Pickering Quotes from Pygmalion

Pygmalion, a theatrical drama that studies leaning institutions, is interesting. Before we can discuss Pygmalion’s quotes, it is important to understand the role of drama in leaning. Let’s look at several aspects of drama in studies.

Why study Drama?

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Drama is a vital skill for living in a society where communication is essential.

Drama improves students’ artistic and creative skills and helps them to understand themselves and the world around them. Students can become more reflective members of the Australian community by exploring drama contexts that relate to identity, societies and cultures, ideologies gender, time, change, gender, and other topics.

Drama students can explore intellectual, social and physical domains by learning through thought, feeling, and action.

Drama encourages self-discipline and teamwork, and helps to develop skills in interpreting and researching, problem solving, and decision making.

What is drama?

Students learn acting and staging skills in tandem with studying texts and contexts. This allows them to create, interpret, analyse, and evaluate dramatic styles and forms. The classroom, adjacent grounds, library, costume and props rooms and a theatre space are all used by students. Texts, videos, guest artists workshops, and attending theatre performances are all part of their understanding of drama.

How is a student assessed?

Assessment includes the three dimensions of Presenting, Forming, and Responding.

The task of forming tasks involves the preparation for a performance. It can be either scripted or student-created. This assessment is both written and oral, and tests students’ knowledge of the elements of drama.

The tasks require students to present polished performances of their work, either in small groups or individually. This assessment is focused on both Australian Drama as well as World Drama.

Response tasks include written analyses of the work of peers or performances at large, plays and scripts, drama periods, and styles. The student must respond as an actor, director, designer, and audience during their studies.

This context focuses on Pygmalion being a theatrical performance in which students must respond to George Bernard Shaw’s work. Quotes are viewed as key elements that allow students to understand and build arguments about the key ideas within the play. Here are Key Ideas and Quotes from Pygmalion.

  • How people perceive them externally

“You know that you can’t be nice inside if your outside is dirty.” (Mrs Pearce Act II).

Here Mrs Pearce clarifies society’s perspective by stating that one’s inner worth is determined by how they look. This is what Mrs Pearce said to Eliza when she arrived at Henry Higgins’ house, which was covered in dirt and street debris. In case you were curious, Eliza is not called a “slut” because it doesn’t refer to her as sexually promiscuous. It is an old-fashioned term for a dirty girl.

“I would like a little kindness. “I know I’m an ignorant girl and you’re a book-learned man; but I’m not dirt beneath your feet.” (Eliza Act V).

To subvert the view that Eliza should be judged on her dirtiness, Eliza uses the recurring theme of dirt. Eliza recognizes her intrinsic value, despite the fact that society may judge her for her cleanliness and education.

  • The inequity of the class system

“You can see the creature with her kerbstone English. This is the English that will keep it in the gutter until the end of her days. “Well, sir. In three months, I could pass that girl off at an ambassador’s garden party.” (The note taker, Act I).

The note-taker, Henry Higgins (the note-taker), suggests that the only thing that distinguishes the rich from the poor is their accent. What does this say about the power and versatility of language?

“I would like to work in a flower shop instead of selling at Tottenham Court Road corner.” But they won’t take me unless my speech is more genteel.” (Eliza Act II).

Eliza shows in this monologue that accents can impede one’s social mobility. This quote might make Bernard Shaw’s comment on injustice.

  • Individual agency and autonomy

“It’s making me a gentleman that I object to. He asked me to be a gentleman. I was happy. “I was happy.” (Doolittle Act V).

Here Mr Doolitte, Eliza’s father, compares his life as a gentleman to his poverty life. He says he prefers poverty to gentility, because at least when he wasn’t poor he is happy and free. This shows that individual autonomy is more important then wealth or social class. This is what you think.

“But, you see, I did it; that’s what makes all the difference” (Eliza Act V).

Eliza recognizes her own agency in changing herself. This is why the emphasis on the first person in this quote is not Higgins’. This contrasts with Higgins’ claims that he was the only one who could transform Eliza.

  • Power, Exploitation and Dehumanization

“You are certainly a beautiful pair of babies, playing together with your doll” (Mrs Higgins Act III).

Mrs. Higgins uses this quotation to criticize Pickering and Higgins. This comment reveals two things. First, it demonstrates the inexperience of the men who attempt to transform Eliza. Second, it demonstrates the lack of agency they offer Eliza. They refer to her as a doll because they view her as something that can easily be moulded and controlled by their own wills. Not someone who has to make decisions for themselves. This quote reminds us also of Pygmalion’s title, a greek myth about a man named Pygmalion. He molded his ideal woman from marble and kissed her to bring out her true beauty. What can Mrs Higgin’s comment and allusion to greek mythology tell us about Eliza’s identity perceptions?

“I created this thing from the squashed cabbage leaves in Covent garden.” (Henry Higgins Act V).

Higgins suggested in this conversation that he was the one who transformed Eliza and stripped her of her agency. What makes you believe Higgins thinks he is more powerful than Eliza in making changes in Eliza’s life?

“you won my bet! You! You presumptuous insect! It was mine!” (Henry Higgins Act IV).

Higgins not only takes away Eliza’s agency to win the bet but also calls Eliza an insect. What connotations does the word “insect” have that reflect Higgins’ treatment of Eliza?

Colonel Pickering

A student might want to think about the quotes and characters in the play for a deeper response. As an example, Colonel Pickering is a fascinating study in Pygmalion.

Colonel Pickering is a key character in George Bernard Shaw’s “Pygmalion”. Pickering is described as a man with great understanding who seems to have drunk the milk of humanity. Colonel Pickeming, an elderly gentleman, is older than Professor Higgins and Pro. Pickering is an expert on Sanskrit and has also studied phonetics, just like Henry Higgins. It’s not a coincidence that Pickering meets Higgins at the church. Henry Higgins, a professor in phonetics, is the reason he has traveled to London. Higgins knows Colonel Pickering and would like to meet him. Pickering is with Higgins while he’s in London. Pickering and Higgins share a lot of intimacy. It is Colonel Pickering who attempts to create a bridge between Henry Higgins, Eliza Doolottle, and throughout the play.

Colonel Pickering is very interested in Eliza’s education. Pickering challenged Higgins to prove his claim that he could teach Eliza phonetically correct English in six months. Pickering informs Higgins, that if Higgins succeeds with his experiment, he will pay all expenses for Eliza’s education including Higgins fees.

Colonel Pickering spends lots of money on Eliza. Eliza is also treated to expensive dresses and hired diamond jewellery by Colonel Pickering. Colonel Pickering is happy to see Eliza perform at an ambassador’s party.

The epilogue of the play reveals that Colonel Pickering provided financial assistance to Eliza (and Freddy) to start a flower cuin-vegetable business. He makes every effort to make their lives happy. Eliza is his child. Without Colonel Pickering, Eliza’s life would not have been as easy. Pickering is an amiable, kind-hearted man as evident by this.

Examples Of Pickering Quotes Pygmalion

  • Higgins: “Excuse me for asking the straight question. Is it possible to be a man of character when it comes to women?
  • “Eliza was doing it so well, I was quite scared once or twice. It’s not easy for many people to do this: they believe style is innately given to them by their circumstances, and they don’t learn.

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