Racism Essay Outline
Racism Essay Outline: Introduction
Racism: It has been and continues to be a major social problem affecting Americans and Europeans. It is important to assess how racism has changed from its 19th century form to its modern-day forms.
Racism Essay Outline: Paragraph 1
In the 19th century, racism was widely accepted.

The whites outperformed the people of color.

People of color were often slaves to the whites.

The legal business of slave trade was legal.

Racism Essay Outline: Paragraph 2

Modern racism is not only hidden, but it is very common in our society.

Although laws were passed to end slavery and racial discrimination but they have not been implemented.

American laws favor whites.

Racism Essay Outline: Paragraph 3

People of color did not have any rights in the 19th century.

These were white merchants’ property.

They were severely mistreated.

They were restricted in their movement.

People of color had the right to be killed by white people.

Racism Essay Outline

Racism Essay Outline: Paragraph 4

There are laws today that aim to give people of color fair treatment. However, these laws can be used as a way of justifying the end of racial prejudice.

American criminal justice system treats whites better than people of color.

Racism Essay Outline: Paragraph 5

People of color did not have any rights to property ownership in the 19th century.

People of color today have the right to property, but only in areas that are not populated by whites.

People of color own property in low-value areas, while whites own property that is valuable.

Racism Essay Outline: Paragraph 6
While brutality on people of color was accepted in the 19th century and is still prohibited today, there are laws that prohibit it.
Police continue to abuse people of color without fear of being punished by the law.
Modern racism includes police brutality.
Racism Essay Outline: Paragraph 7
Even though there are laws that protect the rights of people with disabilities to equal treatment and employment at work, they are rarely used.
Discrimination still exists in the workplace, particularly in the United States.
Discrimination at work can take many forms, and it can happen in different settings.
Racism Essay Outline: Conclusion
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Racism in history and racism today – This is another fascinating topic about racism. This article provides interesting insight into the perception and manifestation of racism in different social spheres over the 19th century, and how it has changed today. It also reveals how racism is changing. (3 pages)
Racism Essay – Racism in The Past and Racism Now
Racism Essay Outline: Introduction
Racism was and continues to be a major social problem in America and Europe. Racism is a social vice with deep roots that can be difficult to eradicate. Although many believe the world has made strides to eliminate this vice, there are still signs of racism in interactions between people of color and whites. People believe that racism is over, because it has evolved and taken on new forms over time. It is therefore important to assess how racism has changed from its 19th-century form to its modern-day form.
Racism Essay Outline: Body
The acceptance of racism in America was not a secret during the 19th century. The white people were considered superior to those of color during this period (Jahoda 2009). People of color were both a source and a servant to the whites. Slavery was the acceptable name for people of colour in 19th-century America (Jahoda 2009). The multimillion-dollar slave trade was an open business that could be done anywhere in the world during the 19th century (Jahoda 2009). People of color knew this, as did the whites. However, they could not resist this treatment because the governments supported it. As such, racism was a common and accepted practice in the 19th century.
Racism Essay Outline: Paragraph 2
Today, racism is not only hidden, but widespread in society. Civil rights movements fought for the liberation of slaves in the 19th century and 20th centuries. Governments acted to end the practice. To end the practice, laws were passed. To ensure that people of colour had the same rights as whites, policies were put in place (Brown 2004). Although efforts have been made to ensure that people of color enjoy equal rights with whites, very few efforts have been made. American law still favors whites above people of color (Brown 2004). In the past, racism was a common practice. Today, racism is often hidden and can be seen in social interactions.
People of color were treated as property by their masters in the 19th century. They had no rights. They were subject to cruel treatment, such as beatings and overwork (Mosse 1995). They were denied the right to own property and were restricted in their freedom. These years were crucial in determining the fate of people of color (Mosse 1995). People of color could be killed if they violated their rules. People of color knew what would happen if they rebelled against their masters’ orders.
Racism Essay Outline Body Paragraphs
People of color today have the same rights as whites. However, these laws do not guarantee equality of treatment. People of color were used to receiving the same treatment from whites in the past because there was no law against racial discrimination (Brown 2004). People of color should expect fair treatment today with the existence of such laws, but it hasn’t happened since 1913. This sad reality is evident in the American criminal justice system. The law still treats people of color harsher than those of white (Brown 2004). If a black and white person is convicted of murder, they will receive different sentences. The white person will get a fair sentence.

