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Tips for creating a study guide

Though other teachers will supply you with a study guide prior to a test, the majority of teachers will not. You may be given only the basic topic of the test and then left on your own. Making a Handmaid’s tale study guide pdf does more than helping you focus on the most crucial aspects. It also aids in the weeding out of the less important things.

We sometimes find ourselves having no direction while studying for an exam if we don’t have a study guide. Maybe that means trying to read through every single chapter of the Handmaid’s tale (which will take a long time and is ineffective), or maybe it means skimming through your notes haphazardly in the hopes that the most important points stick.

Ryde Essays is always concerned about clients, and we understand that creating the guide may be a task. Therefore, some of the tips that we recommend using when writing your Handmaid’s Tale study guide pdf include;

  • Begin with the basics

To ace your examinations, you must start working on them right away. It may appear to be a foolish statement, yet it is worth repeating. Making a study guide is difficult if you haven’t completed any homework or projects in the weeks preceding the exam. Begin by being present in class, doing the required readings, completing the prescribed assignments, and participating in class discussions.

  • Change your perception

A study guide does sound easy to understand. However, a lot of students misinterpret and undervalue it. If you believe that study guides are merely the answers to an exam, it’s time to debunk that myth. Start thinking of your study guide as “questions” for the assessment rather than answers if you want to get the most from them.

  • Take notes

Always keep a pencil, highlighter, and post-it notes on hand when you’re reading the novel on your own. You assimilate knowledge better when you write it down, so taking notes on a regular basis will benefit you in the long term.

It might not seem important, but it’s crucial that you write your study guide by hand rather than on a computer. Writing by hand necessitates slowing down and giving thought to the information you are transcribing, despite the fact that typing anything up is frequently simpler and faster. It has the extra benefit of allowing you to learn the material you need while writing your guide. We advise you to print out your study guide once you are done typing it if you must type it for whatever reason. Reading a document on a computer screen will not help you retain knowledge, and you will be more susceptible to internet distractions such as notifications from social media or emails.

  • Review the Novel

What feature of study guides do you think is the best? Creating a study guide is similar to studying in that it allows you to thoroughly review all the content you need to know for your test or exam. Therefore, read the novel and any notes you have taken to make the study guide.

  • Paraphrase

Not everything in the book should be directly copied. Replace complicated terms with more straightforward ones, omit certain details, and change the paragraph’s informational structure because you’re more likely to recall your own language and phrases. What could be better than your own words coming back to you more quickly when you have to explain a concept or theory in the exam?

  • Seek guidance from your professor

Ask your teacher if they will share a list of the words, concepts, and potential essay topics on the test before you create a study guide. Teachers will occasionally provide you with this knowledge to make writing your own Handmaid’s Tale study guide pdf easier.

  • Include a vocabulary section

Give a chunk of your study guide to important terminology and meanings if the exam includes a vocabulary section. It’s still crucial to know key terms when they come in the context of a question, even if there isn’t a vocabulary portion on the test. Knowing your vocabulary will make it easier for you to use key terms in your essay responses, which will demonstrate to your instructor that you have a firm understanding of The Handmaid’s Tale novel.

  • Make it personal

Making your own study guide gives you the opportunity to adapt it to your own learning style, which is one of its main advantages. Visual, auditory, reading/writing, kinesthetic, and other learning styles are the most common among humans. Due to this, two students preparing for the same test may have completely dissimilar study guides. For instance, developing a more conventional study guide, such as the summary sheet, and repeatedly reworking the content may be advantageous for reading and writing learners.

  • Practice essay questions

By preparing your responses in advance, you can get ready for potential essay queries. It will ensure that you are prepared to respond intelligently if a question of a similar nature appears on the exam. You can use previous tests or quizzes to try to predict what these questions might be.  Using a study guide can help you memorize the content, but practice essay questions will ensure that you can apply your understanding in a written response.


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