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Physical geography studies the Earth’s surface and the patterns it exhibits. In the mid- to late 1800s, physical geography and especially geomorphologists were self-identified. They dominated geography until the 1930s. Physical geography fell to its lowest point in the 1950s due to an excessive amount of environmental determinism and emphasis on the description and classification climates, landforms and biomes. In the 1960s, physical geography and human geography were both subject to radical quantification. In the 1970s, there was a period of intense discipline specialization that led to the recognition of five major divisions in physical geography: geomorphology (climatology), biogeography, soil science and Quaternary environment change. There are many subdisciplines within each broad division, as well as specializations. Physical geographers are experiencing a revival in the early 21st Century, largely due to their broad subject matter, intrinsic interdisciplinary nature and the rapid pace of global environmental changes. The renaissance can be seen in Nicholas J. Clifford’s redefinition physical geography in “Globalization. A Physical Geography Perspective.” “Physical Geography has always sought out to describe and understand multiple subsystems in the environment and their links with human activity: it’s global and globalizing at the very roots.” Human activity is creating an entirely new geologic age–the Anthropocene. Many have suggested that physical geographers should be more multidisciplinary while still maintaining a spatioanalytic view of their study of human-environmental interactions. Irrespective of disciplinary membership, in the coming decades, if a more integrative physical geographic discipline continues to emerge, physical geographers will become indispensable–global warming will affect the spatial and temporal patterns of local, regional, and global temperatures; precipitation; and evapotranspiration, which affect the following processes (among many others): weathering rates, soil erosion, shallow landslide occurrence, flood hydrologies and river planforms, animal and plant distributions, sea level, and glacier and permafrost melting. Remote sensing, digital mapping, and analysis are just a few of the exciting new areas in physical geography. It is possible to use terrain analysis to predict soil attributes, forecast high spatial and time-resolution rainfall, estimate ice-sheet surface reduction, and estimate soil moisture.

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