Modernism research topics


This section will create a modernism keyword map by providing key concepts and context frames scholars often use to discuss modernism or early twentieth-century culture.

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Five indexes for the following areas.

Modernism is a philosophy that emerged in the 19th Century and 20th centuries, which heavily characterized art prior to World War II. Modernism is often defined as a way to think that believes humans can create and change their environment through conscious experimentation and science method. Modernism in art is largely a reaction against the horrors of modern warfare that was displayed during World War I.

Modernism emerged in part from Romanticism of the 19th Century Particularly in France Artists sought to dismantle conventions in the. Many thinkers from all walks of the globe Europe The notion that society could only make progress was challenged by many, including myself. Two important intellectuals of early modernism are Charles Darwin And Karl Marx Each of them sparked revolutionary thinking. The rise of modernism was also helped by other major contributors. Nietzsche And Freud .

The early 20th century witnessed a revolution in the visual arts industry, as demonstrated by the works of Pablo Picasso and Wassily Kandinsky. These artists rejected the traditional view. Schoenberg was one of the first musical composers to abandon traditional perspective. Modernism was largely destroyed by World War II. However, it retained some influence in the ” Theater of the Absurd” and the works of Beckett as well as the paintings of Jackson Pollock.

Topics in Modernism Research Papers Similar to This

Modernism and Theater – This essay examines modernism and theater. It reveals that modernist theater had a renewed emphasis on the human form, as well as the ontological implications of this human body.

Shklovsky’s research papers on Modernism discuss how Art as a Technique transforms the familiar into something new.


People are becoming more interested in literature research in modern times. It can be difficult to pick a topic. The question you will ask is: What topic would be most suitable for me?


Before you start, it would be helpful to have some guidelines.

You should identify at least three to four topics if you are complex and have many interests. Next, gather information about each of them and then choose the most compelling. Don’t forget to look at the available resources to see if there is enough information, or if the topic is too broad.

  1. For promising results, brainstorming is a great way to get started. Think, paint, write, and then make a list. You should be able to live with the topic for at least 3 months. Also, you want a case that sparks your curiosity and allows you to do enjoyable research.
  2. This is the easiest way to choose. You must have a solid understanding of the topic.


Is fanfiction considered independent literature?

Literature on Feminism

What are the roles of women and men in the novel?

Why is romance and sex the most popular genres in literature?

Literature is madness

Literature and psychology

Comedy literature

What is literature?

Look at the racism in the novels from the 1960s and 1970s

Literature’s functions

Literature clichés

Daoism modern Chinese literature

Modern literature reveals the difference between antiheroes and villains

British literature depicts utopian civilization

What makes a book a classic title?

Don Quixote`s personality.

Formalism is a theory of literature.

18 . Artificial language in The Lord of the Rings.

Victorian literature



Themes Of Postmodernism in Nissim Ezekiels Poems English

Modernism in Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn.

Modernism in Symbolism, Imagery and Modernism as Presented by W.B. Yeats

A Study of Context and Form Theory

Modernist Experimentation in the “The Waste Land” Poem by T. S. Eliot

A study of the intersection of religion and literature

Analyse Of Modernist Literature

Modernism and Post-modernism at Gaetano Persce’s La Mama Chair

Themes in Virginia Woolf’s novel Mrs. Dalloway

Woolf, Eliot and Modernism: Woolf, Eliot Versus Victorian Values

Virginia Woolf: Biography and Books. Facts.

Influence of “Journey of The Magi”, by T. S. Eliot

Modernist Poetry Analysis Based On The Concept of Invention And Its Poets

Stories: The Conflict of Intercultural Values by William Faulkner & James Joyce

Carson McCullers, postmodernism

Modernist Myth in Suna no Onna’s The Woman in the Dunes

Modernist Literature in Krapp’s Last Tape by Samuel Beckett

Modernist Literature in Krapp’s Last Tape by Samuel Beckett

William Williams’ Spring and All

Analysis of Hilda Doolittle

WORLD modernism TOPICS

Literature: The role of women writers

Allusions in a particular novel

Books of literary works that cross-culturally

Literature’s role in spirituality and the supernatural

The relationship between contemporary and old American literature

The international image of Sherlock Holmes.

