Humor in the huckleberry finn

Humor in the huckleberry finn – Assignment Help

The story is full of humor through lies, deceptions and plot machinations, prevarications by Tom and Huck, and the superstitious beliefs and beliefs of Jim, the primitive character. This novel is full of humor, comedy and satire.

Okay, now,

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I’ll go to Hell.

Huck Finn

Twain’s humor is powerful and meaningful because he uses it in an approach that is timeless. Humor can be lost when it is analyzed. But this is not the case with Twain’s humor. His humor is enduring and authentic.

Humor used to show hypocrisy

Twain uses humor as a way to highlight religious hypocrisy. Miss Watson, Finn’s teacher, decides to teach Huck about religious matters and how to act if one wants to go to heaven. Ironically, she also owns slaves. She is forbidden from owning slaves, but she still has them.

Huck is prohibited from smoking in Chapter 1 by the Widow, which is a humorous example of her being funny two-faced. Huck had asked her whether she could smoke, and she said that it was “a mean practice and wasn’t clean.” Huck was able to justify the Widow smoking. Huck said, “She also took snuff; it was all right, she did it herself.”

Sarcastic Humor Use to Make a Point

Huck’s Aunt Sally, Mrs. Phelps mistakenly thinks Huck is her relative Tom Sawyer. Huck tells Mrs. Phelps a story about a steamboat explosion and claims that it was so deadly that a black man had died. Mrs. Phelps replied with “lucky that no one was hurt.” It was a racist comment. This is an example for understatement.

Comedic Humor

Chapter 33 is when Tom pretends to be someone else and kisses Aunt Sally. He starts to shout at her, as she is shocked at his actions. Tom tells a story about how the locals told Tom to do it. The argument is closed by Tom saying “N’m,” which means he’s honest about the matter and vows to never do it again. “Until you ask me,” sets off a new argument. With this kind of humor, Twain keeps readers’ attention.

The humorous story is told with graveness; the teller tries to hide the fact that he suspects there is something funny about it. But the teller tells you in advance that it is one the most hilarious things he has ever heard. He then tells the story with great delight and is the first to laugh when he finishes.


Satire refers to the humor found in the novel. Twain’s most popular example of satire is religion, which he communicates via Huck Finn. Twain mocks prayer throughout the novel through Huck. The Chapter One chapter was a demonstration by the Widow Douglas of the importance religion has to Huck. Huck was intrigued by the stories of Moses and she pulled out her bible. Huck was fascinated by the story of Moses, and he began to sweat while he waited for more information.

Huck soon loses interest in the stories after learning that Moses has died. This is an example of Twain’s opposition against the blind faith that church teachings promote.

Humor about Religion

Huck longs to be in hell because life is so bad in the Widow Douglas home.

Huck realizes that the Widow plans to go to Heaven and decides to avoid her. He will instead join Tom Sawyer in the bad place with his friend.

Huck claims that Miss Watson took her in the closet and asked for prayers, but nothing came of it. “She told me to pray every single day and that whatever I asked for, I would get it.” (Twain 10). Twain uses this as a way to mock Christian beliefs. Huck appears to have concluded that praying to God is futile if there is nothing to gain.


The most obvious example of parodies is in the exploits made by Tom Sawyer. Tom Sawyer describes the moment he came up with the idea for such a “beautiful oath” when he created his gang of robbers. It states that “Everybody said it’s a beautiful oath” and Tom was asked if he could think of it. He spoke a portion of it but the rest was based on pirate books and robber novels, and every high-toned gang had it.” (Twain 10, This parody is a good example of how Tom Sawyer uses adventure novels to guide his actions and creates an oath from them.


Particularly through caricature.

Pap’s character is a great example of burlesque through caricature. Huck describes his father the way he would imagine him. According to Huck’s description, Pap Finn appears as an older man with a scary appearance, very unkempt and pale like a ghost.


The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Chapter Six sees Huck being kidnapped and taken by his father. Huck is kept in the cabin by Pap, who never lets him go anywhere unless Pap is with him. Huck was unable to escape when Pap kept the key hidden under his pillow. Later, Pap chases Huck through the house with a gun. Modern society would consider these scenes dark and dangerous. However, Twain’s Day considered them a farce because of Pap’s physical humor.

If the humor is not natural, spontaneous, and not altered, and if it is written seriously, a story cannot be called humorous. According to Twain, a humorous story ends with a twist that causes irony in the narrative. Twain’s irony is unpredicted by casual readers.

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