How to write a diagnostic essay

How to write a Diagnostic Essay: 25 Topic Ideas & Outline Examples

Students who are asked to write diagnostic essays are often scared by the name. They are left wondering what diagnostic essay means. Diagnostic essay does not function as a standard one. It is designed to assess or diagnose the skills college students are expected to have. It is typically given to college professors at beginning of the academic year. It helps instructors evaluate current knowledge of students or course audiences. Like all assignments, there are rules and things you need to be aware of. This guide will help you to understand the diagnostic essay process. Boompapers experts offer professional assistance writing essays, regardless of their complexity. Let us take a look at the guide! There is no reason for panic, trust us!

What is a Diagnostic essay?

The majority of American university courses define diagnostic essays as tasks that present a topic already assigned or pose prompts that need to be answered in an essay form. Diagnostic essays can be difficult due to the fact that you have limited time and are required to complete them within a given deadline. Because of strict deadlines and time restrictions, you don’t need to do any research.

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The purpose of a diagnostic essay is for professors to assess writing skills and to determine level of knowledge. This does not necessarily have to demonstrate that you read particular books or have done extensive research. The diagnostic essay is a tool that helps to identify strengths and weak points. It can be likened to a time-limited creativity test.

After the paper is finished, university and college professors will examine it to provide their feedback, writing tips, or comments on problematic flaws. These things are crucial to think about, from grammar to formatting rules. Teachers plan their assignments and work according to each student’s level of skill. Although these assignments are not graded often, professors still need to see students’ ability to write well. Good proofreading skills are also important!

Structure and Format of Diagnostic Essay

Don’t forget to take your time. It is important to think about correct structure first. This approach will eliminate editing and rewriting difficulties. General diagnostic writing should consist of Introduction, 3 body paragraphs, and the Conclusion.

  • Introduction

Use the prompt to introduce your topic or question. Then, describe briefly three main points or arguments that will be discussed in the body paragraphs. A thesis statement is the last sentence in an introduction. It should be one-sentence long and provide a strong argument or call for action.

  • 3 Paragraphs

Recall an old rule, “1 idea = one body paragraph!” It is mandatory! Make an argument, and explain how it relates with your thesis. Feel free to add any data, statistics, or personal experience that can support various claims.

  • Conclusion Part

You should summarize each paragraph in a way that makes it easy to understand even the most complicated information. Do not add any new ideas to the conclusion paragraph. The thesis statement should be rephrased in a different way so that it is understood by the intended audience. In your last sentence, you should speak about facts or a topic in question so that it encourages readers to take action or research more on the subject.

  • Be as specific as possible when representing various ideas and arguments.
  • Use examples and avoid generalizations. Help your teachers to see that you are able to complete the assigned task.
  • Because it is easier to edit and proofread, it is important to write concise sentences. With a strict word count, it is easy to go beyond what is permitted.

Step-by–Step Guide on Writing Diagnostic Essays

Once you understand the requirements and have a checklist of things to keep in mind, it will become easier to write a diagnostic paper. For this kind of writing to be successful, it must be clear and well-structured. These assignments are used to test your ability to deal with analysis and structure. This is what you need to know before you begin your diagnostic essay.

Choose your Topic. In this section, you can choose to answer a prompt or to pick something that inspires. Perhaps you want to write about the challenges students face when studying remotely. Or, perhaps you want to discuss the effects of racism on society. Your topic should pose a question, or raise an important problem that you can “diagnose” and then share your thoughts.

Write a Strong Thesis Statement. A strong thesis statement is one that expresses your opinion on a topic. A thesis statement is your key point or explanation of your view on a topic. It is recommended that you start with your thesis statement. You should consider the reasons and arguments that support your thesis. It must contain the “because …” section that supports your thesis.

Draw an outline. This part can be skipped if time is tight. However, it can help to organize your thoughts and keep them organized. It’s a great way for you to keep track of important ideas and not lose them when you write. One idea per paragraph is required. You won’t exceed your word count, or make your topic too general if you follow this rule.