The contributions of Asian poets and writers to world culture.

What has happened to publication intervals?

The main themes of early American literature.

What makes different work more interesting?

It is important to distinguish between narration and performance in literature

Practical problems in literature study

Early American works

Current literary theories.

The history of the African American literary movement.

These are the main characteristics of postmodern prose.

American literary scholars

Another factor that shapes nations around the world.

Cooper analyzes the Last of the Mohicans.

English Literature: Challenges


The Proud Prime Evil Of Hell: A description of Satan as the Capital Vice Of Pride in Milton’s Paradise Lost

What would your neighbors think? Othello and London’s Africans

Romeo and Juliet by W. Shakespeare – What was love like during the Renaissance?

Two major themes of Renaissance literature are:

Dante, Petrarch and Machiavelli were the first Renaissance writers.

The world’s greatest literature masterpiece, Divine Comedy

Miguel de Cervantes ridiculed chivalrous ideals and why is this important for society today?

Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales – Description of Medieval England

Shakespeare’s Ovid, and the Spectre of the Medieval

Harlem Renaissance’s History: Issues for Negro Writers

Don Quixote and Sancho Pansa: Friendship values

Milton’s story depicts religion

Renaissance female beauty: Beatrice de Portinari’s works.

Shakespearean Literature: Historical Events

The Father of the Renaissance, and his first steps towards a new age.

Teresa of Avila, a religious writer, and her literature function.

Comparison of literature from The Middle Ages and the Renaissance The Renaissance

Hamlet is it primarily a tragedy for revenge or insane human violence.

Why was King Lear so popular?

Shakespeare’s Sonnets: Recurring Themes

Modernism Research Topics

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Alternative Culture, Postmodernism

One of the songs on the album said that modern hip hop had moved from dancing and shaking to just plain rapping.

Postmodernist Trends In Projects By Ashton Raggatt McDougall

It’s easy to see how these principles were implemented in one of ARM’s most important and well-known projects, the National Museum of Australia.

Modernization and Postmodernism, Third World

It also holds the reality that it is dependent on the interests of the parties involved and their nature. It is clear that decentralization […] has been established.

Jean-Francois Lyotard’s book “What is Postmodernism?”

The fact that painting was accepted by the society was of interest. Viola’s love for the audience is not normal, as she is a woman.

Postmodernism: Decor of the Room, Proliferation of Surfaces and Something Else”

Storey outlines the area of interest, which is the notion postmodernism, in relation to popular culture. He then observes the evolution postmodernism from its beginning to now and attempts to define the […].

From Modernism To Postmodernism

It was desirable to move beyond the modernist era to postmodernism. Modernism’s transition to postmodernism was a progression of traditional beliefs and practices to a new way of thinking.

Zhu Tianwen’s Postmodernist Talent and the Notes of Desolate Man

No matter how close friends may be to each other and can predict the actions of others, there will always remain a certain amount of secrecy regarding the other person and the […]

Postmodernism as a Work of Ettore Sottsass

The middle years of the 20th Century are associated with the era of Postmodernism art and culture. Its peak development in design was the 1980s.

Discourse on postmodernism, autonomy and

In fact, postmodernism inspired many of the modern architectural skills. When ornament, wit, and architectural arguability returned, postmodernism was quickly put in place and adopted around the globe as […].

Paradigm Shift From Modernism To Postmodernism Ways of Thinking

Freud specifically invented the subconscious part, or superego, of the mind. This helps to analyze how one thinks and, thus, evaluate the correctness of that thinking. Sartre acknowledges […] the part of the self.

Epistemological Approaches to Empiricism and Postmodernism

Locke believes the world is physical. Therefore, in his explanation of the mind-body problem, he states that mind and body are one thing. He continues to […]

How postmodernism can help the Humanities in theory

Postmodernism can be defined as a variety of ideas, practices and ideals, particularly in the humanities. The most popular theoretical applications of postmodernism can be found in the humanities, poststructuralism, and […].

