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Homer’s Iliad stands out among ancient tales for its inclusion of human characters. It displays the same kind of devotion to the early “heroic code”, but the heroes of this story still have many human concerns and frailties. While each character wants to win the battle, they also have unique strengths and weaknesses that are revealed as the story progresses. The characters of Achilles (who fights for Greece) and Hector (who fights for Trojans) are prime examples of the human side to characters. Both men are key figures in the war and leaders of their people. This causes them to reflect on their own values and create a generalized view of the differences between the Trojans and Greeks. It is useful to look at these characters to get a better understanding of their differences. The two men show that differences between their people are not more than a gloss of location in their approach to combat, their adherence to code and the ways they violate it.

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Each character has been given fairly reliable information about their death in battle. Achilles via his mother, Thetis, who assures him that Hector will live as long as Hector does. Hector through Hector’s wife, who pleads for him to fight against the wall. Hector ignores his wife’s pleas to honor the heroic code, which says that a true warrior must not hide behind walls and stand tall on the plain. Achilles withdraws from battle under the pretext of a feud between Menelaus and Menelaus.

Andromache gives him a moment to see the future when she says, “Your valor will bring about your destruction; think of your infant son and on my hapless selves who erelong shall be your widow – for the Achaeans are going to set you up in a body and kill your” (Book VI).

Achilles finally decides to re-enter war after Hector has killed Patroclus, Achilles’ most loyal friend and who was wearing Achilles’ armor. “Hector’s words after this action reveal that he doesn’t realize his limitations and that he couldn’t have been so successful if it wasn’t for Zeus and the other gods” (Lefkowitz 2003, p.66).


Hector fights to win the war against Troy and kills Achilles, whom he believes to be Achilles, but Achilles fights to exact revenge on Hector, completely forgetting the dangers this could pose for himself.


The Iliad Book 22 presents Hector and Achilles’ meeting. It also highlights their differences in trying to reconcile their commitment to the heroic code and their individual human beliefs. Hector decides to stand up on the plain in order to encourage his men. Hector is unable, however, to see Achilles’ army approaching the city’s gates despite his father Priam’s urging.


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Hector can’t back down without risking his face in front his men. Pride and honor are key elements to his decision to remain firm, despite his fierce devotion to the heroic code that requires him to face his destiny. Hector is shocked to see Achilles, full-armed and armed with all his glory, approach him. Hector flees from the scene, Achilles firmly on his heels. Achilles, who appears to be the epitome Greek hero, acts in an unheroic manner, allowing Hector to die slowly and painfully, and then allowing his followers and others to desecrate the body, now unable to defend it. This belies his heroic appearance and exposes his human uglyness. This is in sharp contrast to Hector’s previous attempt at dealing with Achilles heroically and honorably by agreeing that once death has taken one, armor should be stripped, and the body should then be returned to the family for proper burying.


Despite the constant conflict between human inclination, adhering to heroic code and human inclination in each character, each character exhibits that part of the code that corresponds with human instincts within their final major decision. Hector faces Achilles when he finally gives up running and realizes he has another option. He offers him new weapons, much in the same manner that Minerva helped Achilles with his thrown spear.


Hector feels he has the edge when facing his opponent but he still attempts to make a deal with Achilles about what will happen to the body of the victim.


It is clear from Hector’s efforts that this type of covenant is common within the heroic code Trojans to honor the prowess and reduce the harm done to innocent people such as family members who stayed at home.


Hector’s dying breath tells Achilles that he is acting both honorably as per the heroic code, and humanly as one who truly cares about the welfare of others. Achilles, driven by revenge and battle lust, adheres to his Greek-inspired heroic code, which insists that vengeance must become complete and terrible. In order to avenge his enemies, the human element of anger and revenge must be fully extinguished and he must not be allowed to receive any honorable burial.


After the battle ceases, Achilles breaks the code that he had been trying to follow and chooses to give Hector’s body back to Troy. While Priam pulls on human emotions of compassion and concern to achieve this return, Achilles’ decision not to acquiesce reveals that an individual can change and understand a civil code of honor. Through the entire story, Achilles and Hector struggle with reconciling their human emotions with strict adherence to the heroic code.


Hector must reconcile his desire to live happily with his wife and son, while also honoring the code that requires him to constantly put himself in danger for war. Achilles realizes that it is possible to lose his human nature within the code for a short time, but eventually finds himself admiring Hector’s more civilized and compassionate ideas. Comparing the thoughts and actions of these characters shows that, while neither society can create a heroic code that allows full human expression, each society can move toward a more civilized and humane aspect of life that ultimately makes them happier.

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