Hotel Management

What is Hotel Management?

Learning management skills for hotel management includes housekeeping, marketing, housekeeping and catering. Hotel management, unlike the hospitality industry is more focused on the hotel industry and its operation. Learn more about what attracts people to this highly-sought role, and top tips for getting into the industry.

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There are many responsibilities that come with managing a hotel. You will need to be able adapt to new challenges and work with different departments to ensure that the hotel is a model of excellence. You will manage the hotel and have a solid knowledge of planning, finance, service, and organization. You will have several managers supporting you, but you must be the leader and not follow. Your staff must be able to manage their time and departments effectively, whether it’s improving their monthly profits or simply exceeding guests’ expectations.

Strong attention to detail, leadership skills and teamwork skills are essential. You may be responsible for more daily tasks at some hotels depending on their size and reputation than at more prestigious places. Although you may not have as many guests as at a more prestigious hotel, you will still be able to monitor the business through regular meetings.

An evolving industry

Hospitality continues to grow. This industry is one of the fastest growing in the world and will create more than 80 million jobs over the next ten year. One in nine jobs will be created by 2026 in the travel and tourism industry.

Hotel managers need to be aware of current industry trends. Their hotel must be able to adapt and change to remain relevant. Our recent Glion Luxury Conference featured hospitality leaders who shared their knowledge with our students. Philippe Tardivel said, “To be successful you must create emotions.” “Whatever you create must be exceptional, and you have the courage to go the extra mile.”

In today’s market, hotel managers must create positive experiences for guests in a world where automation and AI are commonplace. Travellers today still value the human touch, but they also desire efficiency and smooth operations. The hotel manager has the responsibility of combining these elements in a way that is beneficial to both guest and business.

What are you looking for?

To be a successful manager of a hotel, you need to have a wide range of soft and harder skills. You will also need to have firsthand knowledge of the industry. To gain more experience as a manager, many future managers choose to intern at hotels with varying reputations and locations. This is a great way complement your degree.

If possible, open a hotel

Participating in a hotel opening is a great experience for any budding manager. You can open a new hotel for a major brand or a small independent. Regardless of the location, you will gain a deep understanding of the process of opening a hotel. You won’t find the same process in an established hotel. At an opening hotel you will be responsible for creating or installing those processes.

Everything from restaurant menus to registration cards, even the most basic elements that you might take as a given, will require research and creation, and all within a time limit. This is a team effort and you will often be required to work in multiple departments. It’s an excellent opportunity to learn new skills and cross-over roles. You might find that the hotel is not ready for you to work, in which case you will be working from a nearby location.

Communication, teamwork, and organization are essential skills. You must also be able to appreciate and understand the difficulties that each department faces. You should spend time shadowing and working in every department of a hotel from housekeeping to finance. This will ensure that you have the knowledge and experience to help these departments when you are promoted to manager.

Which sectors can you work in after taking a hotel management program? predicted that the global hotel industry will generate US$550 billion revenue in 2016. The industry is growing at a rapid pace, which has led to an increase in the number of hotel managers. These are the sectors that you can work after earning a diploma for hotel management.

  • Club Management
  • Hotels and Restaurants
  • Hospital Administration and Catering
  • Airline Catering and Cabin Services
  • Hotel and Catering Institutes
  • Associations for Hotel and Tourism

. Early responsibility

Hotel management is a great career choice because of its fast growth and on-the-job training.

Hotel managers manage all aspects of the hotel they work for. This includes front-of-house services like concierge and reception, housekeeping, maintenance, and catering. The responsibilities behind the scenes include managing budgets, hiring staff and setting sales targets.

  1. Potential Salary

The salaries in the tourism, hospitality and travel sectors have traditionally been lower than other industries. These sectors can still be financially lucrative, however.

Based on the size and location of the hotel, starting salaries for hotel managers range from PS20,000 to PS40,000. General managers in London earn an average salary of PS85,000, with a range from PS50,000 to PS200,000 for the most prestigious hotels.

  1. Diversity

Every day brings new challenges and requests to the hotel, which keeps your work day interesting.

There are many opportunities in hotel management. To make the most of them, you will need to be flexible. You can work as a general manager, or in specific departments at a chain hotel. You can also work in large cities and coastal areas. You will meet people from all walks of the globe and build relationships. Hotel management is not for you if you are looking for a regular Monday through Friday job from 9am to 5pm.

  1. Satisfaction at work

Your job as a hotel manager is all about people. You aim to make every guest’s experience as enjoyable and pleasant as possible, and ensure the best customer service. It’s your job, in short, to make people happy.

This will give you great job satisfaction and motivate you to do even more.

  1. Creativity

Creative people are essential for the growth and success of the tourism and hospitality industries. You will need to be able think up and implement new ideas regularly to succeed as a hotel manager.

Although it is not always easy to launch new initiatives, they are often worth the effort. Employers are open to creative suggestions, particularly if they can improve or enhance the reputation of the company.

  1. Travel is an opportunity

There are many opportunities for hospitality, travel, and tourism in all parts of the globe, including hotel management jobs. As a manager at a large chain of hotels, you will have the opportunity to travel both locally and internationally.

What does it mean to be a hotel manager?

