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Tips on how to write a strong Introduction

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The introduction of essay writing describes the purpose of the article or essay, and provides a summary. A strong introduction should be informative and engaging. Writing a strong intro is difficult because it requires creativity as well as good writing skills. A strong introduction will grab attention, give background information about the topic, and explain your essay’s purpose. The Boompapers writing platform offers the best essay-writing services.

Characteristics a strong introduction

The following are characteristics of a strong intro:

  • A strong introduction should contain catchy phrases that will grab the attention and interest of the readers.
  • You should provide supporting points in a logical way that leads to your main ideas. You must support your main ideas with relevant facts and evidence.
  • Highlight your main ideas and points and highlight the relevance of your essay.
  • You can provide background information or data that will help your readers understand your topic.
  • Must be logically structured, clear, concise, precise, and specific.

Guidelines on writing a strong intro

The following guidelines will guide you to create an engaging and solid introduction.

  • Attract the attention

The first words of an introduction can draw or repel attention from the reader. A strong introduction sentence is essential. A concise, attractive, and clear introduction will catch the attention of your readers and entice them to read the rest. An introduction that is eye-catching may include a surprise fact, a quotation, or a question.

A captivating introduction doesn’t need to be difficult or complex. However, the first sentences must be appealing enough to draw readers into the main essay. The first sentences should contain a bold statement that highlights the importance of this topic. The sentences should not exceed 10 words but be short and concise.

  • Contextualize

Strong introductions provide background information for readers so they can gain a deeper understanding of your topic. It may also include social, historical, and geological information. It may also define terms that the reader might not be able to understand.

It is essential to present clear, relevant arguments or ideas. It is best not to give too many details that can be explained in the main body of your essay. A strong introduction should relay pertinent information that illustrates the relationship between main ideas and topic.

  • Determine your purpose and position

Writing a purpose is about narrowing your focus and stating the purpose of your essay. The purpose of writing is key to determining the direction your essay will take. The purpose of the introduction is to reflect your ideas and to persuade, inform, convince, or evaluate. Writing will be much easier and smoother if your paper has a purpose.

The thesis statement should explain the purpose of the essay. The thesis statement should clearly and concisely describe the main purpose and focus of your paper. The thesis statement defines the direction and the position that the essay will take. A strong thesis statement will be a solid basis for your arguments.

  • Edit

After writing your essay you need to edit it and revise it. It is important that your introduction corresponds to the main body of your essay. Your introduction should contain all relevant and primary information. Because your research might expand, or your ideas change, it’s best to start your introduction late. Editing will ensure your introduction is concise, organized, clear, and relevant. Editing’s primary function is to convey the author’s thoughts, ideas and perspectives in the best possible manner.

How long should an introduction take?

In general, there are not any strict guidelines regarding how long an opening paragraph should be. The length of an introduction will be determined by the length and length of the paper. This is usually the case for experienced essay writers. If you write a paper according to the five sentence essay style, your opening clause should be brief and contained within one paragraph.

For longer papers (e.g. a 30-page paper), your introduction can be split into multiple paragraphs and sometimes even multiple pages. Even though there are no hard and fast rules, experienced writers recommend that your introductory paragraph(s), if any, be between 8-9% of the essay’s total word count.

Catchy Introduction Paragraph Generator for Different Essay Types

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Although most introductory paragraphs follow the same structure as the rest of the text, it is possible for the content to differ. The context will depend on the essay type and its overall purpose. The most common types of essays students write are the following: These are the narrative, analytical, persuasive and personal essays. Different essay types have different purposes, so different content should be included in the introductory paragraphs. Here’s a comprehensive guide to the different types of papers, with examples of good essay introductions:

Narrative Introduction Paragraph Generator

  • A Narrative essays are a type of writing in which the writer must tell a story. This essay’s main purpose is simple storytelling.
  • An intriguing glimpse into the story’s plot will be the hook for this paper. Writing such essays requires that the writer ensures that every claim is related to key moments in the story that had an important impact on the outcome of the story.
  • The thesis in narrative writing refers to the central theme or principal lesson from the story.

Analytical Introduction Paragraph Generator

  • Analytical Essay Writing is another popular essay type. An analytical paper is different than a narrative paper. It aims at dissecting an idea and educating its readers about a specific topic.
  • Writing such a paper requires students to use any useful information that directly relates to their thesis statement for a hook. For example, a hook can be a rhetorical or informative question that leads to the paper’s main point.
  • The introduction should include three important pieces of information to support the analytical thesis.
  • An excellent thesis will have a well-researched statement that is clearly thought out and supported by evidence. But it is essential to avoid claiming any actual weight in the beginning. It should be stated factually, even though technically it will be theoretical.

