Modernism Thesis

Modernism Thesis

Modernism thesis statements should tie together your main idea and research paper. It should be persuasive, informative, and a statement of your intentions regarding the subject.

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The dynamics of society changed during the nineteenth and twentieth century, causing intellectuals to question the traditional ways of living. Traditional values and forms were rejected by everyone, from religious views to literature. This was the beginning of the Modern Era. The modern era, also known as Modernism used literature to express the thoughts and feelings of its time. Modern texts focus on urban life, globalization and industrialization to show their dark outlook on life after both world wars. Social norms and traditions from the past were destroyed, leaving no organization as a result of distrust of the norms of the world.

In its simplest meaning, “Modern” means “new”. It is important to describe something new as it should be exciting and liked by everyone. This does not mean that we should reject the older and accept the new. The term modern, just like in literature refers to a period of literature that spanned the years 1890-1970. It is also used to describe the art and ideas that were created by writers in this period. Modernism is a literary movement that refers to the dramatic shift in cultural and aesthetic sensibilities seen in the art from the First World War. The great changes that came after the war broke down the stable, meaningful world view of the nineteenth-century. Modernism emerged as a new trend in writing. Modernism, as a movement was influenced by many factors. First there were the effects of the First World War which involved many countries after 1914. The result was a change in European society, with the creation of three classes: the ruling, the middle, and the working classes. Einstein, Freud and Saussure’s scientific discoveries as well as the theories and ideas of Karl Marx, Darwin, Freud and Saussure were another factor. Modernism promoted the idea of re-examining every aspect of life, from commerce and philosophy, in order to find what was preventing progress and replace it with something new. This allowed for better ways to reach the same goal. T.S. Eliot, Virginia Woolf and James Joyce were modernists. Eliot, Gertrude Stein and Gertrude Stein were modernists like James Joyce, Virginia Woolf, William Faulkner, Gertrude Stein and D.H. Lawrence. Joseph Conrad also responded to these changes in his writings. This thesis aims to identify and analyze the characteristics, evolution and factors that led to modernism and the Twentieth Century novel’s techniques. These features and techniques can also be applied to modernists like Virginia Woolf and James Joyce. The first chapter is an introduction. It provides background information about Modernism’s meaning, history, characteristics, influential factors and theories. It also covers the history of Modernism as well as its origins. The chapter ends with an overview of modern novelists. It also covers Literature Review, which focuses on James Joyce and Virginia Woolf, two modern novelists. This review provides a deeper understanding of the subject matter. This literature review includes reviews of three MA thesis that were previously submitted. This review focuses primarily on Virginia Woolf and James Joyce, two of the most important modernist writers. It also highlights the fundamental features that make them exceptional writers.

What is the Thesis Statement of “Modernity?” : “Modernism”/”MODERNITY”

It can be used to describe a wide range of artistic movements and artists, mainly in the first half century. It is a program to challenge the traditional ways of expressing narrative and representation. It also questions fundamental tenets related to Western Civilization, Human Progress.

A Good Modernism Statement

The topic of teenage pregnancy is vast. Find the right area and narrow down the data.

Describe the Main Idea: Create a modernism thesis statement that explains the main idea in your essay or research paper. This should summarize the main points of your paper. It should highlight the highlights of your essay. This is called a statement with reasoning!

Teenage pregnancy is a case in which you have the option to discuss the causes, mitigation, prevention, health impacts, personal awareness, and challenges.

Focus: You should be clear in your modernism thesis statement. Your thesis statement should be one sentence long. It is only one sentence. It must reflect the essence of the topic. It is also easier to find information that has clearly defined objectives. This prevents you losing your direction or rambling on about irrelevant facts.

Don’t generalize. Focus on specific points and make clear claims. This example clearly shows that we will be discussing the effects of teenage pregnancy on the teenager, their family, and society.

Summarize points: List all valid points that you can support later with credible evidence.

Use the term “globally” to support your claim with statistics from many countries. List out the differences you see between developed and developing countries. It could be an unplanned pregnancy in some countries, especially if there is an early marriage. This is why a planned teenage pregnancy can have a greater impact than an unplanned one.

Defend Your Points: Be prepared to defend your thesis statement with evidence. Your points can be supported with supporting claims and research. Your views should be presented in such a way that the reader is interested enough to take the time to read them.

When you state that pregnancy has an effect on the teenage’s physical and mental health, give the reasons and how. Immature bodies, unplanned pregnancy cause mental trauma, fear, malnutrition, etc.

Consider the reader Viewpoint: Write your thesis statement considering the viewpoint of your reader, not your own. Respect the perspective and outlook of readers and take into account all input.

The thesis statement must grab the attention of the reader. This is your paper’s window. This window should be made reader-friendly, relevant, and exhilarating.

The thesis statement should be included in the first paragraph of the introduction to your essay or research paper. Do your research on the topic. Your insights should be presented in a logical way. Your paper’s foundation will be built on the main points of your thesis statement. This will ensure that each argument flows smoothly into the next. It will make it easy to write the main body of your thesis.

The thesis statement: This should be a framework for your analysis, and your interpretation of the work. Although a thesis statement doesn’t necessarily have to be a statement of argument, or an original insight, it should inform the reader about the impact that the artist’s formal choices have on the viewer.

A good modernism thesis statement should express the main idea and take a stand.

