Power Point Presentation

Instructions First step: Select 1 artist from the following list. Jacob Lawrence Faith Ringgold Diego Rivera John-Michael Basquiat Mary Cassatt Second Step: What should be included in your 10 page power point presentation: A discussion of your artist background and their works should answer the following questions: Who is your artist? What other artists or artistic styles might’ve influenced them? Who do you think is interested in viewing this type of artwork? When was the time period for their body of work/work you’ve selected? What art movement were they a part of (there should be a commonly used term, similar to the ones you learned in the semester: I.e. Renaissance, post-modern, contemporary, etc.)? What historical context influenced this art movement? What impact did this art movement have on the art world? 2)Keeping with your same artist your discussing, pick only one example of their work to analyze. You will then conduct a formal analysis of the artwork as discussed in Units 3, 4, 5, 6 using Elements of Art and Principles of design terms. Focal Point or Emphasis Line Balance Variety and Unity Color Rhythm and Repetition Proportion and Scale Atmospheric Perspective Shape

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