People of color were not allowed to own property in the 19th century because they were considered property of whites. They were granted the right to own property after slavery ended. These laws that allowed property ownership for people of color didn’t end racial discrimination in property ownership (Jahoda 2009). Whites couldn’t allow people of color (whites) to own property in the same areas as them. The history shows that real estate agents were warned by whites not to allow people of color to live in these areas (Jahoda 2009). White property would have a higher value than property or land owned by people of color, but it would be lower in value. Today, only whites own residential areas and those of color cannot be permitted to own property there.
Racism Essay Outline: Body Paragraphs
In the 19th century, brutality on people of color was common. But laws were eventually put in place to end such treatment (Mosse 1995). Despite this, violence against people of color continues to spread among whites and the police. Today, more African-American men are killed by police brutality than they are from attacks by white people. The famous May 2020 George Floyd case is a prime example. All-white police officers accused of murdering innocent black men are exonerated by the American justice system (Bonilla Dietrich & Hall 2008). Many African-American men fear the police because they are supposed to be there to protect them from white supremacists. Modern racism is characterized by police brutality.
Another reality is that laws protecting people of color’s rights to equal treatment and employment at work are rarely enforced. In the United States, workplace discrimination is still a problem. Discrimination at work can come in many forms. It can happen in a variety of settings, such as office buildings in urban centers or offices in rural villages. Discrimination at work can affect both men and women based on gender, politics, religion, skin color or race. Discrimination at work is a serious problem that denies people the opportunity to do what they want and stops society from benefiting from their talents. Eliminating workplace discrimination will result in a more positive working environment.
Racism Essay Outline: Conclusion
Racism is still a major social problem for people of color in Europe and the United States. These laws are not being implemented. Police and the justice system are the main perpetrators of racial disparity. Only the way it manifests is the difference between racism of the 19th century and modern-day racists.
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Racism Essay Outline: Introduction
Racism refers to discrimination against individuals based upon their race. Race has been a contentious topic since the dawn of civilized society. At times, supremacist tendencies can be a common feature in races. This is especially true when the society concerned is mixed race. The slave trade was initiated in America and Europe by the racist nature of human beings.
Racism Essay Outline: Body Paragraph
Fast forward to hundreds of years and the threat of racism continues to plague society. Many spirited campaigns against racism played a significant part in reducing the problem. Some neighborhoods, such as Howard Beach, felt the pinch of racism even as late as 1980s (Wellman 47). The 1980s saw a large number of racist incidents in a predominantly white neighborhood, made up mostly of Jews and Italians.

The South was known for its white supremacist views that led to the racist actions of certain individuals in the past. It was alarming to see the rise of racism in New York City and the North. Because the North was known for being of mixed race, this led to people in these areas to be more open to other races. These acts of racism by the perpetrators point to a wider social problem that plagued New York City during this period (Sleeper 33). These children were raised on questionable virtues that aimed to elevate their race and make others feel inferior, especially the black race. To be able to properly analyze the problem, it is important that the root cause is identified (Brooks 62).
Racism Essay Outline: Body paragraph
A group of young men was riding their car in the dark of December 19, 1986 when it stopped working. These young men were Timothy Grimes (Curtis Sylvester), Cedric Sandiford, and Michael Griffith. Curtis watched the car as the other men searched for help in the nearest towns after the car crashed. They walked three miles to Howard Beach, where they had a delicious pizza from the pizzeria. Then they decided to continue their search for help. After they left the pizzeria, they were approached by a group young men who shouted racial slurs at their faces and asked them to leave their neighborhood. Timothy Grimes was able to pull a knife against the attackers and was able to escape with minor injuries. Cedric Sandiford, Michael Griffith and Michael Griffith were not so lucky. Sandiford sustained serious injuries when he was struck with a baseball bat. Michael was hit by a car and was killed as a result.

Although the attackers were captured and the main perpetrators sentenced to prison, the outcry and racial divide that this event caused in New York City and America was unprecedented (Sleeper 24). With the onset these horrible acts, it seemed like the peaceful society in which these different races lived together had died naturally. This act and the subsequent racial injustices were devastating for many New Yorkers, especially those living in Howard Beach.

