Questions about the Stolen Party

Many discussion questions can be generated from “The Stolen Party” written by Liliana H. Ker. Research assignments are given to students that require a thorough understanding of the story’s elements. Let’s look at some common questions students may have when studying “The Stolen Party”, and how we can solve them.

Why was Rosaura invited?

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Luciana’s family is considered to be wealthy and of high class because they have a maid who happens to be Rosaura’s mother. Rosaura met Luciana through her mother’s efforts. She seemed like a charming young girl. Rosaura and Luciana would work together every day while Rosaura’s mother finished up their work. After this memorable meeting, Rosaura continued to spend time with Luciana and eventually formed a friendship. Rosaura was invited to Luciana’s party as a friend.

Many things were done by her. She helped with the preparations, such as carrying an orange juice jug from the kitchen to the dining room. It is unclear what her motives were for inviting Luciana and if she was actually Luciana’s friend. She was soon chosen for her ability to hold the monkey during the magician’s trick. She was the only daughter of the maid, so it is not surprising that the magician chose her. She was not considered an invitee, but rather a worker at the party. This was also confirmed when Rosaura was presented with her “gift” at her party. Luciana received all of her other gifts, including a yoyo. Rosaura was paid for the work she did at the party. She should have expected to be given a gift similar to the ones she received from Luciana’s other friends. She was given a payment for the work she did to make Luciana’s party a success. She was seen as Luciana’s maid’s child, not as a friend.

Rosaura’s innocence was mixed with Rosaura’s experience. However, Rosaura and Rosaura managed to maintain their unity as mother and daughter at end of day. Rosaura’s mother knew the reason Rosaura invited her daughter to her workplace. She wanted Rosaura understand these motives and change her view of their friendship. It’s quite interesting to see that Rosaura’s perception of why she was invited is based upon true friendship. She cannot see the truth. Rosaura had the time of her lives at the party. Luciana’s cousin was the only one who didn’t love Rosaura. Rosaura was happy that Senora Ines needed her assistance. This was because she could only perform the tasks. Rosaura was thrilled when the magician asked her if she could hold the monkey to perform the magic trick. Rosaura’s spirit lifted to new heights when the magician asked her to hold the monkey for his magic trick. It was perfect.

Rosaura was too busy and it was impossible to be a good person. Rosaura felt that she had to prove her mother wrong regarding her friendship with the Ines. Rosaura informed her mother at the end of the party that she was “the best behaved at the party.” Heker 406 Senora Ines confirmed this statement by saying, “What an amazing daughter you have, Herminia.” Heker 407 Rosaura was delighted by her comment. Senora Ines was expected to give Rosaura two gifts as a thank you for her good behavior. Senora Ines stated that she had received her compensation and she thanked Rosaura for helping to pay the bills. Rosaura was unable to control her anger and tried to push her mother for help. Rosaura’s mother expected it and knew that she had to support her daughter. Rosaura realized her true purpose and was glad to have her mother there.

How and Why did Senora Ines take the party from Rosaura? – Experiencing Social Barriers

Social status is a right granted at birth, and it can be difficult to alter. Rosaura is an example of an oppressed citizen who has been subject to class restriction. Rosaura, nine years old, was born into a lower social group. The pit of ideologies she is forced into makes it difficult for her to rise out of the hole. Rosaura’s mother warns her before the party that people will be looking down on her. Luciana’s cousin makes Rosaura feel inferior and questions her frequently. Senora Ines treats Rosaura like a worker at the party instead of a guest. Rosaura’s future dreams are destroyed by this treatment.

Rosaura confronts the brutal reality of social prejudice head-on. Rosaura is unaware of the prejudices of others until she receives party favors. Rosaura and her mother actually share a happy moment when Senora Ines compliments Rosaura on her behavior at the party. Rosaura was able to see the light at the end of the tunnel when she received neither a bracelet for the girls nor a yo yo for the boys. She receives something that conveys her perception of worth to society from the other party guests. Rosaura’s realization causes her to “eyes have a cold, clear gaze that fixed itself on Senora Ines” and in a matter of seconds she realizes how other people perceive her. Rosaura attempts to cope with the shock by distancing her self from Senora Ines. It seems that being born into the working class means that you are given something of financial value to make the other side appear superior. It is easy to hand two bills to a young girl and feel oppressed. Rosaura’s awareness of the world around her is exposed. Rosaura is confronted by the opinions of others about the young girl. Rosaura accepts the truth that has been presented to it over and over, which creates “an infinitely delicate equilibrium.”

Other stolen party questions that have been solved:

  • Discuss the main theme of the story “The Stolen Party”, by Liliana Hker
  • How does the “The Stolen Party” events affect Rosaura’s conflict with her mother?
  • How does Rosaura and Luciana get along?
  • What would you say about Rosaura’s mother,?
  • All guests are awarded prizes at the end of each party. The blue bag gives the boys yoyos, while the pink bag gives the girls bracelets. Rosaura is a little skeptical that she will get two gifts. But Senora Ines surprises her by offering her money and saying, “You truly and truly earned this.” Rosaura: Thank you so much for your assistance.

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