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What’s Food Science?

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Food science studies the chemical, biological, and physical makeup of food. It also examines the causes of food deterioration and the concepts that underlie food processing.

Technologists and food scientists apply scientific disciplines such as chemistry, engineering, and nutrition to study food in order to improve its safety, nutritional quality, and availability.

Food scientists can develop methods to preserve, package, store and process food according to specific industry standards and regulations.

What is Food Technology?

Food technology refers to the application of food science in the selection, preservation and processing of food, as well as distribution, use, and disposal of safe food.

Analytical chemistry, biotechnology and engineering are all related fields.

What’s Food Processing and Manufacturing?

Food processing refers to the alteration of food substances’ properties in order to preserve, improve or make them more useful.

Food processors are people who take animal, vegetable, or marine material and turn it into edible products using labor, machinery, energy and scientific knowledge.

The conversion of bulky, perishable and often inedible foods into shelf-stable, tasty and convenient food and beverages can be done using chemical, biological, or mechanical processes.

Food processing is the biggest manufacturing industry in the United States.

The FDA estimates that there are around 44,000 food processors in the United States and 113,000 food warehouses worldwide that supply processed foods to the country. These processors can include producers, wineries, canners, and other food and drink manufacturers and distributors.

More than 1.2 Million retail food establishments (restaurants, grocery shops, etc.) sell or serve food directly to customers.

What’s Food Research?

Food research refers to the systematic, careful study, investigation and compilation of information about food and its components.

What is Food Manufacturing? Food manufacturing refers to the mass production and use of raw materials from animal and plant material. It is based on principles of food technology.

What’s Product Development?

Product development refers to the creation of new colors, flavors or varieties of products as well as the creation of completely new products.

What are Quality Assurance and Quality Control?

Quality assurance and quality control are the processes of ensuring products are made correctly, that ingredients are tested and meet safety and quality standards .

What’s Food Regulation?

Food regulation refers to the establishment of standards, defining safety and inspecting products. Governments set regulations.

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