Leadership in Animal Farm Essa

Leadership in Animal Farm Essay
Leadership in animal farm essays is a theme that should be covered. Animal Farm is a novel by George Orwell. It was written under the pen name of Eric Blair, an essayist, and British novelist. They felt unmistakable fulfillment in the middle of the 20th century because of his pointed responses to political mistreatment. At 46 years old, he was born June 25, 1903, and died January 21, 1950. This novel was published in February 1944.
Orwell, who was a young man, became a communist. I speak to the many governments east and west and the fighting soon for the communist cause at some point during the Spanish Civil War. This lasted from 1936 to 1939. Animal Farm focuses on the energy warfare in mid-twentieth-century Russia between the revolution of 1917 and the rise of communism. The author’s goal was to gather people to be used as a bean in the USSR, individuals he could milden about the dangers and coherence of Communism during World War II. He also wants to know the latest technology for thinking about socialism and how it affects and influences people’s lives. He used many composition techniques and styles, the easiest of which were simple, bringing perspective to the story.
It can also be used as a warning story to expose the dangers of authoritarian governments and Stalinism. Orwell faced some obstacles in getting his novel out there. In the beginning, he promoted Stalin’s book as an enemy. This happened when Western aid for the Soviet Union was still excessive because of its assistance in Allied victories against Germany. Second, Orwell was not the creative celebrity that he would quickly become.
The novel ‘Animal Farm” reveals various problems, including leadership & corruption, manipulation of the naive working classes, lies, deception, and the abuse of language to facilitate the abuse of power. The most important theme in the novel is leadership and corruption. Animal Farm depicts the historical backdrop of the Russian Revolution by retelling the enchantment and corruption of socialism. As the novel depicts, the animals give the pigs complete control over the farm. With the help of Napoleon and Snowball, the story depicts the struggle between Leon Trotsky (a Russian progressive) and Stalin (a Soviet statesman).
Napoleon and Stalin defeat Trotsky, Snowball, and Stalin. Stalin’s standard and the abandonment of the Russian Revolution’s setting up requirements are shown when the pigs adopt human characteristics and practices they initially tried to escape. “Twelve voices were yelling angrily, and they were all the same. There was no inquiry at the moment into what had happened to the essences of the pigs. Outside, the animals looked from pigs to humans and from pigs to men; however, it was challenging to find a country that used to be. One of the novella’s greatest achievements is the depiction of both the strong and the weak. Animal Farm is not written from the perspective of one particular character. The story is told from the perspective of all the animals.
These animals are steadfast, persevering, and gullible. They allow Orwell to show how persecutions arise not only from oppressors’ concept strategies and tactics but also from the gullibility and ignorance of those mistreated who now don’t know if they should be educated or higher recommended. Orwell is concerned about Animal Farm, where language can be used as an influencing control. The pigs in Animal Farm, bit by bit, turn and mutilate a talk of communist revolution to legitimize and keep other animals in the dark. The animals capture Major’s visionary best, but after Major loses his mind, the pigs bend Major’s words’ value. Alternate animals can be seen as amazing contradictions to the pigs, but they do not limit the Rebellion’s dreams.
The most important principle of the farm is that all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others. This is shameful mistreatment of ‘equals’ and the ideal of equity, as it is carried out abstractly by the pigs’ method, which becomes steadily underway as the novel progresses. The moral story of “Animal Farm” depends on the Russian Revolution and ensures an authoritarian socialist state. One of the main messages of this novel is about power and how it can overcome corruption and persecution. Even if a revolution ends with its noble aims, all coordinated towards the more distinguished social elite, it can regress to an administration that is equally as inconvenient as the one it took over.
Leaders should not be trusted. This is the message of George Orwell’s novel Animal Farm. Animal Farm portrays leadership through the personalities and actions of various characters. It is a powerful but corrupt force. Although the Leaders of Animal Farm have good intentions, it soon becomes apparent that they have grown power-hungry and are now the superior animals. This shows that equality is not possible. The novel is filled with manipulation and propaganda, which stops animals from protesting their leaders or seeing that they are corrupted and greedy. It isn’t easy to decide who to trust, who to believe, and what to do. After all, leaders can be hard to resist, but corrupt leaders are never a good thing.

