Rhetorical Analysis Essay

John F. Kennedy: Civil Rights Address For your second formal essay, you will write a rhetorical analysis paper of 3-5 pages on one of American Rhetoric’s “Top 100 Speeches” of the twentieth century. You may choose any of the speeches on this list, except Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” since that one will be discussed in class as a sample analysis. The central question you are asking is this: What made this speech so effective for its audience at the time of its delivery? Thus, you will need to do some research about the context of the speech, and you are required to include at least one reliable secondary source in addition to the primary source (the speech). Your essay should include all the following elements: • Clear, insightful analysis of the speech. • A clear, concise thesis statement. • Direct evidence from the speech and from your secondary source. • One or more direct quotations from the speech. • A strong academic voice. • Appropriate use of tone and diction. • Citations formatted according to MLA, APA, or, Chicago style

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