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Harlem Renaissance (1919-1929). The Harlem Renaissance was originally called the New Negro Movement. Its’ name comes from Harlem which is a large New York neighborhood. This neighborhood was home to nearly 175,000 African Americans mainly from the South, who made it the most black-populated area in the world between 1917 and 1935. This led to a new cultural, intellectual, artistic, and literary identity for black people.

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Important Events

* The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (1910) – Dedicated to legal strategies that address civil rights issues. W.E.B. Dubois was cofounder and editor for the Crisis.

* James Weldon Johnson’s autobiography, Autobiography of…show more…

o Abstract symbolism

* The country’s first exhibition of African-American Art featured Laura Wheeler Waring art. (1927) o William E. Harmon Foundation

* Meta Fuller’s art bridged between the black presence within European art and the acceptance of black artists in general.


* Authors published fiction, nonfiction, novels and plays.

* F. Scott Fitzgerald published The Great Gatsby. (1925)

* Close relation to reform and civil rights organizations.

* From being illiterate and enslaved to becoming free and literate within a span of 50 years.

* Promoted equality, condemned racism, and celebrated African American culture, spirituality, and history.

* Magazines were vital to the movement. The Crisis was a hopeful group that insisted on racial justice. Opportunity was a platform for black culture. The Messenger was a socialist journal.

Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters was an African labor union.

Wallace Thurman

Langston Hughes’ writings reflected the belief that black culture should be celebrated as much as white.

The Best Harlem Renaissance Topic Ideas and Essay Examples

Langston Hughes and Harlem Renaissance

In a very short time, Harlem became one of the most fashionable neighborhoods in New York. Langston’s poems were about the experiences of black Americans under the light of a white […].

Harlem Renaissance: The Cultural Movement

She collaborated with Langston Hughes on the production of “Mule Bone” in 1931. The play was never published due to tension between the writers. In 1934, she wrote her first novel, […].

Harlem Renaissance: Historical Background and Social Background

It was a time of social integration, as well as the development of literary- and artistic skills by African Americans. Harlem Renaissance was a time of artistic explosion for African Americans.

Angelina Grimke’s Contribution To the Harlem Renaissance

Grimke’s play was the first American play written by black authors, highlighting the suffering of black Americans in America.

Literature Works of Harlem Renaissance

Social thinkers collectively called the Harlem Renaissance the effort of African-Americans in New York to overcome the white-favored government system. This was especially true for those who were from southern states that […].

Harlem Renaissance Poets Overview

The poet describes the way the musician moves to the beat of the blues, and the emotional lift he experiences.

Harlem Renaissance and Astonishing Literary Creativity

However, the Harem Renaissance saw one of its most important changes: the culture of music was explored in the last section.

Harlem Renaissance’s History: Issues for Negro Writers

The Harlem Renaissance (also known as the “New Negro Movement”) refers to the explosion of African American intellectual, cultural, and social life during the decade of 1920s.

Harlem Renaissance: African American Art

OBSCURA cameras were one of the many strategies that helped artists create their art.

The Struggle for a Black Identity: The Harlem Renaissance

Afro-Americans were faced with a difficult choice after the failure of Reconstruction and the introduction of racial segregation. Booker Washington, a prominent figure in the Post-Reconstruction Era, was the leader of Afro-American communities.

Harlem Renaissance: Afro-Americans and its Role

This movement helped pave the way to the continued struggle of the African American population for their rights. They now emerged as educated, talented individuals.

Harlem Renaissance Movement Analysis

They began to advocate for racial equality in America around this time. The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People was founded in 1909. Their struggle for the […] was born.

Harlem Renaissance Influenced Afro-American Culture

The Harlem Renaissance, a period in American history that significantly influenced the development of American society and Afro-American culture, is well-known.

Harlem Renaissance, African American Culture

After the abolishment of slavery, the Harlem Reissue grew and then exploded into a larger force due to the effects of WWI and the changes in American culture and society.

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Harlem Renaissance, Creative Movement, and Harlem Renaissance helped black people express themselves

Langston Hughes, Claude McKay and Countee Curllen are Harlem Renaissance Poets

The Harlem Renaissance: Creation of a New Nation

The Harlem Renaissance: Self Identity

The Harlem Renaissance: Description, Analysis, Interpretation and Judgment

Harlem Renaissance and Zora Nale Hurston

The Harlem Renaissance, and the Golden Age of Africans

Coleman Hawkins’ reign during the Harlem Renaissance

Harlem Renaissance: The Heart of Urban Black Life

Modernism and Harlem Renaissance Summary

Exploring African American Culture: Harlem Renaissance

James Langston Hughes and Harlem Renaissance Influence

Harlem Renaissance Art, and the Birth of Black Identity

The Civil Rights Movement and the Harlem Renaissance

Harlem Renaissance, White Literary Movements

Both the Modernist Movement Harlem Renaissance and Early 20th Century Emerged

Surrealism and Harlem Renaissance two historical art periods

The Harlem Renaissance: Its Role in American Literature

The Harlem Renaissance’s Poets and Writers

The Harlem Renaissance: Colorism

Simple & Easy Harlem Renaissance Essay Titles

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Harlem Renaissance Promotes Creative Development Among African-Americans

African Drumming and Dancing, Spirituals, Minstrel Shows, Harlem Renaissance

Harlem Renaissance Literature of Black America

Harlem Renaissance, the Example of Duke Ellington, and a Jazz Musician

Black Music during the Harlem Renaissance

Harlem Renaissance, and the Influence Of The Irish Renaissance

America’s Literature was Changed by the Harlem Renaissance

Modernism: From Slave Culture to the Harlem Renaissance: Finding a Place in Modernism

Christianity Through Harlem Renaissance Literature

Langston Hughes, the Prolific Writer of Black Pride during the Harlem Renaissance

Historical Periods of the Harlem Renaissance & Surrealism

American Vernacular Dance was popularized by the Harlem Renaissance

Harlem Renaissance: Past and Present Influence

Modern Day Racial Passing in the Harlem Renaissance

Hurston and Her Novel’s Critics – Racism, Harlem Renaissance and the Disputed Merits Of The Eyes Were Watching Heaven

Harlem Renaissance: Beauty, Strength, Intelligence, and Intelligence of African Americans

The Harlem Renaissance and Black Art Movement

Harlem Renaissance: People, Art, and Literary Movement

The Harlem Renaissance Period transformed African-American History and Identity in the USA

African American Paintings during the Harlem Renaissance .

Harlem Renaissance

The Harlem Renaissance ended with the end of the 1920s. Its peak was short-lived due to the 1929 Stock Market Crash and the resulting Great Depression. This caused a decline in the number of African American-owned publications and businesses, as well as a reduction in the amount of financial support available for the arts from foundations and patrons.

The Harlem Renaissance had a profound impact on America. This movement was a catalyst for the recognition of the outstanding works of African American art and it influenced and inspired future generations of African American intellectuals and artists. Harlem’s self-portrait of African American identity, culture, and life was shared with the world, challenging racist stereotypes about the Jim Crow South. It radically changed the way people of other races saw African Americans and the African American experience.

The Harlem Renaissance, most importantly, instilled in African Americans throughout the country a renewed spirit of self-determination, pride, and social consciousness. This would all be a foundation for Civil Rights Movements of the 1950s, 1960s, and beyond. It confirmed the convictions of its founders, Alain Locke, Langston Hughes, that art can be used to improve the lives and well-being of African Americans.

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