In the novel Animal Farm characters, George Orwell portrays leadership as a corrupt and easily abused power. Leaders have misused this power source to their advantage, including Napoleon and the other pigs. Snowball was also included in this book, as he took milk from the cows during the day. The pigs’ corruption, except for Snowball, got worse over time, making life very difficult for them. The animals were also forced to work longer hours, and their rations were cut constantly, but the pigs insisted they enjoyed a better lifestyle. Other characters in the book also abuse their leaders and show signs of corruption. Jones was abusive of his leaders.
Animal Farm was unable to succeed because of the fear factor. Napoleon’s greatest weapon was his ability to inflict fear. Napoleon acted quickly and ruthlessly. He stopped the hens’ rations and ordered that all animals giving more than grain to a hen be killed. (76). Everybody was afraid of Napoleon when the hens refused to eat Napoleon’s rations. (76) Napoleon began to slaughter any animal who refused to eat him and any animal who admitted to having had to contact with Snowball. He began to realize that some animals were starting to question him and realized that he may not have been the right choice for leader. Napoleon had to maintain his power and influence, so he used his dogs to kill anyone who would not surrender. These scenes of terror and even slaughter were not what they had hoped for on the night Old Major stirred them up to Rebellion.
She had a vision of the future of animals freed from hunger and whips, and each one working according to their capacities, the strong protecting those less fortunate.” (86). Clover realized the dire state of things on the farm, but she refused to speak out because she was afraid of Napoleon’s ability to harm.
They are also why it would not succeed under any other leader. Animal Farm shows perspectives from multiple animals. The farm would benefit from a new leader, but it wouldn’t have enough to alter the success of Animal Farm.
Most men are capable of enduring adversity. However, give him power if you want to test a man’s character. There are many types of leadership, and each one reacts differently to power. An authoritarian leadership style is characterized by a leader who forces others to do certain tasks, such as telling a boss to complete their task or they will fire you. The authoritative leader is often unable to control their decisions and believes they are invincible. This leadership style often leads to corruption by giving power to very few people. A democratic leader is another type of leadership. A democratic leader is another type of leadership style.
Animal Farm has one leader throughout the book. Lord of the Flies, however, shows constant power changes between the characters. This led to different leadership styles that were both good and bad for their survival. Both books are different, but they share the same theme: leadership and how leaders use their power. Animal Farm only has one type of leadership style throughout, and that is the authoritarian style. Napoleon, the character, is the authoritarian leader. He leads the farm after the Rebellion because he is not only one of the most intelligent but also one who supports the Rebellion. Many leaders of authoritarianism set a goal, and everyone worked towards achieving it.
Orwell 40. “This work was voluntary. Any animal that did not participate would have his rations cut in half.” Napoleon is cutting rations by half for animals who don’t work more on the windmill. Napoleon forces animals into hard work or starvation because the rations are so small. To achieve his goal of building a windmill, he is forcing them into starvation and exhaustion. Many authoritarian leaders use propaganda to hide certain facts from their surroundings. This power began to corrupt Napoleon and increased his greediness. He became a dictator and began to abuse his power. Orwell 23: “Milk, apples (this has also been proven by science, comrades), contain substances absolutely essential to a pig’s well-being.” Napoleon persuades the animals at the farm to give him more milk and food. He convinces them using scientific facts to prove that brain work is more exhausting than physical labor.
He is the smartest man and the only one who can read so that he can make up facts. After getting more food, he began to use his power in a dangerous way. Napoleon altered the seven Animal Farm amendments, which had been sworn to remain unchanged, and began to rewrite history. Orwell 45. Napoleon began to modify these amendments to have a better and more luxurious life. He changed the amendments to make his life easier and more luxurious. After doing so many selfish and immoral acts with his power, he finally begins to kill animals. He amends an article prohibiting animals from killing and then kills anyone guilty of the slightest offense.

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