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Ellis Island’s busiest week ever was in 1907, when 11,747 immigrants were processed. This was also the busiest year for immigrant arrivals.

Researchers at New American Economy, an immigration think tank, were inspired to ask: How does that era’s immigrant population compare to today?

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They sorted through the census data, both then and now.

Andrew Lim, Director of Quantitative research at NAE, stated that only 1.3 percent of immigrants arrived in 1907 as professionals. These are people such as doctors, lawyers, and engineers.

The American workforce was 5 percent professional at the time.

Currently, only 27 percent of American workers are professionals. Lim, however, stated that over 34% of immigrants are professionals. This is well above the American average.

This means that immigrants are now far more skilled than they were a century ago. They are also more likely to speak English. 83.8 percent of the immigrants who arrived in 2017 spoke English fluently or partially, while almost half of those who arrived in 1907 did not know English.

Yet, educators and historians say that the public still believes in the myth of the yesterday’s immigrant: someone who is supposedly more skilled than the current immigrant.

Kevin Jennings, the president of the Tenement museum, which is located on the Lower East Side, stated that “we’re remarkably ignorant sometimes about our own history.”

He stated that many visitors believe earlier immigrants were not only more skilled but also more law-abiding.

It would amaze you to see how many people visit this museum and tell us that their grandparents arrived legally. Your grandparents arrived legally, of course. “There were no laws.”

He said that it was basically open borders. Unless you were Chinese. In which case, it didn’t matter what qualifications you had, as 1907 was the last year you could enter the country.

This sonnet has always been a strong expression of American exceptionalism. We say to the Old World, “Keep, old lands, your storied pomp!” The United States, egalitarian and scrappy, will embrace “your tired, Your poor, / Your huddled masses longing for freedom …”

It seemed like the perfect time to take a family to Ellis Island. This is the main gateway to America for 26 million immigrants who arrived in America between 1880-1824, making it the largest human migration ever recorded. It’s located in New York Harbor, just a ferry ride away from Lady Liberty. This is a stunning setting for what was once complex government bureaucracy.

It was also a highly efficient bureaucracy that processed as many as 5,000 people each day who spoke more than 50 languages right here in the Registry Room.

This building is now our National Museum of Immigration. It documents the many obstacles these immigrants had to overcome to get through Ellis Island to start their new lives in America.

It was amazing to see how much has changed and how little has remained the same. For the 1 million Americans who are granted permanent residence in the United States each year, also known as a greencard, today’s process of navigating the immigration system is a lot more complicated, but it retains many similarities to Ellis Island.

An inspector conducted a rapid “legal examination” in just a few moments. What is your occupation? Are you a convicted criminal?

Now: The required green card interview with the government officer for married couples often reveals their most intimate details.

In order to prove that they weren’t a “public charge”, immigrants cash in their rubles, liras and drachmas to get just enough money to start a new lifestyle, often at the home of a relative.

Sign an “Affidavit of support” now to make a binding commitment that the U.S. will take financial responsibility for an immigrant family member.

Next: Immigrants who came to the Registry Room were asked to open their eyes for a six second check for trachoma. This is a communicable condition that can cause blindness, but it’s easy to treat today.

Now: A medical exam is still required to check for tuberculosis or other conditions. However, it’s now conducted in the relative calm setting of a doctor’s office.

Next: A test of intelligence for those who seem lost or confused. But who would be? ).

Today: Although there is no IQ requirement to immigrate to the United States, there is much debate about how we can make our system more merit-based.

America should be a beacon of excellence for the rest of the world. I support America being a beacon for the best talent in the world. Give me your scientists, entrepreneurs, and brilliant scholars who long to breathe for freedom!

Let’s face it, there are many ways to “merit”, other than founding a company or patenting an invention. This is why Americans are so popular today. Nearly 40% of Americans can trace their roots back to Ellis Island. This was a passage reserved for only the wealthy.

As I stood in Ellis Island’s great hall, I thought about the contributions of my great-grandparents. They were a grocer and a social worker as well as a peddler and a farmergirl. They all didn’t go to college and none spoke English at all when they arrived.

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