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The pre-Civil War years (1820-1861, also known as the “antebellum decades”) were among America’s most turbulent. They witnessed significant changes during the United States’ emergence. The nation transformed from a nation of frontiersmen and farmers to an urbanized economic powerhouse during these years. Five major trends dominated American social, political, and economic life as the North industrialized and the South agricultural South became further apart.

The Market Revolution, which saw the shift from an agricultural economy towards one that is based on wages and the exchange for goods and services, was the first major change in the western and northern economies between 1820-181860. The North saw a boom in manufacturing after Eli Whitney invented the cotton-gin and made it possible to use interchangeable parts. Cyrus McCormick’s mechanical mower-reaper revolutionized grain production in West. The Erie Canal and Cumberland Road were internal improvements that allowed goods and commodities to move easily and cheaply from the agricultural West to the North. Wage labor was also created by the growth in manufacturing.

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Second, America’s urbanization accelerated during this period. The United States was a land that was almost entirely made up of farmers. But around 1820, millions began to move to cities. Along with many million of German and Irish immigrants, they flooded the northern cities to seek jobs in the new industrial economy. Because it created America’s first middle-class, the advent of the wage labor program played a significant role in the transformation of America’s social fabric. This growing middle class, mainly composed of skilled laborers and white-collar workers, was the driving force behind many reform movements. These movements included those to decrease alcohol consumption, ban slavery, and improve prisons and insane asylums. The Second Great Awakening’s religious revivalism also had a significant impact on American society in all regions.

The third was that the major political battles of the antebellum period were focused on the rights of the states. The “states’ rightsers” who believed that each state should have final say in matters relating to the Constitution were dominant in the southern states. Inspired by the old Democratic-Republicans, John C. Calhoun argued in his “South Carolina Exposition and Protest” essay that the states had the right to nullify laws that they deemed unconstitutional because the states themselves had created the Constitution. Some, like President Andrew Jackson or Chief Justice John Marshall believed the federal government was in control of the states. The Nullification Crisis of 1832-1833 was a crucial moment in the debate that almost led to civil war.

The fourth issue was closely related to the issue of states’ rights. It was the debate about slavery, which is the most controversial issue that the nation has ever faced. Between 1820-1861, northerners began to see the injustices and horrors of slavery and southerners became more dependent on it for their cotton-based economies. Northerners didn’t necessarily seek social and political equality for the blacks, they only sought their emancipation. Politicians debated mainly on the westward expansion and survival of slavery by southern elites. Others opposed expansion of slavery beyond the South. This debate was crucial in the Missouri crisis, the annexed Texas and after the Mexican War.

The issue of westward expansion had an impact on American politics and society in the antebellum period. Many nationalistic Americans believed God wanted them to spread democracy across the continent in the wake of 1812’s War of 1812. Over a million Americans sold their East coast homes to follow the “manifest destiny” idea and set off on the dangerous Oregon, Santa Fe and Mormon Trails. In 1846, policymakers used public sentiment to purchase Florida and Oregon. They declared war on Mexico to seize Texas and California and all that was between.

These trends ultimately irreconcilably divided the North and the South. Wage labor, the Market Revolution, better transportation, social reforms and a growing middle class in the North all clashed against the deeply-rooted, almost feudal social hierarchy of the South. The regions became further divided by each successive debate about slavery and westward expansion until, finally, in 1850s, the North was wildly different from the South, both culturally and socially.

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