Huckleberry film for a social satire

Huckleberry film for a social satire- Assignment Help

It’s difficult to say whether Hemingway’s assertion that “all American literature is from one source: Huckleberry Finn”, was true. Twain would be it. He would make me laugh. Kurt Vonnegut stated that Hemingway had never told a good story in his entire life.

Twain targets Thirteen Things in His Satire

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You can think of satirists like archers, or, in a modern version, as a sharpshooter. He is angry about many things. He is pissed. She is pissed. The writer doesn’t just want to make fun of society, but also wants to change it.

A satirist then finds the target. You pull out an arrow from your quiver, and you fire it. Although there are thirteen targets in this masterpiece of art, this article is too long. This video was originally posted on YouTube by my Ap Language and Composition students.

They will need to locate textual evidence that supports one target in class. Then, they will need secondary sources to support their claims. Next, write an essay in class. 200 points.

It’s nice not to go to school, right?

The South sold its soul to Medieval Romances

Romanticism is something you may not be aware of. Here is a lecture I gave on this topic. Romanticism ended in the United States with the Civil War of 1861 and the Confederate attack on Fort Sumter. Romanticism in Europe died with Lord Byron’s death in Greece in 1824, Missolonghi, Greece, while fighting for Greek Independence. Who likes tyranny! Boo!

Mark Twain wrote in the Age of Realism late 19th-century about how the South “romanticized Old England with its serfs, its castles, and its lords, and its ladies.”

It was even more if you were a “Lord” or a “Knight”, like Rhett Butler’s Gone with the Wind. Or a fair damsel, like Scarlet O’Hara. It was terrible if you were 97% of the rest — poor white trash who can’t compete with free labor, or free labor and slaves.

What do the Lords Of The Plantations do? They make the poor whites hate slaves. You can’t copy the French and make the rich disappear. That would be foolish for “our unique institution” or “way of living.”

This is why Twain, a slave from Missouri, loathes it. He targets it. He doesn’t just make fun of it, he hits the body hard with subtle hits that sometimes leave the body unaware that it is about to fall.

Huck and Jim, for example, find the wreckage of the Walter Scott. This boat was named after the popular Scottish author of medieval romances on which the South built its society. Consider the similarities. It is truly medieval, right?

The South will “sink” eventually, just like Walter Scott’s ideas.

This is Chapter 13 dialogue — notice how Booth’s Landing is called. Is that a name that rings true to Southern belles? John Wilkes Booth, perhaps? Hooker is a name you may be familiar with if you are a fan of the Union army generals. The devastating loss at the Battle of Chancellorsville, 1863. Yes, Twain is aware of what he’s doing.

“Up where? “Where are they?”

“On the wreck.”

“What wreck?”

“Why, there’s only one!”

“What, you don’t mean Walter Scott?”


“Good land! What are they doing there for gracious sakes?

“Well, they didn’t go there for a purpose.”

“I bet they didn’t!” They’re going to be able to get away mighty quickly, thank goodness! How in the world did they get into such a mess?

“Easy enough. Miss Hooker was a visitor up there to the town —

“Yes, Booth’s Landing — continue.”

You can’t look back and move forward while looking ahead, right? You don’t want to crash.

Twain says that based on the people we elect and the worship of, such as athletes and rich celebrities, we want an “aristocracy.” We don’t want people to be “stardom” or have titles.

This is Chapter 18 of Huck’s description of Colonel Grangerford. This guy even has a title!

Col. Grangerford was a gentleman. His family was also a gentleman. As the saying goes, a well-born man is worth more than a horse. Col. Grangerford was tall and slim and had dark skin. He had no sign of red in his complexion. His lips were thinnest and nostrils thinnest. His eyes looked out from caverns.

Twain is doing two thing here. Huck makes Huck look like a “seeming” gentleman all over, while Huck creates a false impression by revealing the details of the cretin, such as the “darkest-pale complexion”, “thin nostrils,” and “blackest of eyes”. The South also had a landed class, but it was reviving its agrarian ideal in Jeffersonian terms. Yes, ideal for wealthy white men who lived on large estates and slept with slaves. The founders wanted to tax inheritance to ensure that such aristocracies would cease to exist. Each citizen would have to do it themselves. However, rich Republicans, who like protecting the interests and aristocracies, called this The Death Tax. I’m not sure.

I wish Twain were here today to do another satire about America in 2021. This was a great read. Take care. Or you will end up looking like a Jonathan Swift Yahoo!

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