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The rest of the text will contain a list of human rights topics, divided into subcategories. This should help you to find the best. It may be obvious that choosing the right topic is important. It is very simple: you must make your essay interesting and compelling from the beginning.

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Tips for Writing a Human Rights Essay

These are five top tips for writing essays on this topic.

Before you start writing, do extensive research. Structure your thoughts so that the reference page is easy to find. You will save time and avoid creating a mess by compiling the bibliography before you start writing.

Once you have completed your reference page, create an outline of the essay. This section of your paper should be clear and concise. It will help you organize your essay in subheadings or paragraphs.

Make a thesis statement. A thesis statement that is concise and to the point will help the reader understand the topic of the essay.

Be sure to answer all the questions in your essay that are listed in the topic. You could get a bad grade from your professor if you stray too far from the topic. Or, bore the reader by getting lost.

To write an essay on human rights, make sure you are familiar with all terms. Learn the terms to ensure you can use them appropriately and correctly.

How to Select a Correct Topic

These are the steps you should follow to select appropriate human rights paper topics.

Be sure the title you choose deals with current issues in modern society.

You must ensure that you are familiar with all terminology related to your topic.

Be sure to make the topic interesting and engaging for the reader.

You should ensure that there is enough material available to cover the topic. Check the resources in your local library and online.

You must understand your audience before you write.

Use real-life cases to support your points.

Compare and contrast essay topics on Human Rights

Choose one topic from this list to help you compare and contrast different concepts and issues related to constitutional rights. All of them address one of the most pressing issues. Compare and contrast

The Equality Act (2010), and the Human Rights Act 1998

Human rights and pets rights

The civil rights movement and its liberties

Slavery and serfdom

The 20th century saw the rise of women’s rights

The Declaration of Rights of Man and Citizen (1789), and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948).

The Freedom Model and The Human Rights Model

Human rights in Islam, and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

In George Orwell’s Brave New World, civil rights are violated

Topics on Human Rights Violation

Here’s a list of countries where civil rights violations have been reported.

Civil Rights Essay Topics

This list will help you with your research. Take a look at one of these 15 topics.

Hidden Figures and the question of the development of human right

What does an ombudsman do for human rights?

An analysis of environmental racism

Why can’t we end human trafficking?

North Korea and human rights violations

Utilitarianism and human rights

Is the Bible a violation of human rights?

Civil rights in Africa: African countries

Why are some countries banning LGBT marriages and relationships?

What can each person do to impact human rights?

Pornography viewing — is it a human right?

How does racial discrimination affect productivity at work?

How to deal with bullying at school

How does obesity affect professional ability?

What are the most effective ways to combat racism?

LGBT Essay Ideas

Choose one of these ten topics if you are interested in writing about the LGBT community or its issues in other countries. Because LGBT issues remain unresolved around the world, they will be all compelling for readers.

Legalization of same-sex marriages

The African-American community is homosexual

The church and same-sex marriages

Do LGBT people have the same rights and rights as the rest of us?

Are there any domestic violence cases in LGBT families?

Is it possible to be gay and have bad parenting?

The Bible and homosexuality

Are lesbians and gays considered criminal in certain states?

LGBT issues in daily life

What is the media’s portrayal of the LBGT community?

Freedom of Speech Essay Topics

Freedom of expression and education

Are there any amendments to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?

Modern media and freedom to speak

The Civil War and Human Freedom

African Americans and racism

Internet postings and Freedom of Speech controversies

North Korea, equality and freedom

Unlimited freedom — both benefits and down sides

What does slavery do to freedom of speech?

Is it possible for everyone to speak freely?

Topics on Death Penalty

Witnessing execution and witnessing — Would you do it? Why?

Is the death penalty fair?

Heinous crimes and death penalty

The death penalty and juveniles

Is the death sentence the right punishment for serial killers or is it the worst?

Imprisonment vs. death penalty

Is it moral to use the death penalty?

Death Penalty — Effective or Not?

Is it appropriate to allow the mentally ill to receive the death penalty

Is there a racial bias when a person is sentenced to death?

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