Postmodernist Anthropology: Its Impact on Translation Practice

One of the most fundamental tasks in anthropology is to understand different cultures. This involves “inevitably either the translation of words and ideas from one culture to the other or the translation into a set […].

Postmodernism Characteristics at Trafford Centre

In shops, de-differentiation can be used to make the products unique. In the shopping center, hyper-reality is used to alter the appearance of products and to create counterfeit […].

Scholars on Postmodernism and Social Theory

The ideological argument also claims objectivity is a deception. It is designed to undermine minority groups in all regions of the globe, especially the third […].

Postmodernism Building & Understanding

Postmodernism is a term that refers to modern art’s new approaches as the world changes. His works on art are widely believed to have shaped postmodernism […].

Postmodernism Era – Body and Popular Culture

It is crucial to understand the role of the corporeal element in culture of postmodernism in understanding how the body is built and disassembled in western society.

Church Mission, and Postmodernism

This mission statement is possible to be suggested: The church proclaims principles of the Christian faith in order to help people understand God’s words and increase their motivation to act as adults against evil, […]

The Church and Postmodernism-Driven Attitudes in People

Implementing change processes in the church is crucial to achieving convergence in the way God and people see each other.

Postmodernism and Realism in Nursing

Postmodernism has real effects on our society. The effects of nursing postmodernism can be seen in the hospital prayers for both inpatients as well as outpatients.

Modernism & Postmodernism: An Overview

Fredric Jameson’s postmodernism theory can be described as “the attempt to take the temperature without instruments and in an environment in which there is not so consistent thing […]

Understanding Postmodernism through the Emerging Church

Another way to look at this term is to connect it to any current or that which has been approved. This is appealing to the human mind.

Church Analysis

Milbank’s John notes that the postmodernism ideology has crept into the church in its elaborate and rudimentary forms.

Postmodernism In Anthropology

The change in epochs of human philosophy was also reflected in the shift in scientific focus on society. Thus, social sciences were unable to escape the impact of this shift, and they had to adjust the […]

How Modernism Converted Into Postmodernism

Modernism was the activity of people who believed that traditional art forms were becoming obsolete in the new socio-economic conditions of a growing industrialized world.

Relevance and Practice of Postmodernism in Educational Research

It is important to talk about research. According to different sources, research refers to any activity that is based on intellectual foundation and […]

High Design, Stereotype and Postmodernism

The most difficult thing about the heavenly goods are that the same object cannot have its appearance changed in a way that would make it stand out from other objects of the same type.”

Postmodernism from Robert Coover’s The Babysitter

Postmodernism is characterized by challenging Enlightenment. The author attempts to portray the subconscious behavior of his characters.

A Mixture of Traditional Media and Images in Postmodernism Art

This can be seen in the materials that these objects are made from. Contrasting colors are used.

Suggestions after-Postmodernism Era

Postmodernism can be described as the current cultural and philosophical paradigm that defines the content and structure of fundamental ideas and arts. This means that postmodernism afterward will not accept the notions of subversion.

ostmodernism and Its Impact on Modern Society

Postmodernism and the Reorganization of American School Administrators

The Idea of Postmodernism as a Novel The Things They Carry by Tim O’Brien

The Concept of Postmodernism & Mainstream Feminism

An analysis of Postmodernism as an Intellectual Movement

An analysis of the Concepts of Postmodernism & Social Constructionism

Architecture hi-tech and postmodernism

Postmodernism, A Long Day’s Journey into Night

Roy’s The God Of Small Things and Rushdie’s Postmodernism

Rebellion to Assimilate into Individuality – Postmodernism, Capitalism

Globalization, Postmodernism and Civil Disobedience

Containment Culture: American Narratives and Postmodernism.

Postmodernism’s Effects on Communication and Society

The Role of Postmodernism and Cultural Revolution

Modernism Movement: The Defiance of Postmodernism

Postmodernism and its Effects on Communication and Society

Postmodernism in White Noise, Don Delillo and Rabbit Run by John Updike

The Handmaid Tale: How Postmodernism Defines Bartleby’s

Videotape: Don De Lillo’s Illustration Of Postmodernism

Quentin Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction and Postmodernism