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The life sciences are changing dramatically. New disciplines like genomic and metabolic technologies have transformed the normative and descriptive power of these disciplines. New scientific approaches and positions, along with technological advances, have made the everyday life science practice in laboratories of the life sciences very different from the ones before them. There are new organizations for scientific work that have a profound social and normative impact. These new approaches and practices in life science are markedly different from earlier life science practices. These new sciences have new normative and descriptive impacts, both internally and externally. These impacts have a significant impact on human rights in both a positive as well as a negative manner. However, they also affect ownership issues. First, we will discuss human rights in the life sciences. Then, we will discuss the roles and functions of the life science. While the current ownership issues in the life sciences can be regulated by the internationally agreed-upon Intellectual property Rights regime, it is not clear how this system can organize life science innovation, both from a human rights perspective and from the viewpoint of the ongoing developments in the life sciences. We will discuss the function of patents as well as other forms of ownership in detail. We will conclude with a discussion of several complementary or alternative proposals to the current patenting system that are more strongly based on human right.

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