Research Paper Outline: AEROFLOT RUSSIAN AIRLINES THESIS STATEMENT INFO: 1. State your topic as a question. Will Aeroflot Russian Airlines be able to operate a mostly western fleet of Boeing and Airbus planes after Western sanctions? 2. Turn your question into a position. Due to western sanctions, it will be impossible for Aeroflot to continue to operate its ultra-modern fleet of Boeing and Airbus planes because spare parts, maintenance and servicing is forbidden from Western countries. Also, most of the planes are leased from the West and the contracts are to be terminated. 3. Narrow your thesis. Due to Western sanctions against Russia because of the Ukraine invasion, Aeroflot Russian airlines will shrink dramatically and go back to its soviet era fleet. 4. Qualify your thesis. Aeroflot Russian airlines will suffer due to western sanctions, and this could jeopardize the airline to rewind decades worth of progress it has made to modernize itself. ***This is an outline only. Please do not turn in the full 8-10 page paper here. The outline is to be 1 page in length. The sections with page numbers are to give you an idea about how long the finished product should be. Introduction (1-1.5 pages) What is a recent/relevant/discussed story that exemplifies the problem: Identify connection between this story and YOUR perspective/argument on the topic: 2-sentence thesis statement: what is the problem? Preview your solution. Section 2: Defining the problem or How did we get here? (4-5 pages) How did we get here? Define your key term (s) What are some other arguments for what the problem is? Why is your emphasis/perspective preferable to these other arguments? Why is this urgent now? Section 3: Proposal (2-3 pages) What are some proposed solutions that are out there currently? How is this problem being treated currently? What is your proposal? Intended consequences? Unintended consequences? How does this proposal address the problem you have laid out? What does this proposal offer that other existing proposals do not offer?

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