Persuasive Introduction Paragraph Generator

  • Persuasive Writing serves one purpose: to persuade the readers. This is possible by using persuasive techniques, such as logos and pathos.
  • The hook statement in a paper like this can be anything, from an interesting fact to humor. Your hook should be in line with your thesis. It should also provide a foundation for further argumentation.
  • In order to write a persuasive essay, you should provide at least three supporting details. You should outline each of these points in the middle your introduction. This will help guide the reader to the main topic.
  • The thesis statement for such papers should be the main claim you are going to make. It should be confidently written and well-thought out.

Personal Essay Introduction paragraph generator

  • A personal essay is the last type academic writing students are likely to encounter. This type of essay, in a nutshell is a creative piece of nonfiction that asks the author to reflect upon his or her own personal experiences. It is a way to tell a story and discuss the lessons learned from your experiences. This is the most personal type, which makes it different from all other types of writing.
  • The hook for an essay like this can also be anything that you choose. Use a quote, question/joke, piece of information or other relevant information to your main story as a hook. Follow it with a short explanation of the background to your story. A thesis statement can provide a summary of how certain experiences have affected you and what lessons you have taken from them.

Tips for Writing a Successful Introduction Paragraph

We now know how you can write an introduction that is engaging and clear. Now let’s go over the key points and what you shouldn’t do.


  • Make sure you keep in mind the purpose for your assignment when writing your introduction.
  • Engage the reader with a hook that is relevant and grabs their attention right from the beginning.
  • Your readers should be able to understand your position.
  • If needed, define key terms related to your topic.
  • Demonstrate you know your subject.
  • A metaphorical roadmap will be helpful to your reader(s).
  • Make your points clear – your introductory paragraph should be between 8-9% of your entire paper. For example, 160 words is a good starting point for a 2000 word essay.
  • Write a powerful and clear thesis statement.
  • Keep it lively.
  • You should ensure that your introduction seamlessly transitions into the body.
  • Get professional help from the Boompapers.


  • Don’t include too many background details.
  • Don’t go off-topic or use unnecessary sentences
  • If you are writing a 30-page paper, don’t make your introduction too lengthy.
  • Don’t keep it all. Some things should be kept secret to keep your reader(s), interested, and then reveal the rest later.
  • Use cliches and generalizations.
  • Do not be too broad.
  • Too many quotes.

Still Not able to Think of a Perfect Int?

Students often have many questions after being assigned to write essays. They may be unsure how to structure the essay, choose a topic, conduct research, etc. However, the biggest question students face is how to write a strong introduction. You can still get professional introduction paragraph generator assistance from our custom essay writing service if you have any questions. Boompapers is proud to employ the best essay authors who are passionate about students’ success.

The Best Introduction Paragraph Generator for Students From Us

Students have a hectic schedule today. Sometimes it can be difficult to find time to write an effective introduction to your essay. To help them write essays, students can hire professional writers who use the best rewrite sentence generator. Below are some reasons college students should depend on paragraph generator.

Engaging and entertaining content

There are many reasons why you might have trouble writing blog posts or essays. It’s because you lack the necessary preparation to create multiple blogs or articles in a very short time. You can make sure that every element of the web instrument you use is related to your original thesis statement. While reading your paper, the supervisor or professor should not become confused. Hire a paragraph writer. They are able to do anything without any time limits.

You don’t understand the format

A teacher may ask you for an annotated article, reason, term or article. These papers all have a specific format that makes them stand out from other types. Research writing formats are not suitable for annotated refers, which can be difficult. We are the best professional introduction paragraph generator service and have a great essay introduction generator.

Be open to new ideas and ways of creating content.

In order to make the paper stand out, you need to come up with a different idea. It’s less engaging to apply the same approach to all articles. This will make it less interesting for readers to continue reading the essay. Writing a new paragraph is a challenge for many students. Each essay must have a clear approach. But you don’t necessarily have to create new content every time you write an article. For affordable writing services, ask our professionals. They can help you create a unique essay approach so you can produce high-quality content with the customized paragraph generator.

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Consider the audience when looking for professional help from a paragraph creator. Your work will not only collect information, but it will also transfer it to your site. Many people enjoy reading blog posts. Our professional content creators use the best introduction paragraph generator to create engaging content.

Hire a Professional Paragraph Generator to Create a Great Introduction

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