people in an Orlando club in 2016 as well as the massacre of 20 children, six adults, and a teacher at a Newtown elementary school in Connecticut in 2012. These incidents typically spark a short-lived but largely ineffective debate about gun control. Fearful of the National Rifle Association retaliation, both major party politicians offer their “thoughts” and prayers, but they refuse to adopt reasonable and constitutional laws that the majority would favor. These include expanded background checks for gun purchases and the reinstatement of a federal ban against assault weapons which Congress let lapse in 2004. In conclusion, it is important to note that this is one of the most discussed Gun Control Research Paper Topics. Besides, include it can be included in, the ‘Gun Control Conclusion Essay.’

Statistics For Gun Violence

How many people worldwide die from gun-related violence?

Every day, gun violence causes the deaths of more than 500 people

44% worldwide of all homicides are caused by gun violence

Globally, there were 1.45 million firearm-related deaths between 2012 and 2016.

While the majority of perpetrators and victims are young men, most of those who are victims to firearm violence are women. The use of firearms can also facilitate the commission of sexual violence.

The statistics highlighted above provide support for ‘Gun Control Argumentative Essay.’

How many people worldwide are shot by guns?

Each day, approximately 2,000 people are hurt by gunshots

Globally, there are at least 2 million people who have been injured by firearms.

Millions of people suffer from the psychological and long-term effects of gun violence, or the threat thereof, on themselves, their families and the wider community.

In 2017, almost 134,000 people in the USA were injured and shot by firearms.

Gunshot injuries can be life-threatening and have a lasting impact on victims’ long-term mental and physical health. Some require lifelong, permanent care while others lose their ability and mobility to work, especially in physically demanding positions. However, programs that offer long-term and appropriate rehabilitation as well as job retraining are virtually nonexistent. The effects of gun violence have had a devastating effect on the victims, their families, and the medical service. Despite this, there has been little government response. Access to affordable quality healthcare services in the USA must include all necessary long-term medical interventions. These should include rehabilitation and other support services as well as mental health care. Therefore, the data in this section is applicable when discussing if gun control is a social issue.

How many guns worldwide are produced each year?

Each year, 8,000,000 brand new small arms are created and up 15 billion rounds ammunition is manufactured.

The value of small arms trading is approximately US$8.5 trillion per year. Such figures show gun production offers some economical benefits to a country and that’s one of the reasons why students might be requested to cover a gun control research paper such as, ‘Why Guns Should not be Banned Essay.’

How Can States Stop Gun Silence?

A well-designed gun regulation program and violence prevention project can help stop the carnage.

State governments should immediately recognize firearm violence in the first place as a threat of people’s human right, namely their rights to life and their rights for security and safety.

Gun regulation, gun licenses

States can put in place basic systems to control how private citizens can possess and use ammunition and firearms. This is to protect human rights. The U.N. has developed international guidelines for states to use in their firearms control laws. The points raised in this section is applicable to students working on, ‘Gun Control Synthesis Essay.’

These international standards suggest that firearms should not be owned without a licence. States should also register firearms.

The requirements for obtaining a firearms permit should be met. To begin with, applicants should have a complete background check. This will allow them to identify any risk factors. Gun licenses should be limited in time and mandatory training on how the weapon is used should be provided. Limiting the types and number of weapons that an individual can carry should be done in compliance with the principles if necessity and credible justification.

Private persons must not be allowed to use firearms or ammunition that pose unacceptable risks to public safety.

To prevent illegal firearms trading and possession, all states must take proactive measures to ensure that all firearms and ammunition stocks, including those intended for military or law enforcement personnel, are securely stored.


Amnesty International focuses its work on domestic gun control and violence prevention. We campaign for gun possession regulations.

We support the implementation of evidence-based violence programs in communities that have a persistently high level gun violence.

We also aim to stop firearm exports from crisis zones where arms could be used for serious violations of human rights. We looked at international arms exports, including to the Saudi Arabia/UAE led coalition and . We found that weapons were being diverted for use in human rights abuses during the Yemeni Civil War. supplying weapons for use in the Yemen conflict violates international Arms Trade Treaty. Transfers of arms to these countries also violate E.U. law, as well as many times the domestic laws, of their suppliers. Such information can also be included in the, ‘Gun Control Introduction Essay.’

Together with other organizations we successfully lobbied for a global Arms Trade Treaty, which was made international law in 2014. Every state that ratifies ATT must comply with strict rules regarding international arms transfers.

We continue to fight for effective implementation of the AT which will end the flow in weapons that fuel conflict, atrocities and state oppression around the world. The ATT has the potential to save lives and protect individuals’ human rights.

Governments have a legal duty to protect the right of life and a responsibility to prevent firearm violence. We must remind them by calling for gun reform.

You can speak up and remind our leaders about their responsibility to keep us safe. It is possible to play an important role in protesting against gun violence and campaigning for change. Get involved to show governments that gun violence can be caused by poor regulation.

Note: When covering the gun control essay introduction and conclusion, it is important to lay out both the advantages and disadvantages of Gun Control. In other words, go in details in should guns be banned pros and con