Introduction. Start your diagnostic essay with an engaging sentence or catchy phrase. This will help your readers stay motivated. Introduce your topic and explain why it is important for society. This paragraph is also where you should include your thesis statement. It should be related to your thesis. You might find it out of place.

Topic Sentences for Your Body Paragraphs. Unless otherwise specified, at least three paragraphs should be included in the body. You can use this space to share real-life stories, statistics, and other pertinent facts. You can also provide evidence to support your opinions. When you are using any source, credit must always be given to the original source.

Conclusion. This is where your thoughts and ideas are summarized. The thesis should be written in different words and a sentence to make it more clear. You should not add any new ideas. Don’t introduce any new ideas. Just list the key findings like you would a bullet point. Your conclusion should not be repeated and should not exceed 10%.

Proofreading and Editing. It is crucial to not ignore this section as it helps you avoid major and minor errors. It is important to first read through your essay aloud before you begin to proofread. This part will determine how good your essay sounds. You should be critical of your writing and ensure that you review it with your prompts or grading rubric.

It is easier to write a good diagnostic essay than other essay types you will encounter in college. You don’t have to do extensive research or combine information from multiple academic sources. While you can include statistical information and other external information, it may not be necessary. First, you need to feel inspired and have a structure and grammar that is logical, appealing, and easy to understand. Let’s not forget to mention that Boompapers delivers papers in time, even if we are discussing 25 trendy diagnostic essay topics.

Top Diagnostic Essay Topic Ideas

While most professors at American universities offer prompts to students, others encourage them to let their students think, create, analyze, and come up with their own ideas. Choose anything that suits your course content or do something that is truly unique and demonstrates your knowledge. You can browse through a range of diagnostic essay topics to get some ideas. Below are prompts for diagnostic essays in several fields.

Society and Computers

  • What is the impact of social media on physical communication?
  • Should the drinking age for alcohol be reduced in America’s youth?
  • What are the drawbacks of distance learning education when compared to traditional methods of learning?
  • Are racial prejudice conflicts based on psychology, physiology or both?
  • How do you envision social networking’s role in 10 years?

Healthcare and Nursing

  • How does college life affect the sleep patterns of students today?
  • What nursing theorists have had an influence on me? How can I see my social contribution to nursing?
  • How could stress levels in ER be reduced?
  • Can traditional medicine be accepted?
  • Do nurses have to be completely honest?

Business Management

  • Why do businesses turn to offshore solutions so often?
  • How can gender bias issues at work be avoided?
  • What are the pros and disadvantages of outsourcing?
  • Do social media footprints contribute to company success or hinder it?
  • Without a strong leader, it is difficult to run a successful business. Do you agree?

Political Science

  • Afghanistan’s presence is detrimental to the country’s international policy.
  • Are mediation methods capable of achieving political agreement?
  • Can transparency of information help to ensure impartial coverage on television channels?
  • What has been the most influential political figure on me?
  • The two are not compatible and should not be grouped together. Is this your opinion? Do you think so?

Culture and Education

  • Electronic books will replace print books in the future?
  • How does social media affect body image among young people
  • Are online bloggers journalists?
  • Are interactive content and physical teachers compatible?
  • Do you believe there should be an American unified education system or are alternative teaching methods allowed?

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How to Start a Diagnostic Essay?

You can start by studying more about the topic and gaining some ideas from reading different sources. Although you don’t have to include external information, it will be helpful to back up your thesis statement. When you use any source, be aware of plagiarism risks. Start a diagnostic essay by thinking about a story or fact that will keep your readers interested as they read your writing.

How many Paragraphs is a Diagnostic essay?

The introduction will have a thesis statement, three paragraphs of body text, and a conclusion. But, your college professor might only ask you to write three paragraphs. Your body paragraphs will be reduced to a single paragraph.

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