Master of Business Administration

I am applying for MBA (Master of Business Administration) and I need you to help me answer the following questions:
How many months of full-time (40 hours or more) of paid work experience do you possess after college graduation ? (I will graduate after finishing this summer 2022 semester, which means I have no work experience. However, I am a good student with GPA 3.7, so please help me think of something reasonable to answer this question.)

Out of the months you answered for overall full-time work experience, how many of those months of experience do you possess in a managerial position, 150 words? (I studied and worked as a full-time manager for a restaurant during my university studies (from 2019 to 2021). Imagine to write somethings for my achievements in that time which you think is good for MBA)

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Why do you want to earn an MBA? Why now? 200 words (As for the “why now?” part, because I decided to pursue an MBA right after graduation instead of going to work to gain experience, please help me explain why I want to do MBA right now)

Suppose you were asked to do something unethical. Explain how you handle the situation. 150 words

Suppose you are a leader of a team working on a complex project. What qualities would you bring to the team? 150 words

Describe how the business knowledge attained during the program will complement your background. 150 words

What does the admissions committee need to know while considering your application? Tell us the part of your story that is not in the application documents. Unlimited words (Imagine a story that you think will help me in the admissions process)