Hyperbole in the alchemist 1

Hyperbole in the alchemist

Hyperbole in the alchemist

What’s a hyperbole?

To successfully identify hyperbole in the alchemist, learners should first understand what a hyperbole is. Hyperbole can be defined as exaggeration that is used by writers to portray themselves as better or worse or bigger or smaller than they actually are. This is an exaggeration that is not meant to be taken literally. It is used to emphasize the truth of the statement. It is used to tell more than the truth about size, number, or degree without deceiving.

The word “hyperbole” is derived etymologically from the Greek word. It comes from two words: “hyper” means “over” and “ballein” means “to throw”. Although it can be used to instil strong feelings or create strong impressions, it is not meant to be taken literally.

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Examples of hyperbole

  • He has been in love with her for a thousand years.
  • He was so hungry, he ate the whole cornfield as lunch.

Literary Devices from “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho

Hyperbole in the alchemistCoelho employs many stylistic techniques, among them, hyperbole in the alchemist. He does this to inspire his readers and to also convey his message through thematic elements. Coelho teaches many lessons through the characters, symbols and allusions in this novel’s opening pages.

Coelho’s use of style, and his language is a key technique. Coelho’s novel is written in the past tense. This gives him a storyteller presentation. It also establishes a trustworthiness and knowledge in Coelho.

The simplicity of his sentence structure is an effective way to capture the attention of his audience. It makes it easy to grasp complex metaphors and rhetorical devices.

The simple sentences help the literary devices such as personification, irony and metaphors stand out. These sentences also serve a distinct purpose: to tell a story that is relatable and teach a moral lesson.

The Alchemist is a parable because it uses a relatable tale to teach a moral lesson. This section introduces Santiago, who is on a journey to fulfill his Personal Legend. His travels and difficulties are a metaphor that the reader can follow and reflect on.

Literary Techniques in The Alchemist

Hyperbole in the alchemistBesides, hyperbole in the alchemist, Coelho also uses a well-calculated plot. This plot is also told through character interactions rather than actual events. Melchizedek’s encounter with Melchizedek, the fortune teller, and the merchant’s daughter are examples of this. Coelho creates these characters and includes their interactions in Santiago’s story to discreetly communicate his themes and lessons.

Santiago, for example, is a traveling shepherd who meets the daughter of a merchant with whom he is bartering. He is intrigued and baffled by her, but he is most interested in her because he was able to read and listen to his stories. He is a wandering shepherd who longs to be settled with her. But Coelho makes this a valuable lesson for readers.

His superficial attraction reminds me of the Greek story Narcissus that Coelho included in the prologue. It is a warning about the destructive nature of self-love, vanity, and the effects it has on one’s life. Coelho refers to the dangers of love and warns us to be careful about our emotions.

It is important to note that Narcissus’ story and his reflection in the water are meant to encourage the reader to “reflect” on himself/herself.

Santiago’s complicated relationship with the merchant’s girl is also evident in his decision to either stay with her or follow the Personal Legend. Coelho is teaching us a valuable lesson. No matter what one’s circumstances, one can always pursue one’s dreams. Readers are able reflect on their challenges and make tough decisions, which gives them the ability to inspire Santiago to pursue his dreams.

Hyperbole in the alchemistAlongside hyperbole in the alchemist, Santiago and the Gypsy fortune-teller are another crucial interaction. Santiago becomes frustrated when she doesn’t analyze his dreams but instead tells him what he already know. Her argument is a perfect example of Coelho’s lesson in simplicity. She says that the most amazing things are often the simplest in life. Only wise men can understand them (17). Coelho advises the Gypsy reader to not overlook the easy, like Santiago’s dreams. It might just be the call of a Personal Legend.

She continues by explaining through metaphors: “Dreams, are the language God speaks. If he speaks in my language, I can understand what he says. “But if he speaks the language of the soul it is only you that can understand.” (15).

The fortune-teller makes distinction between “our language” (or the “language of the spirit”), referring to a transcendentalist concept in which everything is linked to an entity called the Soul of the World.

This idea of God being synonymous with all things creates hope for readers because it supports ideas such as fate, destiny and Personal Legends. In this metaphor, the fortune-teller persuades Santiago to follow his dreams as fate supports him. He also gives him the power since only he understands it fully.

This language and message appeals to both free will supporters and those who believe in fate. It also fulfils Coelho’s goal to inspire large audiences. He is emphasizing that readers should follow their passions and trust their dreams by using metaphors. Santiago has his final interaction with Melchizedek in this section. He claims to be King of Salem.

Santiago is guided by this spiritual figure. Some of his advice may be contradictory. He advises Santiago to be independent and self-reliant while involving himself in the lives of others.

The Irony of The Alchemist

Coelho also uses irony alongside hyperbole in the alchemist to motivate his readers. Coelho’s use of irony allows him to appeal to large numbers of people because he advocates for both sides of the coin. While some readers might believe in independence, others may respond to guidance. Coelho, the character Melchizedek can help readers discover their personal legends and goals. He gives advice, but also explains it in different ways: passive and active. This irony is an example

Examples of Hyperbole in The Alchemist

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Continuation Of Hyperbole in the Alchemist

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Hyperbole in the alchemist explained

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Hyperbole in the alchemist: Pinterest

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Specific answers were found and examples of Hyperbole in the alchemist

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