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February 2010

THESIS: Motivation refers to the process of motivating people to work for the company’s best interests. Organizations need to focus on how and why motivation is created, rather than what motivates an employee.

I. Introduction to Motivation

II. II. Historical perspectives on Motivation

A. A.

B. Hawthorne Studies

C. Maslow’s Hierarchy for Needs

Motivation-Hygiene Theory by D. Herzberg

E. Theory X, Theory Y

F. Reinforcement theory


A. A. Equity theory

B. Expectancy theory

C. Goal-setting theory

IV. Motivational techniques

A. A.

B. Job enrichment

C. Behavior modification

D. Flextime

E. Part-time employment and Job sharing

F. Telecommuting

G. Self-managed work groups

H. Employee ownership



Motivation can be defined as an individual, internal process that drives, directs, and sustains behavior. Motivation is simply the force that makes people behave in a certain way, regardless of whether it’s positive or negative. Motivation is closely linked to employee morale. This is their attitude about their job, their superiors, and the company itself. A high morale employee will be more loyal and dedicated to their job. A positive aspect of the job and the company, such as being acknowledged at work and financial security, can lead to high morality. Motivation is simply the act of giving reasons to people to work for the organization’s best interests.



Many historical perspectives on motivation have emphasized what motivates employees rather than how they are motivated. These theories can be used to compare modern motivation research methods.



Scientific Management, which used scientific principles to manage work and workers, was one of the historical views about motivation. Frederick Taylor proposed a simple system that didn’t address other motivations than pay. This idea was born out of the observation that many workers were being’soldiered’, meaning they worked slowly for fear of losing their jobs or being fired. Taylor proposed that jobs be broken down into distinct tasks. Taylor believed that the best jobs are those that can be done efficiently and that each job should produce a certain amount of output. He suggested the idea of a piece-rate system to pay employees. This is where they are paid a fixed amount for every unit produced. This theory did not address the motivational aspect of employees. This is a problem because people work for more than just pay.



Later, the Hawthorne Studies were conducted. This theory, named after the place where it was developed, examined the effects of the work environment on employee productivity. One experiment was done by varying the lighting, while the other examined the effectiveness of the piece rate system. The first experiment involved two groups. One group was to reduce the amount of light that it received. Both groups saw productivity increase. Researchers expected productivity to increase in the second experiment because workers who are faster would be more productive than those who were slower. Output remained constant, as the end result. According to the Hawthorne research, the human factor was responsible for the results of both experiments. The lighting experiment showed that a sense of involvement increased productivity. This is because workers felt important and were encouraged to participate in research. The piece-rate experiment required that each worker set an acceptable output rate to maintain or gain’social acceptance’. These studies revealed that motivated workers are more productive and happier. This shows that not everyone is happy with the same methods.



Maslow’s hierarchy is another theory. It states that people act in order to satisfy five levels of personal needs. These are the basic human needs. These five categories are: Physiological (the basic human need for food and shelter), Safety (the necessity for physical and psychological security such as job security and health insurance), Social (the desire to belong), Esteem (the desire to be respected and recognized by others), and Self actualization (the desire to grow, develop, and become the best version of oneself). But, not all needs must be met at the same time. It is not necessary to meet all of one’s basic needs in order to feel safe at work or at home. According to this theory, motivation to work comes from many factors. Income is essential to support their families, pay their bills and feel fulfilled. It may seem obvious to some that the higher a worker’s earnings, the more they are encouraged to work harder and produce more output. Not everyone works for the money. Many workers believe they would work for less money if they could afford to live comfortably. The non-monetary rewards that are offered by the work environment is another aspect of labor’s happiness. People want to work in a pleasant, safe environment. There are many reasons people wake up each morning to go to work. However, the satisfaction levels vary from person to person.



Another theory is Herzberg’s Motivation Hygiene Theory, which holds that satisfaction and dissatisfaction can be completely different. This means that while low pay may make an employee feel unhappy, high pay will make him happy. Herzberg believes there are two factors that contribute to this theory. Two factors can be considered motivation factors. They are job factors that increase motivation, but do not necessarily cause dissatisfaction. These include recognition, growth, and achievement. If they are present, these aspects are known as satisfiers. Hygiene factors, on the other hand are job factors that reduce dissatisfaction when they are present. These factors include job security, supervision, and working conditions. Herzberg believes there can be no dissatisfaction, because there will always be someone unhappy.


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