These events seem to have left a lasting impression in the lives of many New Yorkers. Although there have been many attempts to reconcile these races, they only served to fuel an already raging fire. Younger generations have racist tendencies instilled in their hearts and minds. It is tragic that these youth and their parents are the ones responsible. Children reflect society and are often a reflection on the parents and society as a whole. The parents and the previous generations were responsible for slavery trade and racism in the South.
Racism Essay Outline: body paragraph
Supporting racism in America is key to keeping our minds on outdated views of race. The racist actions and thoughts of their parents as well as the social structures that shaped them are the root cause of the attack on Michael Griffith and his friends by a group of young men. This does not shift blame to the perpetrators, nor hide the fact that these young men were responsible for the attacks. However, the larger problem must be addressed (Wellman 88). These young men attacked Michael and his friends because they were raised to believe that their race is superior or deserves better treatment than others.

It is impossible to ignore the fact that Timothy Grimes pulled a knife against the group of young men. This raises the question of why Timothy Grimes had a knife. Is this a group of young men made up of criminal offenders or was it a coincidence? Some even argue that Timothy Grimes’ knife was the main reason that the problem grew out of control. The fact that Timothy Grimes owned a knife and was willing to use his, however, is a sign of the true state of Howard Beach’s black community.

After suffering atrocities during the slave trade, the black community began to see injustice as part of their lives. The black community believed that the white community was responsible for their suffering, and that they could only take the law into their hands to ensure that the white community suffered as well. While this incident involved young black men being attacked, it’s not uncommon to hear about young white men being attacked by gangs of black men. This raises questions about the education that children receive.
Racism Essay Outline: Body Paragraph
Many children’s views on racism are affected by the social structures and amenities they live in. Brooks, 99 says that in a predominantly white neighborhood, there is little chance of children from different races mixing (Brooks). The child’s preconceived notion that their race is the only acceptable race in their community or near their social amenities can lead to a negative perception of their race. Children can develop a superiority or inferiority complex if they are unable to interact with children of different races.

Like in Howard Beach, Michael Griffith and his friends developed a superiority complex. Timothy Grimes’ knife was probably because of an inferiority complex Michael and his friends had. Maybe he felt the need for protection. Combining this belief with the belief in a law that is racist can lead to extreme racist ideologies. The attack could have been caused by a misconception that Michael and his friends had about the white young men from Howard Beach. The young men may have felt an innate need to defend themselves and their neighbors from Timothy Grimes, who pulled out a knife during the confrontation (Wellman 120).
Racism Essay Outline: Body paragraph
The fairness of the judicial system for black races was demonstrated by the trial of the principal perpetrators of the attacks against the young black men (Sleeper 82). These young men were sentenced to long prison terms, proving that the law does not discriminate and crosses over racial lines. The sentencing of some individuals to prison does not console those who have lost loved ones or were affected by these events. This sentencing doesn’t address the root causes of racism among children and adults.

History’s annals highlight the injustices committed against African Americans. This has significant consequences for the development of racist views among blacks and whites. In the United States of America, as well as around the world, feelings of racial hatred are quite common. These feelings can lead to tragic events such the one that saw Michael Griffith die and others being injured. To solve the problem of racism, it is important to address its causes.
Racism Essay Outline: Body paragraph
Howard Beach’s racial disparity in population is alarming. This racial inequality is what causes the condescension felt by the whites towards the blacks. According to reports, the young white attackers told Michael and his friends to “leave our neighbourhood.” Racial inequalities are responsible for the feeling that Howard Beach is owned by the white population. The whites felt they could not share their neighborhood with a different race, especially if it was a black one.
Racism Essay Outline: Conclusion
It is inexcusable that white young men committed atrocities against Michael Griffith and his friends. It is important to remember that not all people are born racist. This is often due to the habits that have been ingrained in the family and society. The beating of Sandiford and the killing of Michael were major blows to the fight against racism in America. Howard Beach has made a comeback over the years, and New York City is now firmly committed to fighting racism. This has made it possible for children to learn how to be open-minded and accommodating of different races from an early age. Howard Beach is still haunted by the traumas of racism, but it has become a neighborhood that stands for love, peace, and, above all, racial accommodation.

Racism Essay Outline: Bibliography

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