Reaction Paper 1

Directions Read 2-3 articles from current periodicals about the issue you have chosen as your topic. Be sure that this topic has been approved by your instructor before proceeding by receiving confirmation from your instructor. After reading the articles, write a one-page summary of their main points. You will then write a two (2) page reaction to the main points that the authors make. This reaction must not be just opinion but substantiated by principles explained in the text and/or other readings besides the initial articles. For example, if the author presents a new model or method, you should express your agreement or disagreement with its use, drawing your arguments from concepts learned in class, from the text, or from other research. Be sure to cite your sources. APA format is required as this is a writing intensive course. The papers must not be more than two and a half to three (2.5-3) pages in length.

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