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Pro Gun Control Argumentative Essay. 1

Gun Control Definition. 1

Debate Side Choice Pro Gun Control Essay. 1

Here are some arguments that gun control advocates support: 1

These general ideas can be applied by opposition: 1

Pro Gun Control Essay Types. 2

How to Select a Good Pro Gun Control Topic. 2

How to write a Pro Gun Control Essay. 3

Introduction. 3

Body. 3

Conclusion. 4

Reasons Why Guns Should be Banned. 4

Mass Shooting: The Reason. 4

An increase in crime rates 4

Risk for Children. 4

Why Guns Should not be Banned. 5

Personal Responsibility. 5

Physical Discipline. 5

Confidence. 5

Relief from Stress 5

Gun Ownership: Taking Pride. 6

Pro Gun Control in the U.S. 6


Is it possible to estimate the number of gun-related deaths worldwide?. 6

How many people are killed by gunshots in the world?. 7

How many guns are made each year worldwide?. 7


Gun regulation and firearm licences. 7



Pro Gun Control Argumentative Essay

Gun Control Definition

Now, you have been assigned to write an essay on gun control. How do you begin? It is essential that you have a good understanding of gun control before you can form your opinions and make statements. Therefore, let us compare and contrast essay on gun control.

In short, gun control is a collection of laws and regulations which regulate gun manufacture, transfer, possession, and use within a specific legislation. This is an important point that should be included when writing a’ Gun Control Essay Introduction.”

Gun control is very restrictive in many countries around the world. Most laws keep firearms out of reach. This makes gun possession a privilege. It means that only a small number of people are allowed to own and use firearms.

However, some countries still have permissive gun control systems. The USA is one such country. Because of the country’s colonial history, and its well-developed gun culture, most Americans are allowed to own firearms. This is why gun control debates in the USA are so serious.

This is the Second Amendment to US Constitution. It protects civilian firearm ownership rights. This argument often drives gun control laws against this country. Pro-gun control advocates claim that firearm ownership is not unlimited. They argue that restrictions and proper procedures should apply to certain groups and locations to prevent them from being owned. This should be covered on, ‘Good Control Essay Conclusion.’

Debate Side Choice Pro Gun Control Essay

First, you should learn about firearm regulations in general. Then, find common arguments for both sides of the debate. In fact, the core of this debate is a philosophical issue: Is gun possession a right or a privelege? There are many other questions that follow from this one, such as is gun control a social issue, should gun be banned pros and cos, why guns should be banned essay or why guns should not be banned essay.

Here are some arguments that gun control advocates support:

  • Firearms regulation laws reduce gun deaths.
  • The majority of guns used for crimes were bought legally, and not from gun dealers (upto 90% in the USA).
  • Gun ownership increases the risk of gun accidents and domestic violence.

These general ideas can be applied by opposition:

  • Gun ownership is the best way for self-defense.
  • Gun control would not change anything; it will just increase the availability and price of guns on the black market.
  • Gun safety education and education will be more effective that increased firearm regulation.

Although some may believe that more arguments will make their case stronger, it really is about the quality of those arguments. It is more difficult to challenge an argument if it is strong. What makes a strong argument good? First, it must be simple to understand and clearly stated. A strong argument should be supported by evidence and facts rather than emotion. A strong argument should be backed by reliable sources, and have resource links if it is an essay.

Pro Gun Control Essay Types

There are many types of pro gun control essays students can write. Each paper has its own unique features and peculiarities. It is therefore important to recognize these differences so that you can successfully tackle this assignment.

Let’s look closer at the major essay types and how they differ:

  • Gun Control Argumentative essays – This type of paper involves supporting your position using strong arguments. For instance, one can look at why guns should not be banned essay. This type of essay can only be written if you have done extensive research, collected arguments from credible sources, and analysed them.
  • Gun Control Cause and Effect essay This is a way to describe the causes and effects of something. For example, gun control can be analyzed by students who choose to focus on a particular law or event and explain the cause and effect relationship. Besides, one can look the pro-gun control essay
  • Gun Control Definition essay. This paper is meant -to help the reader understand a term or problem. Besides, you can look at compare and contrast essay on gun control.
  • Gun Control Expository essay: This type of paper demands deeper research and exposure of facts. To solve a problem, you must dig deeper into the subject and then present the issue to the reader. In this instance, you might look at how the government makes money on gun control debates. Under this look, the like can also explore on, “Is Gun Control a Social Issue.”
  • Gun Control Persuasive essay– This paper must convince the reader by appealing to logic, facts, or emotions. Example of a topic, “Why Guns Should not be Banned Essay.”
  • Gun Control Reflection paper – This type of paper requires the writer to think about their topic. Example of a topic, “Should Guns be Banned Pros and Cos.”
  • Gun Control Annotated Bibliography essay is a type of paper that aims to summarize, analyze, and research the available resources (such books, journals or news reports). This is a topic specific.

