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Physics is the science of the structure and interactions of fundamental elements of the universe. Physics, from the Greek physikos, is the broadest definition of physics. It covers all aspects of nature at both submicroscopic and macroscopic levels. It includes the study of the behaviour of objects in response to forces, as well as the origin and nature of electromagnetic, gravitational and nuclear force field fields. The ultimate goal of the study is to formulate a few principles that can explain and bring together all these disparate phenomena.

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Physics is the fundamental physical science. Natural philosophy and physics were interchangeable until very recently. Their purpose is to discover and formulate the fundamental laws that govern nature. With the development of modern science and increasing specialized, physics became a term that refers to any part of physical sciences not covered in engineering, chemistry, astronomy, geology, or chemistry. Although physics plays an important part in all natural sciences, there are branches of physics that focus on physical laws and measurements. These branches include astrophysics and geophysics and biophysics. Psychophysics is another example. Physics can be described as the science and study of matter, motion, energy. Its laws are often expressed in mathematics with precision and economy.

Faces of Science

Galileo Galilei. Anders Celsius. While you may be familiar with their names, do you really know their identities? This quiz will test your knowledge about famous scientists.

Both theory and experiment play important roles in the advancement and development of physics. The results of physical experiments are measured, which can be compared to the predicted outcome by theory. A law of physics is a theory that predicts the results of all experiments. A law of physics can be modified, replaced, or restricted to a smaller domain if necessary.

Physics’ ultimate goal is to discover a single set of laws that govern matter, motion and energy at subatomic (microscopic), human (macroscopic), and extragalactic (extragalactic) distances. This ambitious goal has been achieved to a significant extent. A complete theory of all physical phenomena is not yet possible. However, a small number of fundamental laws of physics appears to be able to explain most phenomena. Classic physics, the body of physics that was developed before the turn of 20th century, can account for macroscopic objects moving slowly in relation to light speed and other phenomena such as heat, sound and electricity. Modern developments in relativity and quantum mechanics alter these laws insofar that they apply to very large objects at higher speeds and tiny elementary constituents of matter such as electrons and protons.

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