Maternal Interview Assignment

Interview one woman about her birthing experiences. You may interview a neighbor, aunt, mother, mother-in- law, or any other woman you know, or are introduced to, who gave birth to at least two children, with at least one child before 1985, and another child either before or after. The idea is to get a historical perspective of birth experiences, comparing and contrasting the two deliveries to one another and then comparing and contrasting them to current practices. This paper should include Labor and Delivery, Postpartum Care, and Newborn Care. Again, you are comparing the two births to one another, and then comparing the births to current practice. The farther back you go in time, the greater difference to current practice. Write a paper about your interview. Using the grading rubric as a guide, be sure to cover the assigned content areas. The assignment is to be typed in APA 7 format, using Times New Roman, size 12 font. APA accuracy is a significant portion of your grade.

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