How to title an essay

The purpose and importance of the essay title

A title for an essay is of great importance. Why? It’s simple. The title you choose must intrigue your professor or readers and make them want the entire thing. This is especially important for argumentative essay topic. The title you choose and the words you use are crucial to the success of your entire piece. Although it’s easy to think that the text is all that matters, you must remember that every piece of your paper is important if you want to receive positive feedback and a high grade.

Your professor, client or other readers will see the title first. It is your job to get the “This appears very interesting” response, and not “Oh God, this is boring!”

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You can find a way to encourage people to read your essay, because they are curious and want more. This will also allow you to show off your wisdom and writing skills. This is especially important for freelance writers, whose success is dependent on how many people open and read their articles and essays.

What are the characteristics of a good essay title?

It is always helpful to learn more about the qualities every headline should possess before you begin writing your essay title. You will be able to make smart decisions and finish this part of the essay writing process by being aware of all aspects of good titles.

These are the most important characteristics that a title for a paper should possess.

  • Believable – Students and freelance writers often make mistakes when they try to make titles catchy. This can lead to headlines that are inaccurate or outright lies. A title that does not deliver will upset your professor more than a title that does.
    This is obvious. You might be more inclined to choose something with an eye-catching deadline than content or academic papers?
  • Easy to read – nobody likes complicated and difficult-to-understand titles, not even your professor. Avoid using strange words, complex structures, or unusual fonts in your headline.
  • Active voice – If your title includes verbs, make sure they are in active voice, not passive voice. Instead of writing “Is celebrity culture causing the decline of society?” you might write “How does celebrity culture contribute to society’s decline.”
  • Keep it short – keep your essay titles as brief as possible. Long headlines can be confusing and distract from your ability to write concisely.
  • No matter what topic or niche, accuracy is key. You should never write an incorrect essay title. Your readers should have a clear understanding of the content of your essay. Do not mislead your readers. This will only lead to poor essay quality and will not be appreciated by your professor.

What are the components of an essay title?

Building your title is similar to argumentative essays. You can use their outline formula to create a high-quality piece of writing. Here are the components of your essay title.

  • Catchy hook: Introduces the paper in an imaginative way
  • Topic keywords are the “what” in your essay. This component indicates the concepts you will be exploring.

The “where/when” keywords of your essay. These are essential for your headline. They also provide additional information that makes it professional.

How to make an essay title

Now that you understand the importance and characteristics of essay titles, it is time to learn how they are created. Don’t be discouraged if you have trouble choosing an essay title. Even the most accomplished writers can experience writer’s block from time to time when choosing the perfect headline. It’s not the problem here. What matters is how you overcome it. These are some ideas you might find helpful.

  • Write essay first, title last

Although it may seem natural to write the title first and then write the essay , doing the opposite can be much more beneficial. Most authors don’t start with the title. You may have a working headline that you like. It allows you to concentrate, create an argument and so forth. Writing your paper first will help you decide what title to use. You’ll be able to write your essay and then read it again, and you will know what to put in your title. Your “Aha!, I’ll write that” moment will come.

The other benefit to creating title last is that it won’t take too much time. Students can spend hours just trying to find the right title for their essay. This is the time that you could have spent researching, writing an outline, or actually writing. You can also get online editing help from Boompapers.

  • Your thesis should be used

This is another reason why you should leave your title alone. A good title gives your reader (or more) the reason to read your paper. The introduction is the best place to look for the thesis statement. You can turn the thesis statement or at least a portion of it into a title.

  • Make use of cliches and phrases that are popular.

Catchphrases that are relevant to your essay’s topic can make catchy titles, especially if the phrase is funny or makes a pun. You can use cliches, but you should also make adjustments to adapt them to your essay’s topic and title.

  • Think about the tone of your essay

The tone of your essay is crucial in creating the perfect title. When writing about serious topics, don’t be silly or witty with your headline. You can choose a clever, but intelligent title if your essay is a personal declaration. Make sure that the title and essay are in sync. Avoid using jargon even when writing witty titles. Don’t use abbreviations or acronyms in your headlines.

Are you stuck on how to title an essay?

  • Use quote or central idea

Although this is not a rule, it can be useful when you need to. You can include a quote in your title or a part of it about the essay topic that you are writing about. A song lyrics or part of a song can be used if it is appropriate and pertinent to the topic. You can also use a portion of a thought-provoking quotation from the book to illustrate your essay. Example: “Toil and Trouble: Murder and intrigue at Macbeth”.

  • Summarize your essay in THREE TERMS

This is a great way to create title for essays. You just need to summarize your entire essay or thesis statement in three words. Then, use these words to make the headline. Next, add a colon to describe what your essay is about.

25 Captivating Titles For An Essay

Are you trying to convince your professor or readers with your essay? The title should contain the right words. It is more important to sound good than to be sensible. A student should create persuasive and meaningful papers. This is one of the most important principles. First, choose a topic that is interesting. You can find examples of argumentative topics in your field of study if you are feeling lost. Engaging students with a compelling topic can make their paper more engaging, attract professors’ attention, and help them score higher marks.

What topic idea would you suggest to make people start to read your paper right away? The best essay titles are described by the following words: Interesting, confident creative, striking, bold, and creative.

  • No matter what paper you use, these steps will help you create an interesting topic.
  • You can find a creative hook, fact or quote.
  • Find the right words to describe what you are trying to achieve
  • Consider a summary of your paper as a statement.

Do you struggle to find the right title for your essay title? We have a list of examples that you can use to help you choose a title for your essay. Your professor will not forget it. Are you ready? This collection includes catchy college essay titles that will grab your attention.

Argumentative Essay Title Examples

1) Society Should Take Responsibility For Fighting Anorexia

2) Each country must activate the death sentence

3) Does the US Education System Offer Any Assistance to International Students?

4) The World’s Most Corrupt Countries

5) Is politics a practical art or an inborn talent?

6) Is Alcohol a Brain Destroyer?

7) The Best Age to Vote

8) Spanish is not the easiest language to learn

9) Do Steroids Help Or Destroy Human Body?

Persuasive Essay Title Examples

10) Capitalism is the Perpetrator of Social Development

11) Is Illegal Immigration a Big Problem?

12) Alternative Medicine: Pros And Cons

13) What role do Guidance Counselors play in the Mental Health of Teenagers

14) Television as a Major Contributor to Violence in Society

15) What would Superman look like in the real world?

16) Horror Movies Must Be Banned for the Good of Children

Catchy Essay Title Examples

17) Both boys and girls should play team games

18) Zoos Vs. Human Prisons

19) The Good Side Of War

20) Marijuana Can Assist In Peacemaking

21. School children should stop wearing uniforms

22) Use of filthy language on the internet

23. Technology is turning people into zombies

24) The Pros and Cons of Globalization

25) Tsunami Is A Death Wave

Bottom line

Your essay’s success depends on more than the argument and research you conduct. The title is just as important. Many students have trouble finding the right headline. However, with these simple tips and tricks, you can get rid of your frustrations and save time by creating a captivating headline that will captivate readers.


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