How to Select a Good Pro Gun Control Essay Topic

Before you start writing your paper, you need to choose a topic. However, it can be hard to decide and choose the right topic. For instance, you can first compare and contrast essay on gun control to try and come up with a topic. Also, it is important for the readers to get an insight about your topic when reading through the, ‘Gun Control Essay Introduction.’

Students make major mistakes at this stage. They choose topics blindly and without any prior research. However, many students choose broad topics that will prove difficult to convey in an essay.

Keep in mind that gun control is both a global and extensive issue. It’s impossible to cover all of the details in one paper. To be able to dig deeper into the topic as you write your essay, we recommend you pick a narrower topic.

These are key features to remember when choosing a topic for your essay:

  • Importance– It does not matter what kind of essay you’re writing, but it is vital to keep your focus on the most important and relevant topics. Example is, “Is Gun Control A Social Issue, ” or “compare and contrast essay on gun control.”
  • Engagement Engaging your readers and you with a great topic. Example is, “Should Guns be Banned Pros and Cos.”
  • Size: A topic that is good for your paper should be just right-sized. It is important to make sure you have enough information on the topic to fit the page limit. Example, “Why Guns Should Be Banned Essay.”
  • Precision: A good topic should be specific and accurate. For example, “Reasons why gun control is good” is too general, while “Stricter gun control laws in the USA can minimize the social risks” has a more focused topic.
  • Relevance of your thesis. It is crucial to ensure that the Gun Control topic you choose is consistent with your thesis. Your topic should, for example, be pro-gun control if your topic is going to concentrate on gun control’s benefits in your paper. Example is, “Pro Gun Control Essay.”
  • Debatable – a good topic should be controversial–meaning that there should be both arguments for and against it. Both sides will be needed to understand the subject. Gun control laws are a good example of this. “Should Guns be Banned Pros and Cos.”

How to write a Pro Gun Control Essay

Gun Control Essay Introduction

The introduction is your opening paragraph in an essay. It can be used to make a good impression or a bad one on your readers. How can you write a compelling introduction to a Pro gun control essay? Anecdotes or proverbs can be used depending on the essay type. For example, it is better to use a definition, statistic, or anecdote for a gun-control essay. However, anecdotes or proverbs or quotes may not work for a gun control argumentative essay or gun control persuasive essay. Last but not least, make sure to include your thesis statement. Example of a thesis statement, “Why Gun Control Should be Banned Essay.” This is typically found at the end of an intro.

When You Choose Boom Papers, we can assist in coming up with Gun control Research paper, Gun Control Essay Titles, Gun Control Argumentative Essays, Gun Control Persuasive Essay, and or any other Gun Control Topic.


The main ideas from your pro gun control essay are typically found in the body paragraphs. The length of your paper will determine how many points you write. Use transitional sentences at either the end or beginning of every paragraph. It’s important to begin every major point with another paragraph. Additionally, you should make sure that your most gun control persuasive argument is presented last.

Read our essay writing guide to learn more and then apply it to your pro gun control assignment.

Gun Control Essay Conclusion

Your conclusion should sum up the main points in your essay about pro gun controls. It should be concise and short. It is possible to add some final thoughts or a call-to-action depending on the nature and purpose of the paper such as compare and contrast essay on gun control. However, it should relate to the points that you’ve already covered.

This is particularly important when writing Gun control persuasive or argumentative essays. Learn more about How to End a Paper.

Reasons Why Guns Should be Banned

Mass Shooting

Gun use is something that must be controlled to ensure safety. These mass shootings have become more common with easy access to guns and an increase in mass shootings. This gun control essay will help you understand this.

Handling guns need proper training. The gun can be dangerous and not everyone can use it. Guns cannot be activated by themselves. Someone must pull the trigger. You must take good care of the gun.

13 students lost their lives, and 23 others were injured. On April 16, 2007, a gunman aged 23 attacked Virginia Tech in Blacksburg and shot 32 people. He also injured a few others. Adam Lanza, another gunman, also killed innocents on December 14, 2012. These are just a few examples from all mass shootings. All these mass shootings share one thing in common. These gun-toting gunmen are gun gunners who turned the gun around on their lives and took their own life. The number of mass shootings has increased over the years. It is imperative to enforce stronger gun laws so that public shootings such as these never happen again. It is essential to include such statistics in the section, ‘Gun Control Essay Conclusion.’

