Press Release/Article Plan

Press Release;
Follow the format exactly** Client Project: Avestor is a real estate investment platform looking for me to create a press plan and article rollout to expand the exposure of its platform to improve its brand awareness, and market visibility to attract more sponsors. Apply one of the university goals: Diversity, Equity & Social Justice OR Ethics, Agency, & Community



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HONE CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS:  The client project will require thorough understanding of the client’s problem as well as the opportunity to analyze pertinent data and formulate recommendations.
ENGAGE IN EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION:  Effective communication is fundamental to success.  This course practices both written and oral plus individual and team communication.
UNDERSTAND DIVERSITY, EQUITY and SOCIAL JUSTICE:  Students will explore and analyze identity, power relationships and social justice in historical contexts and contemporary settings from multiple perspectives.  Students will apply this approach to better understand how these elements can impact the success or failure or a client’s business/organization.  Recommendations will be framed within the context of this learning objective.
UNDERSTAND ETHICS, AGENCY and COMMUNITY:  Students will examine values, theories and practices that inform their actions and reflect on how personal choices and group decisions impact local and global communities.




CITATIONS:  For all assignments use APA for Citations.



Individual Writing Assignment- UNST GOALS Essay #1

Requirements: 2 pages maximum. Please be concise, succinct, and thoughtful.

Grading Rubric:100-point grading scale: Please see Rubric in Canvas for required elements and weights.


Content:  The purpose of the write-up is to apply strategy concepts in the readings and the UNST Business Goals to the student’s client project & current events.


First Section: Define the concept(s) (your choice of concept) from the reading, class discussion, or client project IN YOUR OWN WORDS (do not quote the concept from the textbook or any source you use). Illustrate your definition with an example, to demonstrate your understanding of the concept. The example can be hypothetical. It does not have to actually exist.

Second Section:  Apply the concept(s) to a current business issue in the news from the last 6 months.  Focus on the strategic implications of how or why the concept(s) is/are relevant or not relevant to the business issue. Use at least one example from the current business issue to demonstrate your understanding of the concept.  Make sure to use appropriate citations.

Third Section: Apply the concept(s) to your client*. Focus on the strategic implications of how or why the concept(s) is/are relevant or not relevant to your client. Include at least one example to illustrate your concept. Explain and provide an example.

Fourth section: Apply one of the UNST Business Goals to your client* & business: Diversity, Equity & Social Justice OR Ethics, Agency, & Community in that write-up & discuss how it does or doesn’t apply to your client. You must use an example to illustrate the UNST Goal.

Fifth section:  Summarize your essay and link your concept, examples and UNST goal together.

Last Section: Finally, cite the news source for the current business issue

Examples: There are examples of student’s previous write-ups in your Canvas course shell. These should be used for inspiration- not an example of a “perfect” paper.

*NOTE: You can use another business instead of your client if this fits better with your concept you choose.