Maze Game

For this assignment, you will create a game using Python Tracy that first draws a maze and positions
Tracy at the start of it, and then allows the user to give commands (e.g., forward, turn right, turn left,
etc.) to move Tracy through it. Tracy should only be able to move along the open pathways, not through
the walls. When she reaches the end of the maze, which is an opening at the edge of the drawing canvas,
the program should say the user has won.
You can get an 85% if you complete the basic assignment perfectly. In order to get a mark above 85%,
you must add five extra features of increasing difficulty (e.g., the ability to enter multiple commands at
once, allowing Tracy to move bit by bit rather than jumping ahead to the next intersection, allowing
Tracy to turn at any spot in the maze even if she ends up facing a wall that she can’t move through,
specific goals like coins Tracy can collect along the way to get a higher score, a more complicated maze
path than a simple cross, a timer that counts down seconds and makes the user lose if time runs out,
enemies in the maze that chase Tracy, the ability to move Tracy in a smoother and faster way than with
typed commands, etc.).


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Question 2

***********NO PLAGIRISM, NO COPY CODE FROM ANY WHERE, HAVE TO BE OWN********************
In this assignment, you’ll implement an agent that can answer simple questions about simple sentences made from the 500 most common words in the English language, as well as a set of 20 possible names and properly-formatted times. Your agent will be given a sentence and a question, and required to return an answer to the question; the answer will always be a word from the question.
In this assignment, you’ll be given pairs of sentences and questions. Your agent should read the sentence, read the question, and return an answer to the question based on the knowledge contained in the sentences. Importantly, while this is a natural language processing-themed project, you won’t be using any existing libraries.
To keep things relatively reasonable, your agent will only be required to answer questions about the 500 most common words in the English language, as well as a list of 20 possible names. Your agent should also be able to interpret clock times: you may assume these will always be HH:MM(AM/PM) or simply HH:MM. For example, 9:00AM, 11:00, or 12:34PM.
To write your agent, download the starter code below.
What is given?
Starter code , test samples
What is required?
Complete the solve () method
Good comments of each every method/function on what this does
Big o Graph to show the performance with numbers displayed in the output of the program
***********NO PLAGIRISM, NO COPY CODE FROM ANY WHERE , HAVE TO BE OWN********************