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What’s Materials Science and Engineering?

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The world is currently experiencing a material revolution and engineers and materials scientists have an unique chance to play a crucial role in it.

MSEs study the science and design of materials for practical applications. They use the fundamental principles of chemistry, physics and mathematics to understand the structure of materials and their properties. They create processes that manipulate materials to meet modern technology’s needs.

What are engineers and materials scientists doing?

Everything around us is made of materials! The problems we attempt to solve are therefore vast. Our work includes metals, polymers and ceramics. They are used in many industries including energy, transport, tissue engineering and drug delivery. To make these materials, we use many processes, including additive manufacturing, polymer synthesis and coating, evaporation and machine learning.

What problems do engineers and materials scientists try to solve?

Materials engineers and materials scientists are the ones who are developing the next generation material and system systems that will power the modern innovation. Materials scientists and engineers are creating devices to detect early signs of cancer, developing better electric vehicle batteries, and creating plant-based materials. They also contribute to quantum computing.

Materials engineers and scientists ask these questions:

Two female students in the MSE Lab

How can we create advanced materials that make automobiles and aircraft stronger, more fuel-efficient, and cheaper?

How can we make novel energy storage nanostructures that improve fuel cells, batteries and power grids?

Are there computational tools that can predict and control complex material synthesis and structures?

How can 3D printing be used to meet increasing manufacturing demand?

How can biomass be used to close the carbon cycle?

Are we able to engineer better materials for medical devices?

Where can MSE alumni find work?

Engineers and materials scientists can find work in many industries. The average starting salary for recent graduates was 75k. Materials Engineer, Process Engineer and Manufacturing Engineer are some of the most common starting positions.




Materials testing, manufacturing, processes and physics

Notable employers include Aerojet Rocketdyne and Blue Origin, Boeing, Blue Origin Aerospace, Crane Aerospace. Honeywell, LMI Aerospace. Janicki Industries. NASA, Space X. U.S. Air Force.

Data and digital technology

Data science, data analytics, materials simulation modeling, software development

Notable employers: Apple. AT&T. HCL Technologies. Infosys. Intel. Micron. Microsoft. Shin-Etsu America. The Spur Group.

Environment, sustainability, and energy

Development of clean energy and waste management.

Cupertino Electric and Microsoft are notable employers.

Health and medicine

Tissue engineering, medical devices, and health research and development

Notable employers include: Cardiac Dimensions and EKOS Corporation. NanoString Technologies, Neoleukin Therapeutics. nLIGHT, Rocket Science Health. UW School of Medicine.

Transportation, infrastructure and society

Submarines, aircraft, and sporting goods.

Notable employers: Crane Currency. PNNL. Promethean. Samsung Electronics. Uphill Designs. W.L. Gore.

Robotics & Manufacturing

Material manufacturing, product development, failure analysis, 3D printing

Notable employers: Boeing, Fluke Corporation, Honeywell, General Dynamics, Intel.

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