How to write a diagnostic essay step by step

How to write a diagnostic essay with professionals

Students are immediately scared to write diagnostic essays when they are given the task. They wonder what the definition of diagnostic essay is. Diagnostic essay isn’t like a normal one. This essay is used to diagnose or test a set of skills college students should have. It is usually given by college professors at the start of each academic year. This helps teachers to assess existing knowledge about a student or course audience. There are certain rules and things that must be checked with every assignment. We will review these in our diagnostic essay guide. Boompapers professionals can help you write essays of any complexity. Let’s take a look at our guide! We are confident that there is no need to panic.

What is a Diagnostic Essay?

Diagnostic essays are tasks that have a topic or prompt already assigned to them in most university courses in the United States. Diagnostic essays are often difficult because of the time constraints and limited space for thought. Due to time constraints and strict deadlines, there is no reason to conduct any research. Diagnostic essays are used to assist professors in assessing writing skills and defining the level of knowledge for each student. You don’t have to prove that you have read a particular book or conducted extensive research.

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Diagnostic essays are used to help identify strengths and weaknesses. After a paper has been completed, professors at colleges and universities will review it and offer additional suggestions, writing tips, and comments on any flaws. These are important things to remember, from grammar to formatting rules. Teachers also plan their work and assign assignments based on the skills of each student.

These assignments are rarely graded but they must be done in a way that allows professors to see the student’s ability for essay writing, preparation, logic, strategic thinking and editing. You should also have excellent proofreading skills!

Format and structure of Diagnostic Essay

Remember that time is limited and it’s important to remember correct structure. This will allow you to avoid additional editing and rewriting problems. General diagnostic writing should contain Introduction, 3 Body Paragraphs and a Conclusion, unless instructed otherwise.

  • Introduction

To introduce the topic or question, repeat the prompt using your own words. Next, briefly describe three main points (or arguments) that will be presented in the body paragraphs. The last sentence of an Introduction should contain a thesis statement. This sentence should be one sentence and present a strong argument, or call to action.

  • 3 Body Paragraphs

Keep in mind an old rule: “1 idea – 1 body paragraph!” This is a must! Make an argument and explain the connection between it and your thesis. You can include any personal data, statistics or personal experiences that could be used to support different claims.

  • Conclusion section

Each paragraph’s main points should be summarized in a way that simplifies complex information. In conclusion paragraph, do not introduce new ideas. You can rephrase your thesis statement in different ways so that the target audience is clear. Your final sentence should be a summary of facts and issues that encourages people to research the topic or act positively.

When representing different ideas and arguments, be as precise as possible. Don’t use general sentences. Instead, give examples to help teachers see you are capable of completing the task. It is easier to proofread and edit if you write in concise and logically correct sentences. You can also go over the limit with strict word counts.

Step-by-Step Guide to Writing Diagnostic Essays

It will be much easier to write a diagnostic essay if you are familiar with the structure and the list of points to consider. To demonstrate good writing skills, this type of writing must be well-structured and precise. Academic specialists use such assignments to assess your ability to handle structure and analysis. Before you begin writing your diagnostic essay, here are some things you should know.

Select Your Topic. You can either answer a prompt provided or choose something that inspires. You might write about the difficulties students face while studying remotely, or about the issues of racism in society. You should choose a topic that asks a question or poses a problem to “diagnose” the subject. Then, you can share your thoughts and ideas.

Create a strong thesis statement. You should think of an idea that best reflects your views on the topic. Your thesis statement should be a summary of your views. Your thesis statement should be your first. Think about the arguments and reasons that you can use to support your ideas. It should contain the “because it …”” part that supports your thesis.

Make an Outline. You can ignore this section if you have limited time, but it can help you organize your thoughts and keep your time organized. This is a great way to note important ideas so that you don’t forget them while you write. You should only have one idea per paragraph. This rule will ensure that you don’t go over your word limit or make your topic too broad.