The article “Postmodernism‘s Critique of Modernism” regards this unorganized behavior as a “loss of unity” with the quote, “While modernism regards fragmentation as tragic, laments loss of unity and hope to regain the loss of unity through arts…” (Postmodernism’s).This lack of unity and fragmentation coupled with the enormous crowds of big cities leave the individual feeling smaller and more isolated. This quality is linked to modernism .

The psychological effects of world wars on individuals and their mistrust of the modern world can be blamed for the current state of affairs. Public perceptions of violence and horror were altered by the wars. This change was evident in writers from that time. Modern text is associated with themes such as the shift in focus from the outer world to the inner thoughts and feelings of the writer. The book “Impact of Modernism” focuses on the idea of a world that needed new outlets to express itself. It quotes “Many modernists believed they could find radically new ways of making artwork by rejecting the traditions.” (Impact). The world has lost its beauty so new arts were necessary. Modern writers need to find new inspiration and beauty in the mind of individuals. This is why modern was one of its main focuses.

Modernity is lacking the parental good and memorable lessons to do well AZ MD hv. good. Modernity begins to walk where originality is. This blanket ban on relationships, ethics, pleasure, and sorrows sharing leads to arrogance and over-expension, and breaks in real relationships. This is why marital relationships also suffer from the dark shadow of modernity.

The difference between a topic sentence and a modernism thesis

Topic sentences are what you write about at paragraph and essay levels. The thesis statement is what you actually write about the topic. If the topic is implied by the examples or evidence you provide, some paragraphs can be written without a thesis sentence. The topic sentences that do need to be stated out are placed at the beginning, middle or end of each paragraph depending on whether they are used to introduce the paragraph or turn a corner.

Your thesis statement is your summary of your argument. Sometimes you may want to present it as if it were a topic sentence, at the end of your first paragraph, having led up to it with a number of facts or observations that have led you to wonder about how they add up, and you may ask it as a question to focus your readers; then the actual statement of your thesis (i.e., your conclusion) may answer that question at the beginning of your last paragraph–but very rarely in such a case will you stop there, because in the pose-a-question-then-answer-it essay, you’ll usually need to push that thesis further, into So-What territory, so that your conclusion will imply that there’s yet more to be asked and explained, but you’ve filled the scope of this particular essay, so that readers will either have to ask themselves the questions beyond the scope to which your topic sentence limited you, or otherwise wait for your next essay.

Examples  Modernism thesis

Example 1.

The global problem of teenage pregnancy has a major impact on the mental and physical health of teens. This is one example of a solid thesis statement.

A three-pronged thesis statement contains three reasons to support the thesis. The same example would work for a three-part thesis: “Globally, teenage pregnancy is an important challenge adversely affecting her physical and psychological health, the socio-economic status in her family, as well as the consequences for society as a whole.”

Example 2;

Over the past century, the factory model of education has remained largely unchanged. As it stands, the public education system limits students’ ability to mobilize their creative and innovative potential. This has serious consequences for students as it reduces their opportunities to develop these skills. This system is built on industrial-era values and emphasizes educations that meet the needs of society.

Example 3;

Many children and teens are confronted with bullying every day as they participate in extracurricular activities. Bullying is a growing problem that affects society in general, as well as parents and school administrators. Bullying can be physical or emotional. Cyberbullying and bullying are the worst forms of bullying.

Example 4

Your identity is the summation of all parts of yourself. Making an identity statement means expressing yourself clearly and clearly through self-definition, self-definition, and self-expression. It is a declaration of who you are that others can accept and respect. You are the best qualified person to define yourself, and not others, regardless of how qualified they may be to do so.

Example 5

The ideologies formalism and independence are the foundations of modernism. Modernism and modernity were created by Ernest Hemingway and T.S Eliot through the poem. All can see their poem and relate to modernism through it

Example 6

Poetry makes nothing happen.” Poetry awakens the eyes of the reader and provides insight into the society we live in today and the past. Ezra Pound’s work demonstrates this. He explored the use imagism as a way to criticize modernism and the 20th century. This forced the readers to think about the whole society. This essay aims to demonstrate that poetry can make something happen. It can also have instrumental effects on society.

Example 7

America seems to be interested in learning more about the ingredients that go into her melting pot. Post-modernism is a great way to understand these efforts. Post-modernism can be used to break down stereotypes, such as those surrounding the black family. Modernism is the foundation of post-modernism. Modernism is the philosophy which began with the Enlightenment.

Example 8

Post-modernism refers to a new style of philosophy, art and criticism that emerged in the latter half of the 20th century. This style represents a departure from modernism’s grand theories and ideologies.

Example 9

The behavior of post- modernism is more like an interrogation by the viewer about probabilities. The artwork is a bridge between the two behaviors of the artist and the observer, resulting in multiple meanings. However, it is the viewer who has to construct meaning. The artwork cannot be the source of art, and neither can the artist. This is best understood as a system that is highly entropic and in which the viewer actively participates

Your modernism thesis must be easy to prove. Your thesis should be supported by the evidence available (e.g. evidence from your research or texts). You should not make a wild claim or express a personal opinion. A thesis statement that is effective has been reduced from a broad topic. It should not contain a claim that could easily be covered in dozens of books. The thesis statement should not contain a statement of facts or an assertion that every reader will agree with. Otherwise, you should not try to convince readers with arguments. The thesis must answer the teacher’s question if you are responding to an assignment. To stay focused, pay close attention to the task words of the assignment: compare/contrast or summarize. Proofread!