Introduction to Entrepreneurship & Innovation (ENE 303)

Introduction to Entrepreneurship & Innovation (ENE 303)
Pair Presentation: Opportunity Identification
Marks: 100 marks
Submission Deadline:
Interest & Skills – A Pool of Ideas and Opportunities
Being an entrepreneur may appear as though an implausible profession to many. As a preference, we tend to choose employment as means to get access to some financial security in exchange for our time and skills as employees to existing organizations. However, the reality in Botswana is that jobs are scarce and that many of us will have to learn the skill of entrepreneurship in order to ensure that we are able sustain our livelihoods on either a short or long term basis. In other parts of Africa it is a norm for even the employed adults to have additional sources of income in addition to their jobs as a way to increase their wealth. Many Batswana are under pressure now more than ever to undertake entrepreneurial ventures as a means to ensure their financial security. Evidence to this point is the number of job losses that have been caused by COVID 19 that prove that not only do we need to master that art of running our own business, but also commit to continuous entrepreneurial learning as way to ensure that we run businesses that are sustainable, agile and resilient to natural disasters like COVID.
Over the past 10 years Entrepreneurship learning and practice has become popular world over and is being used as a tool to impart life skills on students regardless of their academic specialization. Most career fields are filled with many untapped entrepreneurial opportunities. For example, a lawyer may start his or her own law firm after realizing a huge demand for legal representation on matters of child custody; a finance and accounting graduate may start their own consultancy offering accounting services to small business owners; a fine artist might start his or her own art gallery and run tutorial for aspiring artists; a dancer may start a dance-fit programme that offers guided dance classes as an fitness alternative for people who do not enjoy going to the gym or other conventional fitness activities like running. With your partner, you are to prepare a presentation through which you should identify an opportunity and justify why it is a business opportunity.
i) List and discuss your interests – 4 interests each team member and share 2 reasons why you are interested in those activities. (5 marks)
ii) For each of the interests mentioned in part (i), identify any jobs that are available related to those interests (these jobs may or may not exist in Botswana at the moment) (5 marks)
iii) Using interests mentioned in (i) and (ii), collaborate to identify one (1) business opportunity. (5 marks)
In your business opportunity discussion include:
– What is the problem: The need / gap / challenge identified? (5 marks)
– The solution/business opportunity: Products and services – What products or services will your business opportunity offer. (5 marks)
– Target customers – Who are your target customers? How does the problem affect them and what value does the solution bring for the customer? (5 marks)
– Industry analysis – Who is currently addressing the problem? Who are your major competitors? and what creative ideas would you use to try and make sure that you attract, retain, and increase the number of customers in your business? (10 marks)
– The Entrepreneur: Why are you the team to avail THIS entrepreneurial solution. (5 marks)
While learners are encouraged to showcase their creativity through this exercise, they are also expected to reference academic sources that they used to refine and add validity to their business opportunity identified.

Presentation of work layout – 5 marks
e.g Use of headings, subheadings, bullet points etc
Bibliography showing evidence of wider reading and correctly referenced – At Least 2 references

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