How is victor Frankenstein a monster in love?

How is victor Frankenstein a monster in love?

This article will examine the relationship between Frankenstein’s monster and Frankenstein throughout the novel. The relationship between the creators and their monster changes immediately when ‘the wretch” opens his ‘watery eye’. It goes from hatred to disgust to compassion to pity to a little empathy, fear to revenge and destruction. Mary Shelley used imagery and language to convey the intense emotions Frankenstein and his monster experience throughout the novel. There are many themes explored, including nurture versus nature and calm versus turbulentence. These themes are used in order to understand and build the complicated relationship between Frankenstein’s monster and himself.

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Mary Shelley, Author

Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein, also known as the Modern Prometheus, in 1818. It was the first Gothic-style Gothic novel of its kind. However, it was controversial because it covered delicate subjects like the development of science and human anatomy. It touches on the themes of human relationships and their importance to people’s lives. Frankenstein, the creator of the novel, is made Satan-like by the mirror of his creation.

Mary Shelly was nineteen when she wrote this novel. She shared ghoulish tales with her husband and a friend every evening. These evenings were the catalyst for Frankenstein’s creation. Shelly exposes us through the characters to many human insecurities. How was Mary able to write about the human insecurities in this novel? Shelly was only a few days old when her mother died. Freud said that a child’s first love should be his mother. Mary Shelly would have needed to find a replacement for her mother. Shelly wrote once a letter to her father in which she described her relationship as “excessive, romantic”, and called him “My God”. Shelly, on the other, felt emotionally distant from her father, and he left her alone. He also paid little attention to her. These human insecurities could be written about because she had experienced them as a child and as an adult.

The Story

Frankenstein tells the story of Frankenstein, a “monster” who is forced to be separated from his creator due to his physical imperfections. The “thing” was created out of passion, anxiety, panic, and panic. Victor was meticulous in assembling all body parts and chose the most beautiful. He was almost a poet, and dreamed of creating a thing’ of beauty. He was filled with horror and disgust when he created the ‘creature. Frankenstein doesn’t see the ‘creature as a creature that wants to be loved. He thought he had child-like characteristics when he was first created. However, Frankenstein’s judgment is clouded by his creation. All the creature wants throughout the book is love. The monster’s longing to be accepted by Victor, and then to find a companion creature (a lover) is what drives him to murder and destruction. Victor will be destroyed if Victor does not respond to his longing for love. This article explores the theme of nurture versus nature. Victor, who was nurtured and grew up in a loving home, couldn’t return the love he gave birth. The “fiend”, the “daemon”, and the “monster”, who in reality received hatred the moment he opened his eyes, sought love and companionship.

We are told from the beginning that Frankenstein is disgusted and that his rapid physical decline mirrors his feelings of love for his creation. His appetite is gone, he feels weak and sickened, and Clerval, his friend, finds him near madness. His erratic thoughts and solitary wanderings reflect his guilt and terror over the creature he created. His monster is growing more expressive and eloquent, while he is slowly falling apart. The monster’s disturbing behavior makes Victor feel more human-like. Victor doesn’t feel for the monster as he is more and more disturbed. Victor becomes more distant from his family and friends the more the monster demands acceptance.

Victor is able to feel a bit of compassion for the lonely existence of the monster when he approaches Victor in the mountains. Victor stated that he felt compassion for the monster and sometimes felt a desire to console him. However, these feelings were quickly replaced by old feelings of hatred and revulsion. Because he felt “justice due both him and my fellow creatures”, he agreed to create a companion-creature to the monster. Shelly’s theme about love and hatred is very evident here. As Victor pleads for Victor to find him someone to love, the cry of the monster is quite moving.

Victor’s decision to change his mind after he began collecting body parts for the female monster changed everything. “Slave, I have previously argued with you, but now you are unworthy of my condescension. You may think you are miserable, but I can make your life so horrible that you will not be able to see the light of day. Chapter 20 You are my creator; I am your master;-obey!” Revenge! The monster is a monster of hate and love.

The Weather

Shelly began every scene in Frankenstein by talking about the weather. Shelly is setting the tone and foreshadowing what will happen in the next scene. Dramatizing the theme of calm and turbulence is done by using weather. Good weather reflects calm spirits while turbulent weather reflects madness. Warm weather seems to lift characters’ spirits, while cold winds, like when Victor is in Alaska, seem to bring up feelings of depression. Death is always in sight. Weather can be seen to correlate with the emotions of the character at the time. Frankenstein’s memory of the night he created “the monster” is an example. He describes it as “a dark and lonely night”. Chapter 10 finds Victor on a dangerous road towards Mont Blanc. He is feeling a bit depressed as it rains heavily from the dark skies. He describes the natural world around him: rain, rock and snow. As he contemplates the question, “Why does man boast that he has superior sensibilities to the brute? It only makes them more essential beings.” He has not created the “brute”. It must be destroyed immediately, indeed. He finds his soul lifting as he views the magnificent views from the top. He is amazed at the beauty of nature and what he will see next. Victor sees the monster appear suddenly and follows him to the hut. The weather changes dramatically and Victor feels the same lightness as before.

Chapter 20 shows Victor setting sail at night to cast the body parts into the ocean. We are told that the moon once was clear but then became obscured by a thick cloud. This pathetic fallacy serves as a warning of bad times ahead. The familiar Shelley’s style – the calm before the storm – is evident as he rests on the bottom of his boat. Although the storm does end in reality, it serves to remind Victor of what is happening in his mind. His life is mirrored by the weather.

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