HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS ASSIGNMENT 1: CHILD ABUSE 50 points Child abuse or homicide is the fourth leading cause of death in children. Child abuse has been linked to an increase in psychological disorders, such as depression, schizophrenia, post traumatic stress disorder and learning disabilities. Many research studies also suggest that there is a link between child abuse and an increased use of medical services, an increased rate of psychosomatic disorders, and prevalence of autoimmune disorders in adulthood. In the United States and many other areas of the world, any teacher, health professional, or social worker who becomes aware of a possible case of child maltreatment is legally required to report the suspected incident to the authorities. Protecting children from maltreatment and abuse requires that the professional first identify potentially vulnerable families or situations. In this activity you will develop a fictitious family that you would characterize as being vulnerable-to-crisis related to the topic of child maltreatment. Answer the following: 1. List and briefly describe each of the members of your fictitious family. 2. Describe the family situation providing specific details of issues or conflicts. 3. Discuss what factors make this family “vulnerable-to-crisis.” Explain which of these factors could result in death of a child if left untreated or unattended. 4. Find at least one professional Web site resource for medical professionals, counselors, and others who provide support to families with child maltreatment such as your fictitious family. Describe the site and explain why you think it is a good resource for professionals to use in the identification and support of families in crisis. Make sure to provide the URL for the Web site. 5. Find at least one Web site resource for family members who are either the perpetrators OR the victims of maltreatment. Describe the site and explain why you feel it would be a good resource. Make sure to provide the URL for the Web site. 6. On the basis of the information gathered from the Internet, what specific, practical advice would you offer your hypothetical family? Explain your answer. Follow the paper standards of APA or MLA in developing your short answers. Be certain to develop thoughtful answers that apply concepts you learned in the chapter readings. Use appropriate headings that identify each section. Make sure to provide your references. Submit your assignment as a Word document to your instructor via e-mail. Grading criteria: • Student effectively answered the questions based on module and text reading, and research providing sound logic and clearly supporting answers. • Points may be deducted for mechanics issues including spelling, punctuation, structure and other grammatical issues for mechanics issues including spelling, punctuation, structure and other grammatical issues. Deadline: 06/22/2022 12pm

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