Multi-Valued Orientation

Multi-Valued Orientation.Welcome to exercise 2, which will focus on multi-valued orientation. In chapter 12, Hayakawa argues that multi-valued orientation makes us “increasingly capable of reacting appropriately to the many complex situations life presents” (p. 126). In contrast to two-valued orientation, multi-valued orientation allows for us to express a range of opinions or answers instead of only two opposite ones (like “yes” and “no” or “up” and “down”). Prepare for this essay by brainstorming two lists. One list should include examples of experiences where you or someone you know was locked into a two-valued orientation but would have benefitted from a multi-valued orientation. Next, prepare another list of situations where those involved benefitted from multi-valued orientation. Select which of the experiences you’d like to write about from each list. If you’d rather not write about personal experiences, you can also include examples from the news, books or movies. Here is a suggested outline for your paper: Paragraph 1: Introduction. How can you catch your readers’ attention? Paragraph 2: Explain the situation involving two-valued orientation. Please include specific examples and details so your readers fully understand the situation. Paragraph 3: Discuss how the two-valued orientation used by communicators in the situation impacted the outcome. Were opportunities to communicate more effectively and clearly missed because of two-valued orientation? How so? Be specific. Paragraph 4: Explain the situation involving multi-valued orientation. Remember to include specific examples and as many details as possible so readers understand the situation clearly. Paragraph 5: Discuss how multi-valued orientation benefitted those involved in the situation. As always, include as many specific examples as possible. Paragraph 6: Argue the benefits of multi-valued orientation based on your analysis of the situations you’d discussed. What final thoughts would you like to leave your readers with concerning these important concepts?

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