Job Description

What do Hotel Managers do on a daily basis?

A hotel manager oversees several employees and ensures smooth operation.

Budgeting and financial management will be your responsibility. You’ll also plan and direct any staff members. You will also ensure budgets are met. Additionally, you will supervise all staff members, from front-of-house to the kitchen.

You may be a manager at a large hotel and have to manage a specific area. You might be responsible for guest services or marketing.

Every hotel manager is unique, and it all depends on which hotel chain or company they work for.

There will be many similarities in how all hotel managers operate.

Hours of work

What are your work hours as a hotel manager?

Hotel managers typically work from 9am to 5pm, but you might also work weekends and evenings. You might also need to travel across the country to meet corporate clients or suppliers.

You should be aware that you will spend a lot of your work week as a hotel manager. This is not a job for someone who likes to sit at a desk all day. You’ll manage everything, from budgeting to staff recruiting.

Principal Responsibilities

You will be responsible for a variety of daily tasks as a hotel manager. These could include:

Budget Setting

Forecasting the hotel’s revenue

Security in the building

Fire safety


Regulations governing licensing

Corporate clients can book events

Customer complaints and questions being addressed

Organisation of building maintenance

Manage staff



Plan accommodation

Marketing campaigns that are well-thought out and promote the business

Maintaining financial records

Setting sales targets

Training and monitoring staff

All staff should have a rota

Meeting hotel guests

Effective security measures

Helping to make conferences run smoothly

Organisation of necessary renovations and inspections of the premises

A good level of safety and health

Are you interested in working for a larger hotel company? You will be reporting to the department managers. These could include event management, housekeeping, maintenance, and human resources staff.

Hotel management is an excellent career choice for anyone who has a positive attitude. This is a great career choice if you enjoy the challenge of leading a team and solving problems when they arise.

Vital Hotel Manager Skills

You might be wondering what personality traits or skills you need to succeed as a hotel manager. These are just a few.

Excellent communication skills

Good customer service skills

Budgeting skills

Marketing know-how is essential

A ‘people person’

Problem solving

Passion and drive

Important Qualifications for Hotel Management

What qualifications are required to become a hotel manager?

Anyone who loves dealing with customers can enter the hotel management field. You can also make a career out of it.

Any of these degrees will give you the necessary qualifications to enter the profession.





Leisure studies

Languages and business

Management of hotels and other hospitality businesses

However, if you are determined to become a hotel marketer, a relevant degree may be beneficial.

Are you not a graduate in one of the above subjects? You might consider a management training program to get into the sector. These programs are usually run by large hotels and are only for graduates. A 2:2 or higher degree is required, along with a desire to succeed and a passion about the industry.

What salary does a hotel manager make?

You could begin your career in hotel management at PS20,000 This could rise to PS15,000 which could mean you could soon earn up to PS35,000 annually.

Hotel managers with experience can make between PS40,000 to PS50,000 per year, while the more experienced earn PS60,000 per annum. These figures are not meant to be a guideline, but they should give you the motivation to succeed in this industry.

How to Become a Hotel Manager

How do you then become a hotel manager?

You might now be curious about how to become a hotel manager. There are no requirements and you can apply for a position on a management trainee program. These courses and programmes may be available online.

You will be considered more appealing if you have a degree or HND in hospitality. However, you may accept other subjects or work your way up to management by working hard and starting at the bottom.

This is the career path you want to follow. Look out for kitchen supervisor positions or consider the apprenticeship route.

How to develop your hotel management career

Now, let’s say you have been a hotel manager for a while. What next?

Career-driven candidates need to be able to move up. Your career prospects will depend on how experienced you are and what size company you work for.

You’ll be in a better position if you are willing to move to a larger chain in order to pursue regional management.

If you’re interested in moving forward, here are some things you can do:

Improve your communication skills

In a position like this, customer service skills are essential. You can improve your customer service skills by handling complaints quickly and efficiently, and greeting every guest. You can keep track of positive feedback from past guests and add it to a folder. This will help you in future interviews.

Take care

An organized hotel manager is a great one. You are responsible for the operation of your hotel and ultimately how much it makes. It is important that everything runs smoothly. You must pay attention to all details and make sure everyone is doing their best. You should be watching out for the concierge, reception, housekeeping, catering and reservations as well as security. A well-oiled operation will always be successful.


You will need to be able to budget as a hotel manager. Your role will include setting room rates and menu prices. You should improve your math skills and build a relationship with food suppliers. You could be responsible for estimating the cost of food every day. Make it fun and you’ll never feel like a chore.

Get to Work

Don’t be afraid to put in a lot of work. You can start at the bottom to help you climb up the ladder to success in hotel management. You can get a firsthand experience of what it is like to work in a different area by starting in the kitchen. It will make your hotel more successful if you spend time learning about each department and job. Never give a job to someone you don’t want to do. When it comes to empathy towards your team, understanding and having to do hard work is a great way to get there.

Are you interested in a career as a hotel manager? For relevant opportunities, take a look at the Leisure Jobs website. Don’t forget to look at our other job-focused guides, such as this one. Every guide contains a wealth of advice and information for anyone who is looking to start a new career.

This is it! Everything you need to start your new career in hotel management