An increase in crime rates

Fear of guns accounts for 85 percent of all crimes. Guns are part of American culture. Many Americans own guns. They own everything from hunting rifles to simple revolvers. The ease of access to guns only encourages crime. These crimes can be stopped, as you’ve seen in the gun control essay. Guns cannot be easily distributed to shops and only a handful of shops would be allowed to sell them. These shops may also be allowed to sell guns if they are granted special permission. You will gain a better understanding of gun control by reading this essay.

Risk for Children

Guns are extremely sensitive. They should be kept safe and out of reach for children. Children love gin toys. They enjoy playing with guns and keep firing randomly with gun toys. So imagine what would happen if a child has access to a real firearm.

A Pediatrics study found that children living in states where there are strict firearm laws are less likely die from gun violence. The higher the death risk, the stricter the rules.

In total, 21241 children and young people under 21 years old were found to have died in the last five years. 62% of all deaths were from assault, followed by suicides.

The researchers found that stricter gun laws result in fewer suicides and murders in states than those with less laws. Laws should be made, such as waiting longer to obtain firearms, universal background checks and restrictions on guns being carried in public. These laws will help lower suicide rates.

Why Guns Should not be Banned

Being a gun owner, being able to fire it well, taking responsibility for your gun, and spending time at a range can all be very rewarding and thus, it is important to compare and contrast essay on gun control.

Now that you have bought your new firearm, completed safety classes, and are ready to begin advanced training courses that will make your shooting skills even better, even if your goal is to learn new tactical moves and advanced shooting methods, the fun of spending time at a range and improving your marksmanship can be liberating, relaxing, and even beneficial for your health. Gun ownership has many benefits. You can improve your mental and physical health while having fun.

Personal Responsibility

Owning a gun requires you to be present and accountable. You will join a proud bunch of gun owners that, in some way, are more committed to national security and liberty.

Physical Discipline

Gun owners who are committed and responsible will spend the time to learn the sport’s physical requirements. Shooting sport provides a positive outlet for people who are looking to improve their motor skills as well as eye-hand coordination.


A new shooter might be intimidated by the idea of firing a gun. It is best to make their first experience as a shooter enjoyable and positive. After spending time at the range, your confidence will grow as you learn to shoot and complete progressively more advanced firearms training classes.

Relief from Stress

Shooting a gun is an exhilarating and thrilling experience. But it somehow blends adrenaline boosting, high-octane entertainment with calm, focused focus that must to be experienced. Shooting can cause adrenaline to be released. Your liver will then break down and use glycogen, which fuels your body. It is possible to find a calmness in shooting mindfully and with the mental discipline necessary to do so.

Gun Ownership: Taking Pride

Gun owners today, women and men, take pride in their guns and don’t take it lightly. A gun isn’t just for protection. You can also use it to enjoy recreational shooting, such as hunting and competition. Your firearm may be allowed to be used recreationally, but that doesn’t mean you need to ignore safety precautions. Safety courses and workshops are a great way to prepare yourself for gun ownership. Owning a firearm is a good investment. It can provide many benefits in the long-term. This is a huge responsibility for gun owners.

You could save your own life or help others by learning how to use your gun. Let’s all pray that it never happens. But, in the meantime enjoy the positive effects of gun ownership. You will see how shooting your gun can make an immediate and lasting impact on your sense of well-being.

Pro Gun Control in the U.S.

Gun control is controversial nowhere in the world more than the United States. As a result, several articles have be written in regards to ‘compare and contrast essay on gun control.’ lThere, gun ownership is constitutionally protected. However, murders (including mass killings) are commonplace in this country. It also has the highest homicide-by firearm rate of all developed countries. The United States has a lot of gun control supporters. They argue that it will decrease crime and save lives. However, the opposition claims that it would make law-abiding citizens less able to defend themselves from armed criminals.

The debate over gun control in the United States is also about the proper interpretation and application of the Second Amendment. It states that “a well-regulated Militia” means that states have the right to maintain militias. Individuals are allowed to “keep and bear arm” when they serve in a state militia. This interpretation is consistent with many existing restrictions on individual gun ownership. United States v. Miller (1939), a U.S. Supreme Court ruled the Second Amendment did allow laws to require registration of sawed-off guns, as such weapons had no “reasonable connection to the preservation and efficiency of a well-regulated army.” District of Columbia v. Heller (2008), however was the Supreme Court’s first explicit recognition of an individual’s rights to use firearms independently of service in a state militia. This included self-defense within the house. The court ruled in McDonald’s v. Chicago) that this interpretation of amendment was applicable against both state and local gun control laws, as well as federal statutes.