What to Think About? Your diagnostic essay must begin with a catchy sentence or hook that will grab the attention of your readers. Your topic should be introduced and explained to the reader. Here is where your thesis statement should be. It should be linked to your thesis statement. It may not be appropriate and sound strange, which can lead to it being unwelcome.

Topic Sentences in Your Body Paragraphs. Except where otherwise stated, you should include at most three paragraphs in your body. Here you can include examples and facts from real life, as well as statistics or other relevant information. Give evidence to support your argument. Always credit the source if you use any source.

Conclusion. Here you should summarize your ideas and thoughts. Your thesis must be written in different words, or in a sentence that makes it clearer. Don’t introduce new ideas. You should simply mention the main findings, as if you had bullet points. Keep your conclusions short and avoid repetitions. They should not exceed 10% of your total words.

Editing. This is the most important part to avoid making mistakes, both minor and major. Before you begin proofreading, learn to read aloud your essay. This will help you determine how great it sounds. Be critical and make sure you check your essay with your prompt or grading rubric.

Writing a diagnostic paper isn’t as difficult as other types of essays you might encounter in college. It doesn’t take much research to compile information from different academic sources. You can include statistics or other information, but you don’t have to. It is important to feel inspired when you begin writing. Also, make sure that your grammar and structure are clear, logical, engaging, and easily accessible. Before we get into the trendy 25 topics for diagnostic essays, let’s remind you that EduBirdie can always deliver papers on time!

The Best 25 Diagnostic Essay Topics

Although most universities in the United States provide prompts, some still encourage students to think, create and analyze on their own. You can choose any topic that is relevant to your course or focus on something that really stands out and showcases your knowledge and skills. To get ideas for diagnostic writing, take a look at a variety of topics. Here are some diagnostic essay topics from a variety of popular fields.

Society and Computers

  • Are social media useful or harmful to physical communication between people?
  • Is it possible to lower the age at which alcohol is consumed by American youth?
  • What are the disadvantages of distance education in comparison to traditional learning methods?
  • Is racial prejudice based on psychology or physiological grounds?
  • What role do you see social networking playing in the next 10 years?

Healthcare and nursing

  • What does college life have to do with modern student’s sleep habits?
  • How have I been influenced by nursing theorists?
  • How can stress levels be decreased when working in an ER department?
  • Is it acceptable to use traditional medicine?
  • Are nurses expected to be honest and politically correct?

Management of Businesses

  • Why do so many business organizations turn to offshore solutions for their offshore needs?
  • How to prevent gender bias in the workplace
  • What are the pros and cons of outsourcing?
  • Is social media presence a success factor or a threat to company privacy?
  • A strong leader and good employer are essential for success in business. Are you a believer?

Political Science

  • The United States presence in Afghanistan is a negative for country’s foreign policies.
  • Mediation methods can help achieve political agreement.
  • Is transparency in information a contributing factor to impartial coverage on TV?
  • Which political personality has most influenced you?
  • Religious conflicts and political conflict do not share much in common, and should not be linked. Are you in agreement with this view? Do you agree or disagree?

Culture and Education

  • Are electronic books going to replace printed books?
  • What does social media have to do with body image in young people?
  • Are online bloggers journalists?
  • Is interactive content able to replace the physical teacher?
  • Is it possible to have one education system in America or can there be alternative methods?

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How do you start a diagnostic essay?

Learn more about your topic by researching it and reading various sources to get some ideas. External information is not required, but it will support your thesis statement. Remember to avoid plagiarism when you use any source. When you begin a diagnostic essay, think of a fact or a personal story that will inspire your readers as they explore your writing.

How many paragraphs are in a Diagnostic Essay?

It will usually contain five paragraphs. These are an introduction with a thesis, three body paragraphs and a conclusion. Your college professor might ask for three paragraphs, but your body paragraphs will only become one bit of text.

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