Mass murders using guns are very common in the United States. If they are large or particularly gruesome enough to attract national attention (e.g., 49 victims were murdered in an Orlando nightclub, 2016; and twenty children and six adults were killed at an elementary in Newtown, Connecticut in 2012), these events usually spark a short-lived, but ultimately futile debate on stricter gun control. Fearful of reprisals from the National Rifle Association they offer their “thoughts & prayers” while refusing enact reasonable constitutional measures.


Is it possible to estimate the number of gun-related deaths worldwide?

Every day, more than 500 people are killed by gun violence.

Gun violence is responsible for 44% global homicides.

In 2016, globally, there were over 1.4 Million firearm-related deaths

Most victims and perpetrators are young men. But, intimate partners are especially at risk for firearms violence against women. Firearms can also facilitate sexual violence.

How many people are killed by gunshots in the world?

Every day, around 2,000 people are wounded by gunshots.

In the global community, at least 2,000,000 people suffer from gunshot injuries.

Millions of people experience the devastating and long-lasting psychological effects that gun violence (or the threat of gun violence) has on individuals, their families, and their wider communities.

In 2017, nearly 134,000 Americans were wounded or shot with firearms. As a result, I believe this one of the main reasons why guns should be banned.

Gunshot injuries often cause life-threatening injuries and can have lasting effects on victims’ mental as well as physical health. Some people need lifelong, permanent care. Many others are unable to work due to their physical demands. Programs offering long-term rehabilitation, job retraining and adequate long-term care are practically nonexistent. The public health crisis has been exacerbated by gun violence’s devastating impact on victims, families, and medical personnel. There has been very little response from the government. Access to affordable, high-quality health care services in America should include long-term interventions such as long-term pain management and rehabilitation.

How many guns are made each year worldwide?

Every year, 8,000,000 small arms are manufactured and up to 15 Billion rounds of ammunition is produced.

Small arms trade is valued at US$8.5 Billion annually.


Effectively implementing gun regulation and violence prevention initiatives can prevent the carnage.

First, all states must recognize firearm violence as a threat against people’s human rights. This includes their rights to life, health, and physical integrity.

Gun regulation and firearm licences

States can create basic systems that regulate the private ownership and use of firearms and ammunition. This will prevent people from violating human rights. The UN has established international guidance states can adopt to their national firearms control laws.

These international standards recommend against firearm possession without a licence. They also suggest that states should register firearms. Unlicensed possession should be treated criminally.

There are certain requirements that must be met to obtain a firearms licence. The applicant must undergo a thorough background check. This will identify risk factors such as a prior criminal record (especially for violence in the family or community); history of domestic, gender-based, or sexual violence; history of problematic drug/alcohol use, emotional problems, or other circumstances that increase the likelihood of self-harm or others using firearms. Gun licences should have a time limit and mandatory training should be given on how to operate the weapon. A person should limit the amount and type of weapons they can have, in accordance with the principles of necessity as well as credible justification.

Private citizens must refrain from using ammunition and firearms that pose an unacceptable risk to public safety.

State governments must take proactive measures in order to prevent illicit firearms trade and ownership.


Amnesty International has been focusing their efforts on domestic gun reform, gun violence prevention, and campaigning for regulations regarding firearm possession.

We support the development of evidence-based violence reduction programs in communities with a high level of firearms violence.

We also work to prevent firearm exports to areas of crisis where weapons could be used to commit serious human rights violations. We examined international arms exports to Saudi Arabia/UAE-led alliance and, and found evidence of arms being diverted to militias that were using them to commit human rights violations in Yemeni’s civil war. providing arms for use in Yemen conflict breaches the global Arms Trade Treaty. In many cases, these transfers also violate the law of the EU and the law of the supplier countries.

Together with many other organizations, we campaigned successfully for a global Arms Trade Treaty that became international law in 2014. All states that have ratified the ATT are required to follow strict guidelines on international arms transfers.

We are continuing to push for the effective implementation the ATT that will reduce the flow weapons that fuel conflicts, atrocities, state repression and violence around the globe. The ATT can save lives, and protect people’s rights.

Governments are legally bound to uphold the right to life. They also have to take responsibility for protecting people from gun violence. We need to remind them that they have a duty to reform gun laws.

Stand up to remind your leaders of their responsibility to keep you safe. Participating in the campaign against gun violence is a key part of your role. You can get involved and make clear to governments that violence is caused by poor regulation of gun ownership and use. This a result, there has been several pro gun control essays such as should guns be banned pros and co, gun control persuasive essay, argumentative essays on gun control, and others exploring why guns should not be banned.